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Crux1024 specializes in Cardiac Telemetry, Emergency, SAFE.

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  1. Crux1024

    Good nurse gone

    A nurse died and four people were injured Tuesday in a stabbing attack at an East Texas medical complex. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/11/26/texas-nurse-stabbing/3759885/ I cant even imagine. :/
  2. Crux1024

    NP clinical hours too much to hold a full time 9-5 job!

    If your long term goal is to work in research why do you feel you need to go for NP now? You could always get a post masters certificate for NP should you decide that is what you want to do. Good Luck with your decisions.
  3. Crux1024

    If You Give a Patient a Cookie

  4. Crux1024

    Well my Georgetown University & University of Cincy apps are in...

    Hi Tasha! I'm stalking your postings as I figure out what I want to be when I grow up and thinking about applying to FNP schools for a Fall 2014 start date. Your thought processes are very similar to mine and at this point I'm gathering info on schools. You're full of good info! GL and I hope you hear from Simmons soon!
  5. Crux1024

    Maryville University FNP Program Fall 2013

    So, have you all started classes at Maryville and what do you think of them? I'm looking at multiple schools and just trying to gather good information.
  6. Crux1024

    How do SANE nurses get paid?

    I do SANE through my ER and get paid to be on call with 1.5 times my hourly if I get called in. I've heard of ind. contractors but they're generally (in my experience) run by private organizations. The woman who did our SANE classes works in this way but she's in California and I in Pennsylvania. There's a center that's basically rape crisis center and they are called when a patient shows up to the hospital or police station. They have their own offices and exam rooms and don't need hospital space which I found interesting. She's also been doing this since the 80s.
  7. Crux1024

    Hospital Marketing FAIL

    Our hospital had some pamphlets printed about the heart center...only the EKG they used as part of the background print was running backwards, (as if you'd be reading a normal EKG from right to left) A minor flaw and you won't notice unless you can read EKGs, but damn, it still bothers me to this day.
  8. Thanks for reading my novel post. I hadn't considered CNS. Im not sure I quite understand the role. Ill have to look into it a bit more.
  9. This is kinda long, hang in here with me. I am on track to graduate my RN to BSN in June. I have been a nurse for 4.5 years now. 2 years on a Cardiac Tele floor, the rest in the ED. I have seven years experience as a surgical tech prior to graduating nursing school. Have worked at my hospital for over 11 years now. Would like to continue into a Masters program while I have the momentum and will to do it. When first starting my BSN program, I put a lot of thought into an MPH degree with a focus in epidemiology. Seemed interesting to me and something i could picture myself doing. As I went along though, I got the idea (and feel free to correct me if Im wrong) that the MSN would however, be more marketable when finding another job. I would be able to get into education later down the road if I wanted with an MSN and would be able to apply for upper nursing management as well (not what I really want to do though). After thinking this through, I then talked myself into considering an FNP program; I genuinely enjoy my job now and our ED employs a few NPs. I did all my research and picked the programs that I thought would be the best fit (Have not applied, but have a list ready). It was a short while later that I realized that I don't want a clinical masters degree. Nurse practitioner is not something I can see myself doing, I'm not sure why. So, I feel like I'm back at square one. I'm currently finishing my statistics class. Boy, did I struggle. I'm hanging onto a low A and hoping I can pass the final with enough oopmh to keep it. Struggling as badly as I have makes me think that maybe an MPH degree is not the road for me...having to take biostatistics and all may just be too much. But Id still be willing to give it a go if I thought that I would be ok with finding a acceptable job with an MPH (moving is not out of the realm of ideas if necessary to find a good job.) I've found some MSN/MPH degrees but dont know if a dual degree program is doable with my schedule, also still really worried about difficult the mathematical portion will be. Also, the ones I seem to find are lacking in CEPH accreditation for their MPH portion. (Looking for an online option as well.) With some further searching, I found an MSN with a focus in Clinical Research. Now, I've never done clinical research, but looking through the curriculum, I find myself genuinely drawn in. Thinking, I may be able to complete an MSN in clinical research and get a post masters certificate in epidemiology and possibly still be able to do some sort of infection control, disease tracking job etc. The research program has math involved of course, but it doesn't seem to be as severe as the MPH degrees I find. The idea of biostatistics just really scares the crap out of me. As you see, I'm kinda turning myself in circles here. The traditional MSNs that I seem to find in plenty in education or leadership do not interest me at this point but who knows. Maybe the right program can spark my interest. Also going to throw in that I'm looking for an online program. Anyone have ideas, thoughts, or anything they want to share? I know you cant make my decision for me, but having some other viewpoints would be helpful. If you've stuck through all my musings here, thanks. My mind is overflowing.
  10. Crux1024

    Anybody LIKE working holidays?

    I dont mind. Im usually 11-7 nights, so I get a good part of the day to do what I want. Only holiday of course, that falls here is New Years Eve, but I dont mind working NYE....my family does though and my parents get upset when Im not there to celebrate with them. So, I mostly dont mind. But others do.
  11. Crux1024

    Happy ER nurse week!

    I know a lot of hospitals/ERs/staff don't celebrate, but as an ER nurse, I am very grateful to all those who commit to the crazy on a daily basis. Happy ER nurses week!
  12. Crux1024

    I have the most amazing secretary

    Maybe a sincere thank you, (card? ) and a lunch gift cert or take her to lunch. Dinner seems more intimate. I guess it just depends on how close you both are. Common in my work place is to send out a dept wide email to recognize someone for going above and beyond. Its not lunch but at least you know youre appreciated.
  13. Crux1024

    I'm 23 and doing my pre-reqs...wondering...

    If you look around your classes, im sure you will find many students who are older than you. If its something you want to pursue, do it.
  14. Crux1024

    New grad in ER?

    I dont necessarily agree that floor nursing means bad habits. Just a different style of nursing. I transitioned wonderfully to the ER after my 2 years on the floor; good preceptors work wonders. I wouldnt go back upstairs for any amount of $$. Any nurse, new or old, that cant/wont keep the pace or the drive, usually doesnt last very long.
  15. Crux1024

    What kind of appeareance code do you have?

    Our hospital has a dress code. Color coded scrubs for clinical positions, cafeteria and housekeeping. Business clothing for administrative. Tattoos are permitted as long as theyre not offensive, tiny nose rings can be worn. No unnatural hair colors, doesnt matter if hair is up, down or sideways. No crocs. No fake nails, no chipped nail polish if you choose to wear polish. No dangly earrings in a clinical position. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are allowed. The students at the associated school have stricter rules. One ring per hand, one stud per ear, no jewelry or hair down. Tattoos should try and be covered.
  16. Crux1024

    stay at home dad, ready to return to nursing!

    Have you thought about those classes that are specifically for those returning to nursing? Lots have changed in 5 years, a refresher course wouldnt be a bad idea. Good luck!

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