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Well, having just completed my 1st semester of the nursing program, I have found that as a single guy, you are really in (at times) a very weird catch-22 being in a female-dominated student body. ... Read More

  1. by   SoCalCrystal
    Quote from Loque
    I thought this was a very interesting thread, and had some good points on both sides of the argument. As a student that is starting this Jan, the whole dating thing has crossed my mind already.

    In graduate school. You're placed in small classes, with the same people, each and every day, for hours on end. I imagine nursing will be similar.

    It's kinda only natural for some bonds to develop over time, especially if you have some attractive qualities that you know how to promote.

    I got intimate with a girl in the beginning of my graduate school program, and it was great. We had fun, we learned and challenged each other, we released stress, it was pretty awesome.

    Grades didn't suffer at all either... because we had a good balance of work and play.

    But after stuff went sour... it sucked

    Not only is being forced to see someone you don't want to see difficult, but you also get 'branded'. You're still "(girl's name) guy", and you can say goodbye to any other chances with any other females. They talk. They talk about you, both good and bad.

    And I can't even blame them, because they don't want the 'leftover' of another girl in class. At least thats how I justify it.

    I'm entering nursing school as a late 20's now, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do relationship wise. I'm wiser now, but hey... ya never know what life holds.

    I am female but I am glad I already have a relationship before going into school this spring. Some girls might get caught up in whatever guys may be in our class and I dont even have to blink because I have "the one" at home I can concentrate on the important thing, which is absorbing every bit of information I can from my instructors, patients, doctors, and even classmates.
  2. by   Spikey9001
    Had a FWB thing with 2 chicks and working on a long term deal with another. The fwb thing went well. Just gotta play it cool. She won't think it's awkward if you don't.
  3. by   jojonavy
    I met my wife in our first semester in school. We got married at the end of the 4th semester, and had a baby the summer before the last. My wife actually got pregnant again before we graduated. I can't imagine not having her through the program. Like most probably experienced most significant others aren't as understanding about how difficult nursing school is. I'm sure my grades could of been a little better, but its really nice to of had a life outside nursing school.
  4. by   Qtip
    I wouldn't date a girl in my class, at least not until after school. I'm one of 2 males in the class with the other being married and I really don't feel I get more attention from the ladies than any other class I've taken. I suppose if I was "looking" for it, it would probably be easier to hook up being basically the only male in the class but I spend my time learning rather than flirting and so far so good.
  5. by   mangopeach
    I have a few rules about dating - co-workers,neighbors,classmates are off limits. (and I wonder why I'm still single? LOL). I'd just rather be safe than sorry. Would hate for a nasty break up & still have to see this person all the time. If there was a guy in my class that I was really attracted to and we really connected, I would prefer to wait till school was over before seriously getting involved.
  6. by   That Guy
    Ugh I dont learn. Dated someone from my floor for awhile. Just fell apart. Its not miserable but its not fun seeing her everyday.
  7. by   mindlor
    What I find is that many feign interest, but their motive is that I help them with their studies....parasites basically
  8. by   pedro2012
    Quote from mindlor
    What I find is that many feign interest, but their motive is that I help them with their studies....parasites basically
    well if thats the case, then take advantage
  9. by   Gradius
    Anyone have anything new to add to this thread lately? It was... an interesting read.
  10. by   commonsense
    Quote from Gradius
    Anyone have anything new to add to this thread lately? It was... an interesting read.
    Only one thing to add, Nike's slogan doesn't apply to this issue.
  11. by   Kendel.G
    Okay, I'm a girl, but here's my opinion:

    I wouldn't date someone in my class unless I thought they were the kind of person I'd marry. Try hanging out in groups outside of school (so you can see their real personality, and determine if they actually are interested in you- not looking for homework help) and in groups if at all possible. You can't learn much about someone in a class room setting, or even at clinicals. While the student/student relationship could get messy, I think it would be no different than co-workers being in a relationship. I'd just make sure you'd be in it for the long haul before you wasted time and energy on each other. If you just hang out and decide its not for you, then there's no awkwardness.
  12. by   mindlor
    Marry? WTH? What happened to a good old fashioned hook up?
  13. by   Kendel.G
    mindlor- that's my opinion. but i'm not the "good old fashion hook up" type. I actually hope to be treated with respect and dignity. I wouldn't want to be in a relationship just for sex :-( Nope not me! But, again, I'm just stating my opinion :-D