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  1. I say if you have the time it wont hurt. Depends on when you took anatomy and chem also. Show up on the first day. I've added classes at Mission by showing up the first day. Good luck
  2. SoCalCrystal

    LAVC Spring 2011

    If you dont mind me asking how were your stats? I plan on applying there next year after I finish my pre reqs this spring.
  3. SoCalCrystal

    Chemistry Fall 2010

    I am taking Chem and Anatomy this semester....I hated alegebra so I am already worried about it.
  4. SoCalCrystal

    need help figuring out schedule!

    I would shy away from three labs in one semester and instead take a graduation requirement or transfer requirement. Two labs plus english and math seem doable. I took a lot of AP courses in high school and graduated with a 4.3 avg but still insist on not doing more then two labs per semester. Those are the classes they really care about and I would rather not stretch myself and end up suffering and not having the A Good luck!
  5. SoCalCrystal

    my fall classes

    You should be fine with those classes. I am only taking four classes this semester but two are labs so they take more time. Good Luck!
  6. SoCalCrystal

    Why did you choose to go into nursing?

    Well for me I was diagnosed with type I diabetes at the age of 9. Growing up and being in and out of the hospital over the years I know the difference a good nurse can make. In my opinion doctors are amazing and definitely necessary, however you can't always fix someone and when that happens it becomes more about making them comfortable. About a year ago my insulin pump had a problem overnight and I ended up with ketoacidosis and in the hospital, because the ketoacidosis they put me on an insulin drip and therefore I had to be in the ICU. All the nurses loved me and said I was definitely not the typical ICU patient as I came into the hospital from work in jeans, high heels, and a tank top. I realized as I got better and would roam the halls of the ICU that the typical patients in there were not the easy patients to deal with. Those nurses have an incredibly hard job and for me the way they treated me even after all they had to deal with just impressed me so much. I know a lot of people say ICU is a hard place to work and while I don't want to start there, I think that is where I would like to end up. A lot of those people in there are never going to get out, and sometimes it is just about making them enjoy those moments they have.
  7. SoCalCrystal

    Should I Add a Class?!

    I would say it depends on what kind of student you are. Does science and English classes come easy? Taking Philosophy, Comp, and Life Span would be easy for me because those are the classes I find terribly easy allowing me to devote all my time to Phys, which most say is not an easy class. However, if you struggle with writing papers and reading, and then on top of it have a science class with lab I would not overload yourself. Take into account your weaknesses and strengths before making a decision. If u science and English are both places you excel I would just make sure you have the time to devote to that many classes and do it. Its not unheard of...
  8. SoCalCrystal

    Be Aware: Don't Go into Nursing

    So your way of helping them was to come onto the internet and pour rain on the dreams of people you don't even know? Sounds a little childish and harsh. Some of us could care less how hard it will be to get a job, some of us want to do this because this is our dream. I hope when some of those preschoolers you work with come and tell you they want to be the President you don't rain on their parade this way because the odds of them actually obtaining that dream is pretty slim. Negativity is pointless.....
  9. SoCalCrystal

    Can you take labs separately?

    I have a student in my Bio class just taking the lab....not sure why but I am in CA so I don't know how much that helps you.
  10. SoCalCrystal

    Pre-Nursing - Am dizzy with all the options!

    So I noticed you mentioned Pierce....I currently attend Mission which is part of LACCD (LA Community College District) which Pierce is also a part of. I am currently working on my pre reqs which is going to take me about a year and a half. I did this by going full time and taking summer and winter courses. After my pre reqs are done I am going to apply to the Pierce, Valley College, College of the Canyons, and Moorpark programs. I have heard most of these are hard to get into as most do it by lottery and therefore it can be just luck. For me community college is way cheaper but I am a California resident so it is only $26 a unit. I am not sure if you are considered a Calirfornia resident or not but if you are it should be much cheaper to go the Community college route if so.
  11. SoCalCrystal

    I need help to succeed in nursing school

    Totally time consuming but exactly how I study and for me it works like a charm.
  12. SoCalCrystal

    Is this class load insane?

    Is your winter session a shorter session too? I have Bio over summer and its 8 weeks and it feels like boot camp. I am taking two labs in the fall with life span psych and a health class and I think that is insane. I plan to take Micro in winter by itself and Physiology in the spring. I don't have a job currently but I do have a 4 yr old and I feel completely exhausted sometimes. Good luck if you do keep that schedule.
  13. I am doing chem and anatomy this fall too. Hopefully as long as I lay out a study plan it should be doable. We can suffer through it together :)
  14. SoCalCrystal

    Nursing school as a single mom of twins?

    I am a single mom of a four year old boy who is non stop. I don't know what I would do without his wonderful preschool and grandparents and great grandparents. You can do it, just pace yourself. I was a really big over achiever in high school and took on a lot of hard classes all at once. I was speaking with my psych professor last semester telling him about how I was attempting to do all my pre reqs in one year and I feel like he gave me a really good piece of adivce. He said with all I have on my plate in my life I shouldn't set myself up for failure. Take one or two classes a semester and as the little ones get older it will be easier to have them in school all day. It is manageable, just pace yourself so you don't get burned out before you even get to NS.
  15. SoCalCrystal

    cant get into pre-reqs?

    If you dont mind me asking what college are you registered at? I'm in so cal too and registered with LACCD which is most of the LA Community Colleges and it works out great. I do drive out to Mission for most of my classes though because they seem to be easier to get into then Pierce which is closer to me. Show up on the first day and continue to show up even after that. Most people start dropping and you can sometimes snag their spots. Email professors, get to know them, sit in the front row, and make yourself known. My friend got into my Bio class this semester because the first day he particpated like crazy, even though he was at the bottom of the add list my professor slipped him in. Professors usually like students who try to engage in the class. It helps make their job easier. Good luck!