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In the first week of nursing school there was this one girl in my class of 36 (me the only guy) that stared at me everyday. My initial thought was that she taught i was weird that a guy was in such a fileld of work. A week later we were given group projects and me and this girl ended up in the same group. The same day we were assign the project we had a group meeting to discuss how we were going to present and so on, long story short in the mids of the group meeting this girl came out of no where and said " hey do you have a girlfriend". I was shocked, I didn't respond and as I was about to, another group member brought up something about the project then 10 minutes later the meeting was adjourn and we went our separate ways, that was the most ackward moment ever. 2 days latér that same girl saw me one a way and asked me the same question and i said no then she took my number, and we started texting for like a week the attraction was obvious long story She wanted me and I didn't end up dating her because I new it wouldn't end well considering me and this girl would be in the same class for 4 years.

Shes probably ugly.

Half of the girls in my class are hot. If I was single and any of those hot girls approaches me..i'll be like..SURE WHY NOT? If we break up before graduating..I think I can handle that.


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Female nursing student here. I am in my mid 20's, and nursing is my life. School consumes my life, and afterwards, work will. I don't go to bars or nightclubs or anything like that.

As a single gal, with no kids, I was actually hoping for some single guys in the nursing program. Oh well. Guess I am destined for single-dom forever!

Any guys find that dating a co-worker is ok after nursing school??

Don't S *** where you Eat

Or Eat where you S****

It's a bad deal. This one guys went out with 3 girls in the class... It was drama

Yeah having a girl making the first move is very intriguing indeed. To be honest i still feel awkward around that girl to this day. Because whenever I try to talk to her nowadays, shes always telling me about her new bf in hopes to get me jealous I guess I'm not sure. Its kinda funny considering that I'm just 19 and shes 21 too. Also i've come to find out that this girl is very controlling lol through the 1 year that we've been in class together. I wouldnt even go out with this girl in 4th year to be honest, there's this other girl in my class however that I'v grown to really like, but she's 23 and married. Oh well my first priority right now though is to earn my BSN so I'm not really chasing anybody.

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