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repectfull, honest, out going dude

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  1. Ackeem

    NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    4 days a week 115k a year as a new grad!?!! most will say that’s a good gig I mean Great gig
  2. Ackeem

    West coast university Adult-Gero MSN

    No there aren’t many reviews on here for the MSN tracks to be honest.
  3. Hey guys will be starting MSN at WCU September 7 Adult-Gero Track, they said they will help with finding preceptors. basically they told me if I have a preceptor I want to use I can but If I can’t find a preceptor they will help me, is anyone here...
  4. Ackeem

    Phone interview tips

    So I’ve been in “med/surg ortho tele”now for 3 and a half years, I feel like I want to go into a specialty area now. I figured I wanna do ER and have applied to a few hospitals including my current hospital and a couple bite back. I had a phone inte...
  5. Ackeem

    Are you a "Sister?"

    Yes as a Jamaican nurse whose practicing in the states now, in my country the unit manager is called "sister" I personally never called them that though it came out too corney. And the matron controls all the nurses
  6. Ackeem

    Shift Report: Listening, no writing...

    I wish my floor was like that There's some nurses who come in and expect you to tell them a whole epistle when everything is literally in the computer.
  7. Ackeem

    I'm lost. I want to quit nursing.

    Maybe orthopedics, it's a really nice gig, elective patients come do a knee or hip replacement and go home in 3 days. They called for ridiculous things but our calling system allows the secretary to filter the tedious request to the PCA's. Work 3 day...
  8. Ackeem

    How do you work your three days/nights ?

    3 in a row is the best
  9. Ackeem

    Ortho floor nursing job?

    Ortho nurse here, I work full time and per diem at 2 different hospitals. My per diem is mixture of trauma and electives, my full time are mostly elective cases. Both are tele too, patients mostly stay 4 days max then are gone. Basically as mention a...
  10. Ackeem

    Where Do I Stand?

    You sound like a great nurse and a good person, but I have to agree with the above poster, you're in the wrong here, kinda left them no choice but to write you up in my honest opinion. Also a side note, is there really any harm in calling a code? If...
  11. Ackeem

    New grad quit?

  12. Ackeem

    Ortho cert exam

  13. Ackeem

    2018 Nurse Salary

    Location: south florida Experience: under a 1y: BSN Specialty: Med-Surg orthopedics Facility: big teaching hospital Base pay: $26.91 Differentials: $2.50 weekends; $3.50 nights (I work nights) OT: >40 hours is time and a half Also work per diem...
  14. Ackeem

    Commute Time

    I live 60 minutes away from my hospital, and 30 minutes away from my per diem job at another hospital, one is north and one is south, and I live in the middle, I know sounds crazy right? I drive to the train station 10 minutes away and enjoy my train...
  15. Ackeem

    ACLS class?

    He didn't recommend any book, he just said to show up to the class.