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Hey guys so I'm 4 months away from graduating from NP school. One of my good friends who is a Internal medicine Physician got me a position with her physician group where I'll be working with her as nocturnist NP at a huge 1000 bed teaching hospital. I'm super happy because my main goal was to be an Hospitalist and I get to do it right out of school working and reporting only to my friend which is great.The company offered 120K 7 on and 7 off I live on south Florida. I asked 2 veteran NPs what the starting salary was for NP Hospitalist and they told me 80k to 90k and 90 to 100k for nights. Someone else told me the salary for NP went up a lot over the past couple months so I don't even know if this is a great offer or not. Anyone have in insight as to the new grad Nocturnist salary in south Florida? The doc who got me the job said she doesn't handle the salary part so she can't help me with that.


thanks in advance.

Hey just so others can use this as reference I ended up settling 124k salaried 7on 7off Cme $500 yearly, 401k, health insurance, professional paid for, physician parking. 

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I don't know about South Florida but that would be a very competitive starting offer here in the northeast. I hope they give you a good solid orientation and you love it. I briefly had a similar position covering inpatients and doing admissions, I loved it. 

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Ackeem said:

physician parking. 

Just joking, but who are you competing for in parking 7P to 7A?

I hope they train you well, being a hospitalist has an extremely high learning curve. Each hospital tailors their APP's independence at various levels. Being a nocturnist could mean doing admission,s pager calls or rapid responses. They might hand you softballs or not. At my place we functioned at the highest level of our license and did exactly what MDs did, but we also were ALL residency trained.

The salary is okay, I started a decent amount above that, but as I said I did a fellowship.

When compared with RN salaries nowadays, NPs salaries are pretty terrible. CRNA salaries are often double a NPs salary too.

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