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  1. Loque

    Which MSN degree, CNE or CNS?

    Thanks for your insight. I am planning on being a Clinical Instructor for students at my Alma mater, do you believe that can serve as an entry level expertise?...
  2. Things have been going well at my job, and while I do enjoy critical care and caring for patients, I know that my long term plans will most likely not involve b...
  3. Thanks for all the words of encouragement. It's always good to hear the successes
  4. Loque

    The problem with multiple preceptors...

    Thanks to everyone for their help and insight. I have done alot of thinking over the past few days, and plan on waiting everything out for a little bit longer....
  5. Is that I have to take a half step backwards each time. When my educator says I will be getting a new preceptor, I usually bite my lip, keep my breath hushed...
  6. Loque

    New Nurse! Need Critical Care advice!

    I'm a new grad in critical care, and things that I usually read are the the policies and binders that we have on our floor (they are like cheat sheets for polic...
  7. Loque

    Your Starting Salary?

    Most of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area hospitals pay in the $21-22 pay range, with like $4 diffs for nights and/or weekends. They are new grad friendly, b...
  8. Loque

    How I Got My Dream Job!

    Thanks for your reply. I was thinking along the same wavelength when it came to these programs.
  9. Loque

    How I Got My Dream Job!

    I really liked reading about this method, and I definitely think it's a way to make a applicant stand out, and probably bypass a few of the 'hoops' in the appli...
  10. Loque

    Dear New Grads

    Great story. I love hearing about people that 'keep their head up' and put in the time to just get it done. I'm really happy for you. Congrats to the max.
  11. Loque

    Hobbies that keep your soul alive?

    I'm totally with ya, man. I spent my off time doing usually one of 4 things... lifting weights, writing, drinking whiskey, and going out with girls. Life is a...
  12. Loque

    The Patient That Helped My Patience

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm glad so many people can relate to my story, and it's nice to hear to each and every one of you.
  13. People tell me I'm an easygoing guy. I can handle 3 exams in a week, or a multiple page paper that's length rivals something from Tolkien. However, we all have ...
  14. Loque

    Duke pay for nurses is shameful

    I'm not an RN yet, but live in the area, 'word on the street' is that a new grad can expect something in the $23/hr range, base without any differentials.
  15. Loque

    NSLIJ ED Fellowship 2012

    I don't graduate until May, but I have been interested in the fellowship after I'm finished with school. I searched the website, and there is no mention of sta...
  16. Truth. Both men and women (women more though, maybe) compare themselves to others all the time. This is especially true in school because it's a competitive p...