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  1. mangopeach

    New Grad NP - Experiences with Relocation

    I relocated a few months ago and I don't regret it one bit. I didn't get as much as some others posted for relocation though. I got $3000 for relocation. They paid for my hotel, flight, rental car when I came for the interview. When I first started working with recruiters I considered some places that were not ideal at first. I love the city I'm in now. Great weather, beautiful beaches, its not in the middle of nowhere, still not a big city but only 2 hrs away from the closest big city. And its only a 8.5 hr drive from my home state so not too bad. I think I lucked out with this one. I'm getting some good experience here. Not sure if I will stay after 2 years. I am thinking of moving west, but who knows. I may end up staying here. I'm glad I took a chance on moving though. I had to sell my home, but you know not being a home owner, feels a bit "freeing" right now. My son is grown and out of the house so I can pick up and go wherever I want to.
  2. mangopeach

    Interview Questions and strategies for first NP job

    Not unreasonable to ask about mentoring and having a lower patient load while you get up to speed IMO. This is my first psych NP job. I work for a community mental health center. To be honest, I would have liked more time before getting a full patient load but it is what it is. The first month I did not have a full patient load. I was not paid less during the time I did not have a full patient load. I don't think you should expect to be paid less. But someone with a lot more experience may have some more light to shed on this. The documenting in the allotted time is what I struggle with so I am no help there. I don't have to deal with any of the insurance details where I work.
  3. So I've been on the job now for 2 months. This is my first real NP job since graduating last December. I was supposed to start another position in June but that did not work out. In any event, I work at a community mental health center. Overall, I love the job. It is a super busy clinic. We service a lot of people in the county. My issue is I work through my lunch break often and I'm at work an hour sometimes 2 after the clinic is closed! finishing up documentation. I see a lot of new patients. I get an hour for new patients. Med management is 20 mins. I find the EMR, burdensome, so that's one reason. The form is not exactly user friendly IMO. Of course I've gotten better with using it since I first started. So maybe this is a silly thing that I carried over from my days of being a floor RN that just will not work as a working NP. Whenever I did my assessment as an RN , I always wrote my notes on paper then typed them up. I never liked talking to the patient and typing at the same time. I see, that will not work for me as a working NP. Way too many patients to see. When I look at the initial psych eval and med management notes for the patients I have inherited, they tend to be a lot more concise than mine. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. Maybe its newbie jitters. I took over the patient load of a doc that recently left. I'm actually shocked at the brevity of her documentation. I'm just afraid if I don't have it all down, that I will miss something. Which of course leads me to be at work for an hour extra. Help! Any pointers for improving to documentation to make sure you get all you need while being concise?
  4. This all day every day. I'm a new grad NP. I spent over 7 years in patient psych. It is my opinion that anyone that wants to be a psych NP should be a psych nurse prior to becoming a psych NP. Just my opinion. I was always gobsmacked at some of the things some of my cohorts that never worked psych would say. Rest assured that I would run the other way if I took my loved one to an appointment and walked into an office and saw one of them sitting in that chair. In time, I suppose they will be great clinicians , but I think there are things you learn when you are exposed to actual psych patients that you don't learn in a book. I can't imagine being a cardiac NP without ever setting foot on a cardiology unit. Again, JMO. We didn't give IV meds on my unit but I gave levothyroxine, insulin, metformin, you name it blood pressure meds, coumadin, anti, biotics, nebulizer treatments, on my unit, made sure chest x-rays got done, etc. Psych patients do not check their medical issues at the door. In fact, just as they do not take their psych meds, they do not take their medical meds so they come in with uncontrolled blood sugar, blood pressure etc. Psych patients tend to have shorter life spans. They tend not take care of themselves.
  5. mangopeach

    Angry and need to vent

    Hugs to you. I am a new grad NP. I have been a detox/psych nurse for over 7 years prior to becoming an NP. I plan to continue my work in psych/addiction medicine. I've lost clients over the years. Some have been successful at being able to stay sober. But the battle for their sobriety is hard fought. The crisis was there for me on my unit- long before the media was talking about the crisis on tv. There is not enough money for long term treatment. There are not enough providers. I am relocating from my state to another state for my first NP job. I am still getting calls from clinics in far flung places desperate for providers that have experience with addiction. I was delighted to read an article recently that some medical students were choosing Addiction as a specialty. It is its own beast under the umbrella of psychiatry. I don't want to get on my soap box here because I believe that there is a lot that we can do to stem this crisis. Its like a lot of other things in this country. Its a matter of what our govt prioritizes. Our politicians, make wonderful speeches but never put money where their mouth is.
  6. mangopeach

    Interview Tips

    I'm a new grad NP - I just went through a whirl wind series of interviews and phone calls. So glad all that's done! So I had some varied experiences- The job I eventually took- First contact was a phone interview - This was with the Community outreach program president Then I was told to fill out an application online -then HR manager contacted me and had a 2nd phone mini interview - Then they offered to fly me in for interview ( This is in another state) Day of interview - I met with the MD in charge of the the out patient clinic, practice manager, HR manager and Community outreach program manager -All separately. Total of a 3 hr interview It was a pretty laid back interview though. It really was more about what the organization was about and seeing if I was going to be a good fit. I sent everyone a thank you email after the interview. They sent me an offer letter by email a week later. On other interviews Job#1 I interviewed with only the practice manager - that one disturbed me - but hey I'm a new grad so what do I know? I figured I should be meeting with an MD or NP as well. So I was turned off by that. I asked who would be my direct supervisor and she said me. I found it all Strange. Job#2 Interviewed with HR manager and Medical Director - this was the job I almost said yes to. HR manager contacted me first. I had a phone interview with HR manager then 1 week later went in for in person interview. HR manager asked the usual Tell me about yourself, Greatest strengths, weaknesses, etc questions. Medical director asked me clinical questions - /diagnosis/meds. This was the only time I was ever asked those questions in an interview. Job#3 Interviewed with a solo practitioner- I knew I was not going to take that position- He bad mouthed his current NP during our interview. Her contract was expiring and she did not want to renew. I wonder why? Anyway - we talked on the phone a few times before I went in for the actual in person interview. Our conversations were really friendly prior to me going in person. I was just really turned off about the way he spoke about his current NP. As far as Thank you emails - I would send it to everyone you have been in contact with through out this process, including the people that interviewed you over the phone. Good luck!
  7. mangopeach

    New Grad NP - Took first job offer-

    Hey all, just to update everyone, I did not take the job with my preceptor. I ended up taking a job out of state! I am so excited and can't wait to start. I had a few offers in town and almost accepted one of them. Then a recruiter I had been working with contacted me about a position with an organization that checked all the boxes I was looking for and seems like my dream job! They flew me in for the interview and everything fit. The MD and everyone I met were so supportive. Its right up my alley. There are other seasoned NPs here. I feel a sense of calm. (Not that I am not nervous about my first NP job, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't)- I just feel at home at this clinic. Its a big step moving to another state but of all the places I interviewed, I feel I would be most supported here and the clinic seems to fit my values when it comes to addiction and mental health treatment. The benefit package is awesome and I was a bit surprised that they offered me more than some of the places here in GA. It was not a whole lot more, but still more. I'm moving to Florida. So much to do. But they are giving me time to get it done and giving me some moving expenses. Thanks again for your input. I am so happy for this board and you all. I am so happy I made the decision to go with my gut and keep interviewing.
  8. Forget Elizabeth Warren. There is a ton of data on this matter. Lots of research, journal articles. Are you offended by their conclusions? So many have concluded - that yes -
  9. Do you know any professionals at your facility? My references have been physicians I've worked with, other staff RNs, MSWs. These are people I've known over the years at work. They don't have to be direct supervisors.
  10. Hello, So as far as assaults In my facility, its a rare thing- However, can it happen? Yes Having said that, I never blame the patient. I blame management. Are they staffing the units correctly? Psych nursing is team nursing. You need a good team. Most of the time, you can respond to a patient before they get aggressive. Most Patients don't get aggressive out of the blue. I hate to tell you this but I deal with disrespectful family members all day long. People dealing with sick family members are usually stressed out and often don't know how to deal with their own stress and emotions and sometimes take out their stress on healthcare providers. They are projecting. I just remind myself its not about me. I try to offer them some resources or ask them what are they doing to take care of themselves . This tends to break the ice. I remind them they can't properly take care of their loved one if they are not taking care of themselves. IMO, Psych is something you either love or you hate. If you love it, you won't mind the stressful days so much. We are in a mental health crisis in this country. Suicide attempts are up. We are in an Opioid crisis. A lot of facilities are short of beds. Most days I don't get a break. I eat standing up. Might be different in some parts of the country, but in GA where I am, all the facilities are hurting for staff so its busy all the time. Non stop work. I'm always shocked when someone from a different area of nursing comes to psych and says well I came to psych because its easy or I want to sit down more. LOL! Having said that. I love what I do. I am a new grad Psych NP. I was a psych RN for 7 years before becoming an NP and I would not change it for a thing. I have seen people go back and forth from psych to other areas of nursing. Only way to know is to try for yourself. If psych interests you then go for it.
  11. mangopeach

    Is this a lowball offer?

    I've already accepted another offer, but wanted to see what you guys thought about this offer. I'm a new grad still trying to navigate my way through the business side of things. I want to be more prepared next time around for contract negotiations. I did not accept this position but one office offered $50 per new patient and $25 per follow up. Its a pretty busy practice. The office manager predicted I would average a little over $500 per day and I could choose to work 4 or 5 days. Their benefit package was also lacking when compared to the other offers I got. Does anyone get paid a flat fee per patient? Would this be a low ball offer if you are paid per patient?
  12. mangopeach

    New Grad NP - Took first job offer-

    Thank you for all the replies. I appreciate all the insights. I have been quite busy interviewing since I made this post. It has been quite a whirlwind and my head is spinning. I have gotten 2 offers. I have a few days to make a decision. Thanks again for the feedback.
  13. mangopeach

    New Grad NP - Took first job offer-

    No I have not started the job yet. I am not scheduled to start until the first week of June. I have no other offers yet, so this is all just supposition at this point. I have scheduled the interviews over the next 7 days. I'm hoping one of them is successful and makes their decision rather quickly so I would be able to give him " timely" notice that I won't be starting.
  14. mangopeach

    New Grad NP - Took first job offer-

    Thanks for the reply. I would really prefer to work in an out patient setting. I hate that I would be burning a bridge with my preceptor. I feel such a heavy weight with that. I'm so torn. He's hired others in the past from my program. If I end up not taking the job, I would hope that I don't leave a sour taste in his mouth that would prevent him from hiring anyone else from the program in the future.
  15. mangopeach

    New Grad NP - Took first job offer-

    So I was a bit skeptical of the job market so I was grateful to get this offer- My preceptor offered me this opportunity. It wasn't my ideal job. But I was grateful to get the experience. I don't start till next month. Don't get me wrong. I don't anticipate it will be a terrible position. I have been working inpatient psych for 7 years. It was my goal to work outpatient after I finished school so I did not have to work weekends and holidays anymore. With this position, I will be working a lot of nights and weekends. Ahh, same as I am now as a staff nurse. I don't work nights now but I work every weekend in my current position as an RN. So that's why its not my ideal job. However, the compensation makes up for the inconvenience. So here it is, the last few days boom! I get calls from a couple of places that I sent my CV to a while back to set up interviews! They are all out patient clinics. So definitely what I prefer. So would you keep interviewing? Even though you already accepted another position? Unprofessional to accept another position and tell my preceptor I won't be taking the position he offered, in the event I am offered one of these other positions?
  16. mangopeach

    New Grad NP Liability Insurance?

    I must have been too excited that I didn't pay attention to this part. I just went back and read all the paper work. I will be reimbursed. I still want to know why there is such a big discrepancy though.

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