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  1. Nursing management necessary?

    The term nurse manager is usually a misnomer. The fact is that most nurse managers do not have any management training. This is why a good many nursing units run inefficiently and have high turn over. A BSN does not a manager make. If I had a hosp...
  2. Nope, Many lawyers have told me that as long as a nurse practices within policy this is not needed. Having said policy will make a lawyer more likely to come after you....why not tap that piggy bank?
  3. Hello All, New Hospital based DC Planning CM here. They gave me some computer based training on interqual but it was quite worthless.....reading a few power point presentations.... Anyone know of some killer interqual practice apps or any other inte...
  4. Why Do Nurses Eat Their Own?

    Replies like this highlight the ops point....mean spirited and nasty....and reading on through many nasty posts continue....why even bother to reply with a snarky negative post....wait I know.....you are nurses....attempting to make yourselves look l...
  5. Should I quit my 2nd job? How many work 2 jobs here?

    If I pick up shifts at my primary job, the 1.5 pay rate is much more than any per diem job that I have ever found will pay. Plus, it is hard to serve two masters.......
  6. Cra Cra co-workers

    I would not give a wooden nickel for 90 percent of my coworkers. If I saw them broken down on the side of the road, I would keep on rolling.....I work in a den of snakes.....
  7. What advice would you give your 19 year old self?

    I would say.....don't marry her, she will ruin your life utterly and completely.
  8. Hourly Rounding--pushing back

    I just yeah yeah yeah and nod my head to these fools. Then I go back to doing things my way, which is very very successful. I have told many a boss that when they get tired of the way I do things......they can fire me. I have not been fired yet bec...
  9. I hate being a CNA

    not all jobs have such heavy loads, rehab jobs and ltach jobs for CNAs are hard. Grt a job at a hospital on a med surge floor, you will get total care patients but you will also get walkie talkies to balance it all out........you just have the wrong...
  10. Can you succeed in BSN programs without Chemisty?

    p.s. you learned all the patho you need in your ADN......the BSN is merely a review....
  11. Can you succeed in BSN programs without Chemisty?

    All the BSN programs I have seen have little to do with science. They focus, on legal, public health, cultural aspects, research, etc.......much more important than being proficient in chemistry is being proficient in APA and creative writing
  12. Is the BSN worth it?

    BS = Bull Sh...... MS = More Sh.... Phd = Piled higher and deeper These BSN programs are full of useless classes that have no bearing whatsoever on a nurses practice. They are laden with busy work and are generally designed to separate a nurse from ...
  13. New Grad Job Market PMHNP

    In my 2.5 years in the acute hospital setting the NPs think like doctors. The NP schools are teaching the medical model. NPs do not care one lick about the "art of nursing"....they care about making sure the right tests are ordered and that the rig...
  14. New Grad Job Market PMHNP

    Every last on I spoke with had at least a DNP and at least 25 years experience combined as a practicing RN and mid-level provider. disagree with the sentiment that is your choice, however in the academic world this is the thinking. Columbia is con...
  15. How do you deal with demanding/unreasonable patients?

    Lets just say I pass out a lot of AMA forms