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Lunah Passed In Mansfield 6/13-15


Specializes in Med-Surg, LTC, Rehab, HH. Has 4 years experience.

Lunah passed her CPNE!!! She will give details later....

She says THANKS to everyone!!

FeFe23 RN

Specializes in Med/Surg, Dialysis, LTAC, Hospice, SCI.

Congratulations Lunah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Specializes in cardiology. Has 5 years experience.

congratulations lunah!!!





Has 15 years experience.





Specializes in LTC, case mgmt, agency.

YEAH !!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!!:balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::clpty::grad::clphnds::clphnds::clphnds::clphnds::clphnds::clphnds:


Lorie P.

Specializes in Med/Surge, Private Duty Peds.

:yeah::yeah::yelclap::yelclap::w00t::w00t::ancong!::ancong!::ancong!::lghmky::lghmky::onbch: Time to enjoy the GN with your name @@

Lunah I knew you would! Proud of you!:yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::balloons:



CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! :grad: :nurse:

:shbdy: :hpygrp:

:up: :up:

GREAT JOB LUNAH, I HAD NO DOUBT!!! RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR SUCESS. GO SOAK THOSE DAWGS, I CAN HEAR THEM BARKING ALL THE WAY IN ATLANTA!! WHAT A GREAT BIRTHDAY! :yeah::jester::caduceus::clpty:*HB*:BDCk::tbsk::onbch::dncgbby::dncgbby::dncgbby::clphnds::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom:

Way to go Lunah!!! Feels great doesn't it?! Knew you could do it! Congrats!! :yeah::yeah::yeah:

pielęgniarka, RN

Specializes in Hem/Onc, LTC, AL, Homecare, Mgmt, Psych.

Way to go!

donsterRN, ASN, BSN

Specializes in Cardiac Care. Has 10 years experience.

That is so awesome...Congratulations!


Specializes in Step-Down NICU/PICU. Has 5 years experience.

WOW!!...seems like it was just yesterday you were taking TWO EC exams a month!!!..LOL...remember what i told ya!!...:clpty::clpty::nmbrn::nmbrn::nmbrn::dncgcpd:*wine*wine*wine*wine...XoXoXo!!


Specializes in LTC, Acute Care, Correctional. Has 2 years experience.

Congratulations Lunah....I've been gone for a while but I knew you would pass. OH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:yeah:

akanini, MSN, RN

Has 12 years experience.

go lunah. it's your birthday!

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