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  1. gradyrn2b08

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    Graduated June 2008 from Excelsior and obtained my Georgia Licenses March 2009. My license was held up with the GBON vs Excelsior battle last year. I have been working at a level 1 trauma center in Atlanta for 9 months on a very busy Med-surg floor where most (95%) of the patients are trauma patients and ICU step down! I don't regret a minute of the experience of getting through Excelsior or the battle to obtain my licenses! Best wishes to all of those reaching for their dreams! Anything is possible!
  2. I checked the website yesterday and my licenses number was posted. I am so glad that part of the battle is over, but we as Georgia nurses have a long ways to go before they know we deserve the same respect as the nurses from the "traditional programs."Doing the happy dance in Georgia, finally after eight months, I can pursue my dream. Thanks to everyone for their letters and e-mails of support!!!
  3. Someone from the board called me a couple of weeks ago and told me that my application was complete and would be reviewed by the board on 3/16 or 3/17. My status has not changed and I am not sure how long it will take to find out if they issued me a licenses. I am changing my name to "RN in waiting". Story of my life since I completed EC in June 2008.
  4. rjlchef!!!congrats to you!!! i am a fellow georgia grad from ec hope to be in your shoes soon!!! best wishes to you a nd your new career as an rn in georgia!! there is hope!!!
  5. gradyrn2b08

    Finally an RN

    Guess I can change my log in now!! Took my boards last Thursday and passed with 85 questions. Officially a RN. Will hold off on celebrations until I have that Georgia licenses in hand. Things are looking up here in the peach state. I would like to send out a personal "THANK YOU" to everyone who signed petions and wrote letters. Your support helped the Georgia EC grads get to this point. Key thing to remember here, NEVER GIVE UP, FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS, AND FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!!!!!:heartbeat:bowingpur SINCERELY --GRADY RN.
  6. Count me in on this fight as well!!! I have already sent Gov Perdue a letter of thanks for his support and I plan on contacting as many folks as I can as well as a lawyer. I may have to go elsewhere on a temporary bases, but I am not giving up my home, family, and friends because of a bunch of old, close minded, and heartless witches!!!This is far from over:)
  7. Well, I have waited patiently hoping that this situation would work out for the Georgia graduates and students, but the GBON seems to be dead set against doing what is "right". I will be leaving the state of Georgia and my husband and children to practice as an RN somewhere. I am not sure if this will ever be resolved but the "GBON" will not stop me from obtaining my dreams and goals. Hopefully, my family will be able to join me where ever I go but, the housing market and current economy will make it difficult to sell my home in Georgia. I don't have a sound plan, but I am working on it. It is a same that a board of women like the GBON have the power to ruin so many peoples lives when they are suppose to be working for the people and nurses in Georgia.!!!!!!!:cry:
  8. gradyrn2b08

    Ga BON

    It is my understanding that no decision was going to be made today. The meeting was with the GNA and the education committee of the GBON. The GNA is working very hard on part of the EC students, and a number of political figures are now in support of the EC students and graduates. We are hoping for at the very LEAST a window of time to allow those of us who have graduated to get our licenses and the current students enrolled to be allowed to finish. We may not know anything until Nov or even January. Trust me they (GBON) are in no hurry to resolve this issue!!!
  9. Any news on the meeting with the GBON and GNA? I hope they will post something soon!!!!
  10. Thanks for your support Ivan, by the way I prefer diet Coke, but your diet pepsi is on the way, because you are right, they care about no one, not even the patients in Georgia and the fact that the hospitals are already critically understaffed. I am soooo tired and emotionally drained, sometimes I feel like giving up!!!!!!!!
  11. I don't believe that the issues that they were referring to were directly related the EC nurses, It was my understanding that they were referring to the Endorsement of our Licenses. Debbie Hatmaker specifically ask for proof that any EC nurse has ever been brought before the GBON and thay were unable to provide that information. This all boils down to the fact that EC has never been a Georgia approved school and we have always gotten our licenses by endorsement for 25+ years by testing in other states and then transfering to Georgia. Just a side note: there were 6000 potential nursing students turned away by Georgia nursing schools last year because they do not have enough programs, so EC has always been the answer for many of these students. Georgia is shooting themselves in the foot with this whole thing!!!
  12. IN RESPONSE TO LUNAH'S QUESTION!!!!Basically, we did not get a definitive NO yesterday. What we got was more waiting. They are referring the whole issue to the Education Committee next month and the GNA will be there as well to support the EC program. Basically it may be January before this whole issue is resolved.
  13. Could not agree with you more Ivan. I was at the meeting yesterday and when I left I was more confused and angry than when I arrived. I must say Debbie Hatmaker with the GNA presented some solied evidence and facts regarding EC graduates and she is fired up and ready to fight this whole thing. Basically it boils down to the fact that the GBON pulled the wool over everbody eyes by changing the wording at the last minute, but of course they want to blame that on someone else as well. I think there were at least 100 people packed in that room and it was standing room only. Also 3 news camera's were present and the story aired on FOX 5 last night. At this point I agree with you, even if this works out I am out of this backwoods state. I can not let these idiots control my future. I find it amusing that the person who originally wrote this bill and the one who spoke on the news last month were absent from this meeting. I was so looking foward to meeting Sylivia Bond and Sharon Cooper. NOT!! The GNA is commited to helping resolve this whole issue as it EC, I am hoping for the best for all involved. One Georgia lobbist was present and she basically stated that HB 1041 WAS NOT presented in the same words that it later past on because she was at every meeting and not once did Excelsior College or their program ever come up!! I smell a number of RATS!!!!
  14. Excelsior told another student today that the number allowed in would be limited due to space, but at this point I don't believe anything anybody says. I am going to go ahead and make the trip, it will be worth my own self satisfaction just being there!!!Whats the worse they can do, tell us no?? Oh wait they already did that!!! Pardon the sarcasm, but I am so fed up with EC and Georgia I could puke!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I was told by a fellow student that EC said that it is unlikely that we will not be allowed inside the meeting room Thursday in Macon because of the size of the room and the number of people to attend. EC has only 30 mins to present their case and that time will be divided by all the other groups that are there to speak as well. Now I am wondering if I should drive 2 hours to stand outside or stay home and study for my boards???
  16. A large number of people will be attending the meeting in Macon on thursday. Two student have been selected to address the board and EC reps will be speaking as well as the Georgia Nurses Association. It is my understanding that several goverment officials have contacted the GBON regarding their decision and the GBON has assured them that they are working to resolve this matter (whatever that means). We are hoping for the best, they say we should know their decision by Friday? I'm not going to hold my breathe. Will post the decision as soon as we know it. Wish us luck!! Any news on Virginia yet??????