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DoubleblessedRN has 5 years experience and specializes in cardiology.

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  1. Hello, I have been working in a medium security state prison for the past month. So far, I love correctional nursing. However, I was very recently assigned to a section of severely mentally ill prisoners where they do MANY inappropriate things. I knew this would happen, and it's not the last time, but a prisoner in segregation began to masturbate when I approached his cell door to give him his meds. I acted as if nothing happened, but still wrote him a misconduct. I also wasn't shocked or traumatized by the incident, but it's also not my favorite part of the job. What are some witty comments that you female nurses make to male prisoners who intentionally expose themselves or masturbate? I will say "is that it?"to someone who exposes himself. Any other ideas?
  2. DoubleblessedRN

    Please don't judge me and my daughter

    Yes, spunkymoo, you're absolutely right about nurses being judgemental about patients...I used to do home care, and when I discharged a patient, the family thanked me for caring for their mother, and said that the experience exceeded their expectations. They had admitted to me that before a nurse had even visited the home, they were afraid that they were going to be judged because they lived in a lower middle class neighborhood, and their mother grew up dirt poor and had some hoarding-like tendencies.
  3. DoubleblessedRN

    Please don't judge me and my daughter

    I haven't even logged in on Allnurses in years, much less posted on any discussion board, but I felt compelled to post a reply. First of all, I am so sorry that you and your daughter had this type of experience. I have a teenaged daughter with some troubles and I pray that she never attempts or even contemplates suicide. Admittedly this is one of my biggest fears for her. I sincerely pray and hope that you are both doing better and getting the appropriate help. I have been an RN for nine years, and I was a paramedic for twelve years prior to being a nurse. I have never worked in the ER as an RN and I most likely never will, partly due to a lot of ER nurses' attitudes like you, the OP, described. There is a hospital in the area with a reputation for rude ER staff, and I myself have even been hesitant in the past to seek care for myself and my children, even in their urgent care area. I have taken many, many patients to ERs in the past: dead, half dead, urgent, or for BS reasons, and I understand that a lot of that gets old after so long. I hated getting frequent calls for intoxicated homeless people who just wanted somewhere to eat, sleep and stay warm or cool (depending on the time of season), drug seekers, lonely elderly people who have been sick for days and call 911 at 3 am because they can't sleep and want someone to talk to; septic, contracted, debilitated nursing home residents who aspirated Jevity, gasping for air and were found wearing a simple oxygen mask with only three liters per minute of o2 just to name a few. I get it. I know you're frustrated and burned out. But don't take that anger and frustration out on "ambulance drivers" and/or your patients. Nobody is forcing you to stay where you are. If you don't like it, leave. I have done so with other jobs and I couldn't have been happier.
  4. DoubleblessedRN

    Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    I would love to help you out here! I have been bullied in the past. I didnt quit my job because of the bully. The manner in which I was bullied was that the bully often deliberately failed to communicate important patient info. When I would ask a question, the bully ignored me or pretended not to hear. I would respond by saying in a somewhat loud and stern manner: "(bully's name)! I'm asking you a question. What/why/when........?" to draw some negative attention to the bully. S/he usually straightened up after that. The facility had a policy in place with very low tolerance for it. However, another person who was being bullied by the same person complained to the manager and implied that they would report the bully to HR. The bully already had a documented history of undergoing mandated counseling in regards to bullying. (an attitude adjustment class basically). The manager told that person that if the bully was reported to HR, the bully would be terminated, and the manager threatened that person with retaliation if that happened. That person didn't report it to HR in fear of their safety and livelihood, unfortunately. I can also tell you that bullies were often bullied themselves. I recall this from a psychology class I once took, and saw for myself in real life: I met somebody who knew another former co-worker of mine who had bullying tendencies. The person I met one worked with this person at another hospital, and she wasn't treated very well at times. I was so shocked, because this nurse is/was the type that didn't tolerate any crap. I also knew of another former coworker of this person, and the other person confirmed it: s/he was a nobody. S/he wasn't treated well and s/he was passing it on to others less experienced.
  5. DoubleblessedRN

    What is your favorite scrub brand and why?

    I absolutely love Landau. They are soft and never have that stiff, itchy feeling when they're brand new. I like the top style no. 8219 because of the double pockets, and I like the pant style 8555 (even though they're mens' pants, but I'm tall enough) because they have cargo pockets and they have a high elastic waist with a drawstring. And they are available in a lot of colors.
  6. DoubleblessedRN

    Telemetry - why is it so hard?

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all of their posts. I am a newer RN and started off on a telemetry unit. For me, I have been used to dealing with these types of pts as I have experience as a Paramedic. For me the most difficult part has been time management and paperwork. I have heard from a lot of nurses on my unit if we can handle this, we can handle anything. I agree there is a high turnover. I'm not sure if it's because some RNs simply don't like it or that they want to move on to ER, ICU or another specialty once they get about a year of experience, maybe it's about half and half.
  7. DoubleblessedRN

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    I graduated in September 2008 and was a Paramedic for 12 years. I currently work in a cardiac stepdown unit. Many of the other nurses are shocked when I am asked where I graduated from, in disbelief that I never did clinicals. I have had a little bit of difficulty adjusting to the hospital setting, but it's getting easier every day.
  8. DoubleblessedRN

    Cardiac Stepdown?

    It is a very good area to work in with a lot of learning experiences. In addition to what the first poster stated about pts from ICU and post cardiac procedures, many of the pts I get are in CHF, COPD exacerbation, unstable angina, DKA. We maintain medicated drips such as nitro, heparin, dopamine, dubutamine, primacor, lasix and cardizem. ACLS is usually mandatory.
  9. DoubleblessedRN

    transitioning for EMS

    Take TJ's and Erica's advice...DO NOT tell your instructors that you are an EMT/Paramedic. They will either give you a lot of crap or hold you to a higher standard. In their eyes your experience means absolutely nothing. (But I know, myself also being a paramedic, that you DO know things.) Your experience is a great asset. Best of Luck to you! :)
  10. DoubleblessedRN

    Suesquatch, GN

    Suesquatch, Wishing you a belated :ancong!: on passing the CPNE!!! I haven't been on the boards in a looooong time. (Been bustin' butt studying for the NCLEX any free time I get) I was wondering how you did. Is your conferral date also 9/19? (Sorry I haven't read all the posts; I was just looking for something about you passing.) Best of Luck on the NCLEX!!!
  11. DoubleblessedRN

    Passed CPNE at Grady

    congratulations!!! :cheers::beer::clpty:
  12. DoubleblessedRN

    Reregistered for the CPNE

    best of luck to you!!! :anpom::anpom::anpom:
  13. DoubleblessedRN

    Fight of my life in Racine

    Congratulations on passing!! It goes to show others that there is still hope for passing even if someone gets off on a bad start.
  14. DoubleblessedRN

    I Passed The CPNE

    :grad::clpty::hpygrp::beer::cheers: :ancong!:
  15. DoubleblessedRN

    I wonder how Tracy and Firemedic are doing!

  16. DoubleblessedRN

    the CPNE

    I recently tested in Mansfield, OH and passed on my third attempt. I HIGHLY recommend a workshop. You can read about my experience in an earlier thread in this forum.