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DoubleblessedRN has 14 years experience as a ADN, RN, EMT-B, EMT-P and specializes in cardiology, psychiatry, corrections.

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  1. Does being addressed as “Nurse” annoy anyone?

    I sometimes do
  2. Does being addressed as “Nurse” annoy anyone?

    I am proud to be a nurse, I worked for it and I earned that title in my own right. It’s just annoying. Sort of like men who are nurses who don’t like to be referred to as a “male nurse.” Or as another poster mentioned being called ma’am (although ...
  3. Does being addressed as “Nurse” annoy anyone?

    I used to work in cardiac cath lab years ago, I agree…there are some situations when it’s necessary. For example, whenever I finished holding pressure after an arterial sheath removal I would instruct the pts on s/s of a hematoma, bleeding at the si...
  4. Does being addressed as “Nurse” annoy anyone?

    I’ve worked psych for four years and I occasionally work with adolescents. I don’t ever recall being called “nurse” by any one of them, as a matter of fact, they’re usually pretty respectful and ask if I’m the nurse and what’s my name.
  5. I’ve been a nurse for 14 years now, but this hasn’t occurred much up until the past few years. I work in a psychiatric hospital, and patients often address me as “Nurse.” It happens in all kinds of different scenarios: requesting a PRN med; going o...
  6. Mentioning recovery from mental illness in a job interview?

    It’s probably too late to be answering this question, but for anyone in the same predicament: I would not mention it during the hiring process, but if you’re hired perhaps you could confide in maybe one or two coworkers you trust. I wouldn’t really...
  7. Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    The way I understand the compact licensure (I don’t live in a compact state, but there is also pending legislature) is that if one resides in or declares a compact state as their primary state of residence, s/he is eligible for the compact license wh...
  8. Psych nursing under Covid-19

    I work in a large psychiatric hospital, and when we take a report from the sending facility, we ask specific questions about symptoms in regards to COVID 19. I’m not aware of any patient has been turned away as a result of any yes answers as there a...
  9. When former inmates pay a visit

    I know this was nearly a year ago, but here is some good advice for anyone who ever encounters this in the future: you need to report this to your employer. Failing to disclose or report an incident is a sure way to get an involuntary separation. B...
  10. What skills are utilized in correctional nursing?

    The prison I work at has a health care facility and have most capabilities of urgent care. We administer TB tests and read them, we do 12 lead ekgs, administer vaccinations and educate the prisoners about their medications and the pathophysiology of...
  11. When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females

    Dienw, the prisoner's goal was to humiliate me and see what type of reaction he could get out of me. The reason I had asked about witty comments was to make this backfire on him and embarrass him so that maybe next time a female is nearby he will t...
  12. When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females

    Thank you nursesunny, I completely agree. You are absolutely right in regards to his actions. That is also an excellent suggestion of how to approach the situation by acknowledging the fact and addressing to the prisoner that what he is doing is in...
  13. When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females

    Yes Caliotter3, this prisoner does have a mental illness, but most likely moderate extent at the most. He is on this particular unit for mental illness AND difficulty managing him in general housing units, meaning he's received many misconducts. Th...
  14. When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females

    Jail and prison culture is like this: prisoners are very seasoned and skilled at manipulating and malingering. There are often hidden motives behind their actions. They lie. They play you. They push things to the limit, and they test limits. Esp...
  15. When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females

    So here are some comebacks that I either thought of myself or came across on a corrections officer discussion board: For a man exposing himself: Say out loud,"Anyone have a magnifying glass handy? (prisoner's name) is trying to show me his penis and ...