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  1. toicole

    2014 Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) Poll

    Took the NCLEX on Wednesday, did the PVT as soon as I got in the parking lot and got the good pop up. Called the license line the next day and it said I had a Registered Nurse license. Checked BON website today and my license is on there. Officially a RN!!
  2. toicole

    Resisting care

    I need a little help please. What if they refuse to follow or cannot do the restorative plan? Please someone shed some light.
  3. toicole

    Resisting care

    When coding for resisting care. If a resident refuses to take a whirlpool or shower, but does take a sponge bath. Does that resident still need to be coded for resisting care? Also if a resident refuses to get out of bed. The resident does have a bed bath and gets ready for the day. She just refuses to get out of bed. She would rather stay in bed and watch TV. Does she need to be coded for resisting care? Another question about Podiatrist visits, do we need a care plan for that or adding it to the ADL care plan is sufficient. Thanks in advance.
  4. toicole


    Hello all. We had a resident sent to the ER for a fall, he was dx with a fx and also a Fecal Impaction. I am doing a significant change on him. Do I have to capture the fecal impaction? I would like to give him 14 days to see how he is doing and in giving him 14 days the fecal impaction will not be in the look back period. They resolved it in the hospital. Not really sure where to go with it and we really question the "fecal impaction".
  5. toicole

    Help with Care Plans!!! What all to care plan???

    Do you guys do a seperate care plan for the podiatrist or do you just add it to the ADL Care plan? Thanks.
  6. toicole

    too specific or not specific enough?

    I care plan wound treatments and just as a side note we just had an inspection. The wound nurse did not do a wound sheet or tx order. I was not aware of the wound and got a ding from the state for not having a care plan. Good luck.
  7. toicole

    LPN MDS nurses

    I live about an hour from Richmond, VA and we have to have a RN sign our MDS. I do the MDS and careplanning. Sometimes I do feel stretched in various places, but it involves alot of details. GOOD LUCK!
  8. toicole

    Section G

    Hello All, I have a question about locomotion on and off unit. Resident's that are independent with wheel chair mobility at times and also pushed by staff where do they fall as far as coding. Also we have a paranoid resident with a Dx of dementia with delirium I need advice for a care plan. Any suggestions on these. Thanks in advance.
  9. toicole

    Couple questions

    Is there a place on the MDS to code for ileal conduit? If the person flags for delirium and you don't feel they are in delirium how can you justify this in your rugs, other than declining health or they have an illness?
  10. toicole

    What do you wear?

    Scrubs all the way.
  11. toicole

    Passed in Lubbock!!!!

  12. toicole

    Not giving up

    I am sorry you didn't pass. I think you will figure out how to get control of your nerves and be successful the next time.
  13. toicole

    Leaving tomorrow for Racine

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yeah:
  14. toicole

    I passed the CPNE

    Merry Christmas and Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. toicole

    Passed nc5 today!

  16. toicole

    The Lord is good i Passed