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  1. pielęgniarka

    Dead body vs. Live patient

    I know exactly what you mean. The room & the atmosphere changes at that last breath, when the person just becomes a body. It's a strange feeling! Glad to read I am not the only one that notices this.
  2. You have to remember that Nurse managers, well, we have to answer to our own bosses too. There is a shortage of managers out there because really, what's attractive about working 60+ hours a week, managing a group of demanding, lawsuit-happy employees and patients and putting up with top management's demands along with keeping up on state and federal rules and regulations? I'm a Director of Nursing and I still wear scrubs and tennis shoes. I do rounds daily and help out away from my desk when I can. I stop in on some of the weekends, evening and nights to make sure things are going OK. We had some employees that got stuck at work during severe weather, I gave them gift certificates and thank you cards for doing double shifts on top of the overtime-- for going above and beyond and showing good teamwork. I got gift bags and distributed them to all the nursing staff during the holidays, just to say thanks for being here. Me, I'm just happy to be working hard and getting a paycheck, which is good because I don't get thank you's for doing my management job.
  3. pielęgniarka

    I know I am going to get reamed a new one but here goes

    Go to your state's Department of Labor State Laws to find out what the laws are on pre-employment drug screening then decide if you want to go in for your interview. I'm not against pot morally BUT I don't use it because it is illegal. I worked hard to get my RN and do not want to lose it. You need to decide what is more important, smoking up or having a job.
  4. pielęgniarka

    Losing my mind!

    The reason I took the job at this place was because their staff retention is great. I did ask during my interview and except for the DON leaving before me all admin. staff have been there for over 8 years. and Wow thanks for the optimistic replies-- that truly made my week! I will take your suggestions and work with them and try not to be a quitter. I do realize that I can help people improve in this position and that is what I want to do. (It's just so many things at once to work on and little time to break it down.) Anchot- I sent you PM in regards to your questions. Thanks again everyone.
  5. pielęgniarka

    Losing my mind!

    Thanks for the replies~
  6. pielęgniarka

    2 weeks notice

    Look in your facility's policy book - it should say what is required for putting in your notice. Then use that policy back at them. For example where I work it states "employees should put their intent in writing if they chose to terminate their employment" "if possible the facility would appreciate at least a two week notice... supervisory team members are asked to give four weeks notice." so... if they are trying to blackmail you into giving 6-8 week notice you just show them the policy. (Hope your policy is not 6-8 weeks notice!!!!)
  7. pielęgniarka

    Losing my mind!

    Last month I accepted a DON position at a nursing home. The previous DON was already gone. Three days after I started state came in for the survey as well as the fire marshall. Plan of correction is done (that was excruciating) and now I am working on in-servicing staff. It's been a lot of commotion and stress all at once and I am having a hard time reeling the staff back in and calming them down. I have QA/QI reports with numbers trending toward the worse sitting on my desk that I have to develop action plans for and do a presentation this month. I have performance reviews to be done on people that I don't even know yet. I have had to fire two RNs already, one for harassment other for violation of resident care standard, with each of them it was a third strike you're out kinda deal. They freaked out and yelled at me and the admin., even though they knew what would happen with a further violation. I am worried about my tires getting slashed or my kids held hostage. (That might be a slight exaggeration but doesn't seem unfeasable.) I've worked in LTC for most of the past 13 years... but this is ridiculous. During my interview for the job I met with HR, Admin., staffing and MDS coordinator. They all seemed great, said I would be perfect but so far I think the job is terrible. I want to give this my best. What I need is some good coping techniques. Maybe I'm just looking for some reassurance, will it get better? What kinds of resources are there for DONs?
  8. pielęgniarka

    Choking and the DNR patient

    911 needs to be called-- All because the pt is DNR does not mean we don't treat an emergent situation. Go to your state dept of health and search for "dnr and choking" it should bring up some previous investigations or reports on places for that.
  9. pielęgniarka


    Congratulations!!! You should be very proud of yourself. A word of advice from someone else (me) that also passed the CPNE in November (2 years ago) is- since Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner it will take Excelsior longer to process your graduation. Keep calling and emailing to let them know to expedite the process. I passed CPNE on Nov 20th, and was able to take my NCLEX on Jan 21. They told me it would have taken them a month longer had I not pestered. Good luck and congrats again!
  10. pielęgniarka

    No Raise In Years in LTC Facility

    Have you asked for a raise yet? Have any of your co-workers successfully negotiated a pay raise? I was complaining to a co-worker years ago about not getting raises with my reviews. My co-worker told me I would just have to "ask" for a raise, since this place didn't do them routinely. So I prepared a letter to my supervisor and asked to meet. In the letter I typed up a list of things I was doing above and beyond on my job (they want to see results), and how many years it had been since I last got a raise. I asked for $1.50 more an hour and got $0.50 at the time. You've been there for three years, that shows some loyalty also. Be bold- the worst they can do is say no.
  11. pielęgniarka

    New RN looking for a job

    Yes - start applying now as a graduate nurse. Some places will hire you on as a GN (grad nurse) prior to taking the Nclex and obtaining your actual license. It depends on the facility. Some places only allow you to apply online then they contact you. I would try to go place to place first if this is possible. Learn what you can about the places you apply at as well, research the web sites or brochures so you sound interested & knowledgable when you get a chance to talk to someone. Good luck!
  12. pielęgniarka

    reevaluating my life and career=(

    Great advice. If your income is requred to support the family then keep your job but start looking elsewhere for more family friendly hours and a field that you might enjoy more. If you work just for a higher standard of living then you might find it helpful to write up a list of pros and cons. Is it worth the mental anguish? My husband and I decided years ago that working ourselves to the bone just to have a huge house and lots of toys was not worth it. We were stressed out and felt like we didn't get good quality time in with the kids. So now, we still work very hard but not full time! It has allowed us much more time with our children. I guess we are lucky that our places of employment allowed us to cut back and keep our jobs. Afterall, working constantly and being stressed shouldn't be what life is about, right? Best wishes to you with your upcoming changes whatever they may be.
  13. pielęgniarka

    How long are the vacations?

    Where I work the nurses earn paid time off (PTO). PTO is available after the first 90 days of employment. That first year the max amt of PTO is 100 hrs or about 12 days if you work full time. Each year after that it goes up about 5 days extra then plateus at about 27 paid days off (need to be employed for 15 years for that!) When you want to utilize your PTO you submit a form to management and they review it and either approve it or deny it based on staffing. We are supposed to put our requests in at least a month in advance if not more. After being employed for one year you could probably use a family medical leave of absence (FMLA). This is unpaid however. I think you can get up to 12 weeks off if it's approved by your supervisior in advance. I don't know much about FMLA but just going by what I remember in my policy book -- I agree with others, have your surgery done before you take your first nursing job. If you NEED to wait a year or so for the surgery, your best bet would be to talk to the human resources person after your first year on the job (when you get one) and work out the time off. It is best to go into a job with as few complications as you can manage, it looks better to the employer --Good luck!
  14. pielęgniarka

    So Why Do You Do It?

    & I quote "Because I'm human and when I'm at my worst, I want someone to give me their best."
  15. pielęgniarka


    That is funny, I have had a very similar dream --I work in a LTC also. There is a very large lady that resides at my place of employment. I had a dream once that she was falling out of her bed so I went to go catch her, realized my folly (because she is roughly 4-5 times my size) and try to stop myself but she falls on top of me anyway. I'm stuck and uncomfortable, and a little scared because she is very demented. I can't reach the call light or any staff to come rescue me or the resident! I wonder what our human trap dreams mean?