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  1. pielęgniarka

    Working while pregnant

    Small meals, saltines, enough water and plenty of rest. Slow deep breathing through your mouth (not the nose!) Those tips may helped manage but not cure my nausea. I had morning sickness off and on pretty much through the whole pregnancy. I worked up until I was 41 weeks my second pregnancy (ended up being 2 weeks overdue). One time when I was pregnant I had a patient with severe rectal bleeding and I almost fainted. It was so strange, I've never had that happen before. I had to sit down and another nurse took over. Luckily I worked with a great group of nurses. So all in all, it's doable. Just take the pace down a notch.
  2. My vote- Go for the BSN!!!! Get it done with! Instead of working your way up slowly over 10 years... CNA, TMA, LPN, ADN now trying to figure out how to work in BSN in my busy schedule.
  3. pielęgniarka

    How to deal with negative comments about Excelsior

    I would occasionally get silly questions like... you're so lucky you don't have to do clinicals! or... do you get to keep your notes with you when you take a test? For some reason people thought I took the tests on my home computer!!! I even had one nurse that thought that I didn't have to take the NCLEX!!! Lol!!! I can laugh at it now. What I would say is this "EC is distance learning, not an online school. It is very difficult. I study for my classes just like you do with books and study guides, then go to a testing center to take a test. I am fingerprinted and photographed when I go to take my test. The test is just like finals for that class. My previous clinicals and clinical experience apply toward the program. What I have to take when I am done with all my classes, is a proficiency exam at an assigned hospital. This requires months of studying to prepare for. People usually have to travel a good distance as well. It's a very expensive and very strict three day assessment of my nursing skills on the hospital floor, the kind of skills any other associate-prepared nurse would be expected to be able to perform. I will have a Master's degree nurse from the college watching over my every move. If I make mistakes I fail. If I pass the proficiency exam I will soon thereafter graduate and will able to apply to take my NCLEX, the same NCLEX that you would have to take." After I passed the CPNE, then went on to ace my NCLEX I think it redeemed EC's program in some people's eyes. There have actually been two nurses I work with that have since started the EC program but have stopped. They say... I don't know how you did that, it is too hard! One even got as far as to the CPNE, failed it and never went back. Just hang in there, when you are done with the program it will be all worth it!
  4. pielęgniarka

    When nursing staff ask for medications

    Did you know that there is an ativan topical (gel)? A hospice nurse was telling me about it. I would love to keep THAT on my cart... in a pump bottle... offer it to everyone walking by... can you imagine... As far as giving the facility's stock meds to workers when they ask, I personally don't. I keep my own little supply in my locker: tylenol, ibu, midol, rolaids, cough drops and I will offer that if someone is in need. If they need something else I send the employee on a break to the gas station to buy it themselves. Or make them take a break and drink a glass of water. If they are really sick and have a fever, diarrhea or vomiting I send them home.
  5. I don't think the purpose of alcohol wipes is to sterilize but just to "clean" ...If you wiped off the top of a vial of insulin with a alcohol wipe to clean off some dust or dirt, and then used that same wipe on the patient you would transfer the particles to the patient, right? I don't know.... in school I was taught to use two wipes. I still do this. The policy where I work is to clean the surface(s) with alcohol wipes and allow to dry. If the policy was soap and water I'd do that. At work I'll do things per the infection control policies. If it was home care or personal cares I might do things a different way.
  6. pielęgniarka

    what are the conservatee rights in SNF?

    I don't think you will find reference on-line.
  7. I wouldn't report it to state or ombudsman. Go to your director of nursing with your concerns first and foremost. Obviously the policy on nursing's role in reordering meds needs to be reiterated. Or maybe it's not nursing, maybe the pharmacy needs to be updated on the delivery problems. We are strict about not "borrowing" meds in our facility. If the pt is out we try to get it from the E-kit. If that med is not in the E-kit we call the pharmacy and ask for a stat delivery.
  8. pielęgniarka

    what are the conservatee rights in SNF?

    The following kinda describes a policy where I used to work, may not be the policy where you are at: If the pt is a danger to self or others and nonpharmacological interventions are not effective, you'd have to get an order from the MD for IM meds or whatever. That's one of the only instances I know where meds would be given against patient's will. You would also need to get consent from the Conservator, to administer these psychotropic drugs to the conservatee.
  9. I wasn't given any drugs..... In the classroom once we put eyeglasses on that had vaseline smeared on the lenses. We had ear plugs in. We put tape on our fingertips and played a game of cards. Or well tried to play a game of cards. It was supposed to help us understand and empathize with the visual, audio and tactile issues that some geriatric or other patients might have.
  10. pielęgniarka

    charts on plain sight--HIPAA violation?

    We have pager systems for our call lights. At the LTC I work at the NAR's are the expected to be the first ones responsible for answering call lights-- they get the page the minute the resident's button is pushed. If after 2 min., the NAR's didn't get to the light it goes to the nurse's pager that is working the cart and they need to check it out. If after 10 minutes it's not answered it goes to a nurse manager's pager, then there's hell to pay. We all work together to answer call lights. Our charts are kept centrally, at the nurses desk, organized with only a room number on display. To give report to the oncoming nurse, we go into the med room if the hall is busy to keep confidentiality. Otherwise report is quietly given at the nurses desk. The nurses desk has a privacy panel on it so not everyone walking by can see what we are writing or typing. Hope this helps!
  11. pielęgniarka

    A dead duck

    Oh funny! I'm going to share it with the gals I work with for a much needed laugh!
  12. pielęgniarka

    What constitutes falsifying documentation?

    Yes it is falsification, I was taught this is a big no-no. The initials signal that the task was completed. Where I work you cannot sign for anything until it is completed. MARs (med admin record) get initialed after the meds are given. TARs (treat. admin record) get initialed after the treatments are completed.
  13. pielęgniarka

    Would you ever own a motorcycle? YES or NO?

    interesting...i thought this was exclusive to the nurses i work with.. being rabidly anti-motorcycle. i have ridden with my husband for years and love it. i just recently passed my written permit test and i am starting to take the basic rider courses plus i'm saving up to get my own bike. i have all the protective gear and wear a helmet. even though i'm being smart about it i still get flak from my coworkers (the whole 'joke' about the donor-cycle). this poll prompted me to google deaths per year-- i found a web site (to follow is some info from it). i don't think the link takes everything into account, for instance more people drive cars so therefore the death rate would be higher, right? anyway, my point is, there are lots of ways to die. i had a friend die in high school when he was in a bike crash, no helmet, both he and his girlfriend died. they were being reckless. i read and see people that had gear on and died and ones that didn't. that just encourages me to learn all i can and be smart about riding. i don't feel that riding a bike is any more risky than just being alive and out in society some days. anyway back to deaths. from http://www-fars.nhtsa.dot.gov/main/index.aspx motor vehicle fatalities: 34,017 (annual) motorcycle fatalities: 5,290 (annual) pedestrian deaths: 4,378 (annual) next, according to the cdc 36,000 people die each year from flu related causes. also the following from cdc...diabetes deaths per year: 71,382 deaths from c-diff: 6,372 (annual) deaths from falling: 23,443 (annual) p.s. a bonus is that i get 65+ miles per gallon of gas when i'm on a motorcycle!
  14. pielęgniarka

    MN LTC Nurses.....

    Some states require it for reimbursement reasons. Monthly charting is a good habit to get into, and it looks good for state. You could probably look through the CMS website for information on regulations. http://www.cms.gov/
  15. pielęgniarka


    Good question! I totally don't remember... when I passed that final PCS on Sunday they just brought me back to the meeting room, had me get my purse and bag... got some congratulations and hugs and I think I could just go on my way. I don't recall having to do any paperwork, don't recall getting any paperwork, but maybe I did, I was so high on cloud nine I'm surprised I found my way back to my car. On the topic of flying.... Even though I was done on Sunday before 10am (I had no way of knowing when I would finish up), I still booked my flight in advance for Monday morning. On Sunday the only thing you want to be thinking about is the CPNE, not about making your flight on time. I highly recommend just scheduling your flight for Monday. Then you can take Sunday evening and just relax with a good book, call all your friends and family, shred your study material, go out to eat, or shop or whatever.
  16. pielęgniarka

    State is coming and I'm a wreck..

    At our facility we have to get an MD order stating the resident is "ok to self administer NEBS after nursing set up", if we are to leave them unattended while it finishes up.