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  1. Why Do Nurses Write: "no new orders received"?

    cya, cya, cya.... i usually put " no new orders received, continue to monitor pt's status" of course i chart why the doc was called and all info i gave to him/her. from a past experience i had to call an on call doc 3 x about a pt that had a major c...
  2. we have a comfort kit that our medical director will order and we can give atropine 2-4 gtts q 4 prn for secretions...
  3. leaving pt with a teen?

    doesn't sound like a wise thing to do..if the sibling was 18 ( adult) i would feel better about it. did the agency have the parents sign a release form so that you wouldn't be held responsible? sure the agency says once you sign out no problem, but l...
  4. like others have said it takes time, background checks, reference checks, and plus the HR people still have their daily jobs to do. Patience is needed just hang in there!
  5. orientation went very well.

    it was a nation wide company, but they downsized and some of the nurses that worked there got some investors and bought the company. so now it is a private owned company. the pres is a rn with a mba and all of the top admin folks are rn's too. it is ...
  6. Pt./Family Comments that Leave You Speechless

    was doing my assessment on a terminal pt this past week, he stated he felt like he was going to pass out. i asked him if he felt light headed, dizzy, faint, seeing stars, etc, he looked at me and said " i see monkeys", his wife replied, i never hear...
  7. orientation went very well.

    my orientation for the prn hospice position went very well. i spent 2 days in a classroom and then was able to ride with a nurse for days when she did her visits. the first day out, i jumped right in and did assessments on a couple of pts, then went ...
  8. Question re the progression of Stage 4 NSCLC

    it person is different, i know of 1 pt that has been like this for 3 yrs, but justlast week he took a turn for the worse. so please enjoy the time you have with him that he is still able to do things.
  9. I didn't say that I was going to give po meds pr, jut mentioning what was told. I know better than to just take some one's word for anything , I always research and go by the Policy manual. Thanks so much!
  10. i just ocmpleted my first orientation day for a local hospice. i asked about the "butter" being used and was told yes! it works and they don't have a problem with it. the rn that did ( doing) orientation says" what can be used for the good of the pt"...
  11. Negative Threads

    :yeah::yeah:this is why we have an's so that we can vent and not wind up losing our minds!!
  12. plenty of RN, PD work available in your area?? It is here!!!

    but like other areas of nursing....some just aren't cut out for pdn! maybe one day i might consider going back to pdn, but for now i am going to work for a very realible hospice company. those recruiters at the agency not all of them,were something e...
  13. plenty of RN, PD work available in your area?? It is here!!!

    nope sometimes we need to take care of us! don't feel guilty about working prn, if you can than more power to you. here in the deep south there are alot of pdn positions posted. i have seen both lpn's and rn's work the same cases, not sure about the ...
  14. Pediatric patient with seizures

    a very sad thing......... sorry i have only done iv dilantin in a hospital. hope the doc gets things done for the pt and can ease the suffering for all persons involved. thanks to you for being so caring!
  15. confused on istudysmart.com & excellsior

    you need to check with your bon in the state you live in to see if they accept ec. also remember that if your state does except ec and you plan on moving to another state, you may not get endorsed by state #2 cause you went the ec route. also go to t...