Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

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  3. by   rehab nurse
    hello! awesome idea marie, by the way, to start a forum for us LPN to RN students!!!

    i am a 28 year old LPN, been one for 9 years, and am nearing the end of my studies of Excelsiors ADN program. I started last December, and have a couple more general eds to complete before starting to tackle the clinical component. Hoping to be completely finished next fall and take the NCLEX.

    I am seriously considering going right into a BSN program as well, don't want to put off going finishing school for another 9 years. Still unsure of what exactly I want to do once I am an RN. So many things interest me!

    I live in Michigan, work with geriatric rehab patients and love my job (most days). I have really enjoyed expanding my knowledge this past year while going through the nursing component! I love to learn....

    I am also a single mom to my two munchkins....a 3 year old and a soon to be 5 year old (this month!!!) And also waiting to complete school so I can have some surgery done on my back.

    I think that's enough blabbing....sorry!:imbar
  4. by   GPatty
    I'm Julie, 42 year old wife to dh, Mom of 6, step mom to 3, and Grandma to (almost~ in March) 5.
    I work as a LPN on a dementia unit, 12 hour shifts, and attend school Monday thru Friday for my BSN.
    The hardest classes for me right now, is, Statistics. This is my 2nd round taking it, and I am praying to pass!
    Best of everything to all of us!
  5. by   candykane
    I am a 33 yo LPN, I have worked in many areas of LTC(charge nurse, staff development, supervisor, and mds coordinator). I resigned when I started back to school. I felt like I need to be getting more pay as most of the positions I held were RN positions as well.

    I have final exams left for this semester and then one short semester more. It seems as if time has flew by. I know I don't want go back to LTC when I graduate. I loved working LTC and made some wonderful friends, but I need to master all my skills. I have a 10 year old son and I would like to travel nurse one day when he is grown. :wink2:
  6. by   KrisRNwannabe
    Hi all! I am 27 and I just graduated in august with my LPN. I am working on ortho/neur floor. I start a transition program in january. I am very excited
  7. by   rh39
    I am an LPN, I graduated in '04. Currently I am taking classes at my local college and working on acceptance into the fasttrack RN program for LPN's. I work part-time in LTC.
  8. by   mhull
    i am an lpn since 1-03. i am currently enrolled in an lpn to rn program. i gradute may 10th, 2006. i can't wait.

    i work in er where i have been my whole nursing career. i am sooo glad we have a "corner" of our own.

    i am currently taking peds and nursing issues. what is everyone else taking?

  9. by   Nurse-Tee
    HI my name is Tee and i have been a LPN for six years and i am 29.At the moment i am a stay at home mom i will be starting school in JAN 2006 to finish up my pre-reqs so i can apply for the bridge ADN. I decided to go back to school to have better job choices, in my state only jobs available for Lpns is LTC and that isnt for me....good luck...
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  10. by   luv4nursing
    yay! Im glad we have our own forum! Im 25 and graduated from LPN school in September. I missed the deadline to apply for the LPN-RN transition starting this January (we graduated too late), so that means I would have had to wait until NEXT January to start. Since Im impatient about getting my RN, Im enrolling in Excelsior College and getting it distance ed. The school I was gonna go to just put the transition online anyway so not much difference there. Gotta be self disciplines is all. Dont they say that RN is just LPN school more in depth? Anyhoo, Im gathering study materials and Im taking the Nursing Concepts 1 exam in January sometime. Im excited but scared since there is a high fail rate for the clinical performance exam required to graduate. But I will cross that bridge when I get there. For now Im knocking out the classwork and I hope to have it completed by May or June, if I work at a steady pace.

    I work in peds home health/private duty and love it I want to work in the hospital as an RN though...they dont hire many LPNs in the hospitals in central FL, and the ones they do hire the want to be experienced. Im gonna try to get an externship type position as a get close to the end of the program.
  11. by   fla orange
    Hey Guys, 26y/o female been a Lpn for 6 years. Started the bridge program at my CC last Aug. Set to graduate in May 06 and boy am I looking forward to it! I'm happy to meet all of you and to be amongst a group that strive toward goals. Look forward to chit-chating with you all later.
  12. by   lisamc1RN
    I'm a little early, since I haven't graduated from LPN school yet but I'm signed up for the LPN to RN bridge program starting in Aug. ' 06, providing I pass the NClex-PN.
  13. by   Kelly_the_Great
    Yea! I'm so happy to have our own forum!

    I'm 34 y/o, been an LVN for 12 yrs. now, start 3rd semester of BSN program Jan. Think I'll split the semester up, hate to but I work as well and think 17 hrs. will be too much.

    In my program, I only know of 2 other LVNs (out of a class of about 130 ppl). I think as LVN/LPNs we come to the nursing programs with a unique perspective so, again, it's so nice to be able to connect with you all and I'm very eager to hear about your experiences, etc.
  14. by   kittylvr
    I too am happy to have a "place" of our own. My name Is Gina and I have been a LPN for 17 years and have been accepted for the Bridge program at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Fl. I am so excited but nervous because it is a huge commitment! I know I can do it but still have some butterflies. Good luck to all!!!