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  1. luv4nursing

    No one will hire a nurse with only a Associates???

    Just think, LPNs are nurses too and they only have 1 year of training....and believe it or not there are LPNs who can run circles around BSN grads as far as skills, knowledge, and experience. Ill be curious as to how this pans out over the years....it could turn out to be like the Hospitals phasing out LPNs thing....every so many years they say they are phasing them out (or forcing them to go back for their RN or leave), get rid of them all....then a few years later they hire them again. Its happened numerous times, but never really stuck. I sort of get the feeling this may be the case with ASN vs BSN. I have lived in FL, GA, and TN over the past 5 years and havent had an issue with being an ASN and getting a job. I am going back for my BSN in January, simply because I want to go back for my MSN in midwifery eventually. A BSN itself doesnt seem to serve any purpose for me other than a stepping stone to my MSN, since I have zero desire to work in management.
  2. luv4nursing

    What's the deal with UTA?

    sorry, I should elaborate that Im applying to their online RN to BSN program.
  3. luv4nursing

    What's the deal with UTA?

    I applied back in August and everything seemed to be going smoothly and timely until it got to the point of waiting to hear from the college of nursing...since then Ive hear nothing and thats been nearly 2 months ago I believe. I was hoping to start in January. Anybody else dealt with them? Should I have heard from them by now? I need time to register and get books,etc.
  4. luv4nursing

    At the beginning of a long journey and super excited!

    Love your post and I can relate in a lot of ways. First, I was an LPN and I was 27 when I went back for my RN. It was a bridge program so most were 2nd career (Respiratory Therapists, LPNs and Paramedics), therefore I was actually the 2nd youngest person in my class. Second, I also fell in love with all things birth when my son was born with a nurse midwife and aspire to become one after getting some experience. I just started working on an LDRP unit, which has been my dream since my first OB clinicals in school. Thirdly, my husband got laid off very shortly after our son was born so I can relate to that as well ;0) Speaking of bridge, you should do some research and add that to your list of options. Many L&D units use LPNs for couplet (mom/baby) care and also as scrub techs for c-sections. If you became an LPN you may be able to gain nursing experience on L&D. Then again, hospitals dont pay LPNs much more than their techs, so you may be better off becoming a CNA/Tech (whatever they call them in your region) or even getting on as a unit secretary or the person who does newborn hearing screenings (no credentials needed)...the key being, like you said, getting your foot in the door so that if they like you they will hire you when you finish nursing school. Best of luck on your journey! Keep us posted! :)
  5. luv4nursing

    So Excited!!!!

    congratulations! Ive been applying for L&D jobs for the past 2 years myself with never even an interview...and finally got hired a couple of months ago and Ive never been happier as a nurse :)
  6. luv4nursing

    Questionable staffing in L&D vs Nursery

    what do you guys do when there is a c/s? Our minimum staff at night is 5 and a c/s takes 4 of them off the floor, leaving 1 person to watch the whole floor.
  7. luv4nursing

    New grad nights in birthing center

    There are plenty of brilliant OB nurses out there who started in OB from the beginning. I value my med/surg experience and feel my learning curve is a little less steep, but if I had the opportunity to go into OB straight out of school I would have taken it in a heartbeat. I was miserable in my previous position and Im so much happier now that I finally have the opportunity to work in OB. OB is a totally different animal than any other area of nursing, so I feel kind of like I just graduated all over again, only this time Im excited and happy and WANT to learn everything there is to know about my job versus being in survival mode like I was in med/surg. Good luck to you, I was secretly hoping you chose OB if that is where your heart is! Who is to say you would have this opportunity later if you turned it down now....I got stuck in my position for nearly 3 years and had given up on ever getting into OB...its easy to get kind of trapped in med/surg sometimes.
  8. there are plenty of other travel companies and possibly even a different recruiter with the same company out there if you want to travel later on down the road, but this opportunity may not come back around.
  9. luv4nursing

    New grad nights in birthing center

    So, Belle.....what did you end up deciding??? :)
  10. luv4nursing

    Become Medicaid/Medicare provider

    How would I go about becoming a provider in TN? Our system is called Tenncare here. I did private duty peds through an agency for a few years as an LPN and now Im an RN. My husband is in LPN school. I thought when he finishes we could both become providers.
  11. luv4nursing

    I need some input and recommendations!

    Does it have to be in VA? I applied to University of Texas at Arlington's online program (no clinical requirement) and should be starting in January. Check the distance learning board, there are many programs that dont charge out of state tuition for online programs and dont require clinicals. Good luck!
  12. Also consider peds home health. PSA (Pediatric Services of America) and Maxim Healthcare specialize in private duty peds with chronically ill kids. Most have g tubes and some have trach's and some are on vents. When I was an LPN and while I was in RN school I worked for companies like this. I was never interested in working at a nursing home, plus this type of position allowed me to study at work (I worked nights). Also check with your school, they may have some suggestions for you. Good luck!
  13. luv4nursing

    Shoulder Dystocia Drills

    Is there any way you can point me to the article? This sounds like a great idea for the unit I just started training on. Staffing is scarce and there are a lot of new grads and new to OB nurses and few experienced nurses left at the moment. This would be a great tool so us newbies can feel a little more comortable the first time we face these situations.
  14. Ive applied to both about a month ago, and so far the process seems to be going much faster from University of Texas at Arlington bc I havent heard anything from Ohio University other than when I initially applied. Id love to hear from people in either of these programs. Ive read most of the posts I could find. One thing I like is that UTA will tell u what transfers, and from what I can tell you wont know from OU until well into the program kind of putting you in a corner bc you would be unlikely to back out once you already got some courses out of the way.
  15. luv4nursing

    wondering if a complaint will be filed against me

    more than likely nothing will come of it. I remember getting reamed by a Dr as a new grad for not calling results on a low K+ level. It wasnt critical, but it was low and what I was taught in orientation was we had to call criticals. The nurse manager was at the desk at the time the doc was reaming me in front of everyone and she had my back.
  16. luv4nursing

    Day or Night shift in L&D

    Keep in mind you will more than likely train on days even if u are hired for nights because there are more learning opportunities....sadly nowdays most labors are scheduled inductions and scheduled c sections which happen during the day. At night u will see mostly spontaneous labor and emergency sections. If u prefer days and are offered it, is take the opp bc its not common to get hired on days in OB...too many nurses with seniority who would get the spot first. On my unit I know a nurse who is next up but has been waiting 7 years! I worked nights at my last job so I don't mind and it works for my family. I also really enjoy the differential! Id have to work extra to make up for the pay cut. I'm training on days now and pick up here and there on my old unit.