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ER (My favorite), NICU, Hospice
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mhull has 8 years experience and specializes in ER (My favorite), NICU, Hospice.

I am an RN, ER nurse, and especially a mommie and wife!!!

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  1. mhull

    Charting every 2 hours?

    We have to chart atleast every hour. If the pt is suicidal we have to chart every 15 mins. We do not have to chart why we are giving the meds though
  2. mhull

    Question about scrubs

    Try walmart, belk, target, dillards, etc. I don't know what is in your area, but any of these will have nude bras or cami's. Personally, I wear white cami's or a white t-shirt under all my white scrub tops. Also, good luck in your class.
  3. mhull

    ER nursing in NC

    If you move to the Winston Salem area, there are several surrounding counties with wonderful EMS systems. He would have no problem getting a job. I am going to send you a private message of a broker I know personally and he will help you find any kind of house you want. He is a great guy too.
  4. mhull

    I am sooo happy....

    I left ER in October 2007 because I thought I wanted a change. I went to NICU. I have enjoyed my time there and learned alot, but I am soooo happy to say I am going back to the ER where my heart is. I just had to spread the word. I am going to a Level 1 Trauma Center where I work NICU in the same hospital. That is the only difference. Wish me luck.
  5. mhull

    Nurses married to law enforment officers?

    I am an ER RN and married to a police officer. I think it is funny there is a forum about this. I see alot more nurses married to paramedics than police officers where i am from. Yes we did meet in the ER. LOL
  6. mhull

    Trauma RN's - A question.......

    Thanks larry, I couldn't have said that any better myself. Both places have a difficult and demanding job.
  7. mhull

    What's your holiday bonus?

    We get $25.00 gift certificate to either Walmart, the local mall, or a local grocery store. Our choice. 3 years ago, the ER docs all gave us a $50.00 gift certificate to Walmart. That was the only time they have done that.
  8. mhull

    How embarassing (LONG)

    I am sooo sorry this happened to you. I just want to tell you a secret. I know I can't give medical advice but let me share something with you. When I was 15 I started having problems with my HR going up to 180-200s. I went to my PCP who accused me of drug abuse (until my drug screen came back negative), to having anxiety, then to not wanting to go to school. One night I was getting ready to go out to eat and it happened, my mom who was my biggest supporter and knew I was not faking or doing this to myself took me to the ER. I was in SVT. I received Adenosine and was sent to a EP doc. I had ablation the summer before I turned 16. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. I did have a problem about a year ago with my HR running around 120. I was put on Toprol XL until this past September and went on a diet. (I got pregnant in July so I quit the diet), but I am now off the Toprol XL and feel much better. All I can tell you is to please see a doctor you can trust, make the necessary lifestyle changes, and follow what you feel is best. Please don't be embrassed. This is not something you can help. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or PM me. I will keep you in my thoughts.
  9. mhull

    What doctors do that bugs you...

    I am an ER nurse just lurking on the OB tread, but I took orders from an Ortho doc the other night and he wrote for "complete bath with strict pericare daily". I asked why and he said it wasn't being done like he wanted. He then said he wanted all of his pts cared for like they where his mother. I began to really like him then.
  10. mhull

    ER RN and Pregnant

    I am 23 weeks pregnant and an ER nurse. Welcome to the club!!! I have been told to stay away from chicken pox, shingles, meningitis, and nuclear medicine pts. I am sure there is more. I am interested in knowing this also, maybe someone else can chime in and tell us. Congrats again!!!
  11. mhull


    Nevermind, it don't matter.
  12. mhull

    Contraindicated meds in pregnancy

    Do you have a due date yet? Mine is March 18th, 2007.
  13. mhull

    ER nurses...what shoes??

    I swear by Crocs. They are the best. Best of luck.
  14. mhull

    pregnant and securing a job as new grad?

    Congrats!!! I am due March 21st. As far as the benefits go, every hospital is different in this area. When I first started at the one I work at now, your benefits started immediately. They changed last year to a 3 month waiting period. I work PRN at another hospital who has a 45 day waiting period. I wish you the best in finding one who will not hold your pregnancy as pre-existing. That is going to be hard.
  15. mhull

    Chaperone or not during exam

    I don't think I would use the family as a chaperone. It will make them, patient, and me uncomfortable. What if the family claimed something inappropriate and they was the only witness? I see that being a really touchy subject. It is best to just have a staff member chaperone.
  16. mhull

    Chaperone or not during exam

    Where I work, there is always a female assistant (either Tech or Rn) with all pelvics and rectals on females. It is for the pt's comfort and the Md's protection. In this day and age, you can't be too careful. The MD's (I work with all males) will do the rectals on the males for their comfort. We will do the foleys but have a chaperone. Again it is for the comfort of the pt and our safety.