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rehab; med/surg; l&d; peds/home care
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rehab nurse specializes in rehab; med/surg; l&d; peds/home care.

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  1. rehab nurse

    Freak tragedy - School nurse dies after performing CPR on coach

    So very sad for her family. May she rest in peace.
  2. rehab nurse

    Swine Flu Outbreak, School Nurse Set Response in Motion

    And everyone thinks school nurses don't "do anything useful" as I heard at my daughter's school yesterday. My kids don't have a school nurse, and my children have suffered from it a few times. Some things I can let go, but the things my kids we...
  3. rehab nurse

    Six dead in nursing home shooting

    Now it's 8 dead, as "it's hot in phoenix states". How sad. I've worked in Nursing Homes before. I remember having incidents of people getting in who were high, people who had weapons, etc. And I DID NOT work in a bad neightborhood, it was a "upsc...
  4. Finally an article that sheds some light on the fact nursing is not a walk in the park! If I hear one more person who talks about the economy recommend that person go to nursing school "cause it's SO easy" and "you'll be rich"...I'll rip out what...
  5. rehab nurse

    "Octomom" and continuing updates

    Here's the thread where it states she is a licensed psych tech (but it wasn't the original I read...): http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2009/01/30/2009-01-30_doctors_face_inquest_after_california_oc.html
  6. rehab nurse

    "Octomom" and continuing updates

    SharonH, RN...I read somewhere (I will dig if someone wants me to) that she is not a nurse, but was a previous psych tech and was injured on the job. I read that she has not worked in some time due to this "injury", and that she received a settlement...
  7. rehab nurse

    Dealing with unreasonable PTs, SWs etc

    I've done sub-acute rehab, and yes, this was always an issue. When docs or anyone else writes for "medicate 30 minutes prior to PT"...it's never done. WHY? Because we NEVER had a schedule for the patients of when they are due to go to PT/OT. It was l...
  8. rehab nurse

    How do I stop worrying all the time?------LONG

    I have been where you are, worrying about the same things. Afraid to let my kids play outside lest someone snatches them up. When a van drives slowly by them, I am scared. You are not alone. Message me if you'd like to talk about it. For me, I ne...
  9. rehab nurse

    10 nights worth of sleep meds

    Are they billing for 3 co-pays??? My gosh, I would be upset too if I had to pay 3 co-pays for a month's supply of medication. I would ask the pharmacy how to prevent this. If your patient is going to be on this long term, I would ask the doctor ab...
  10. I found out that the one of the nurses in the OR with me during my discogram had diverted my fentanyl, and the Ativan given to calm me down. If you don't know, a discogram has to be done without pain medication because you have to answer the surge...
  11. rehab nurse

    Lpn To Rn Online In Michigan...

    As far as Excelsior, I graduated from their program and I also have friends who graduated from their program. None of them have had any difficulty getting hired in the SE lower michigan area. I am surprised such a large city as Grand Rapids and other...
  12. rehab nurse

    any nurses out there with back injuries

    ****UPDATE****** Hi everyone...I am the lady who started this thread. Well, in the few months since I wrote it, have lost my home, my car, my everything. My two young children and I moved back with my parents in their tiny home. It's been difficu...
  13. rehab nurse

    chronic pain patients: pain in the behind to care for

    I have a permanent (blue) disabled parking sticker. Some days I need a cane, some days I go inside to use the stores motorized cart. As long as my sticker is up, how do you know I am not disabled just because I am perhaps walking without an cane/walk...
  14. rehab nurse

    being harassed for taking family medical leave

    You're right Emmanuel, this is 1.5 years old!! People were reported, and I quit in December, after I found out I had cancer. I have since been off work. But thanks to those who responded! The place I was referring to is now the worst facilit...
  15. rehab nurse

    new "CFC-free" metered-dose inhaler "Pro-Air"

    Well it seems that it's divided,then. But I am glad I am not the only one who suffers when this new inhaler doesn't work as well. It just doesn't feel like it "does" anything. With the old inhalers, I felt almost instant relief. With these new ones, ...
  16. rehab nurse

    new "CFC-free" metered-dose inhaler "Pro-Air"

    wow, thanks kukukajoo...that is awesome. i will try reapplying to medicaid. i am in the process of filing for SSDI despite some saying I am too young. I am just more scared of my children being out of medical care than me. Guess that's the mom in me....