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lisamc1RN has 4 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LTC/Behavioral/ Hospice.

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  1. lisamc1RN

    2 interviews-2 opinions

    Hey everyone! I was formerly lisamc1 but graduated from Excelsior this summer and passed boards! YAY! So now it's lisamc1RN, woohoo! Ok, I've been on 2 job interviews and it was amazing the differences I experienced between the two! The first interview, the interviewer questioned me aggressively and was almost adversarial about my education. The thing is, she wanted a go getter for this position. She said that she wanted someone who would be able to work independently and hunt down resources when needed! Um, well, then I'm your nurse! LOL! I had to explain to her the challenges of not having anyone else setting my deadlines, of having to find resources for myself, and of successfully doing it, etc. By the end of the interview, I think she at least understood what Excelsior is a little better. I'm not sure I convinced her that I'm her nurse. She really did have a strong opinion about "not being in that classroom and clinical setting." *sigh* The next interview, the DON interviewed me and told me "That takes a lot of guts! You have to be pretty disciplined and downright determined!" Um, yeah. Thank you!!! So, we'll see how it goes. I have 2 more interviews this week, and I sure hope to meet more people like the DON in my 2nd interview! :)
  2. lisamc1RN

    Nurses, Clients and Power

    Being busy may not seem like a good excuse to the patient who hears it, but to the patient who I just spent 30 minutes with trying to control a bleed which took precedence over your need, it has a whole different meaning. Just because I don't care to define what I was busy with to my other patients doesn't mean that it wasn't extremely important. I prioritize care. If you don't get what you were expecting right when you were expecting it, you can be sure it wasn't because I was sitting at the nurses station eating bon bons. It is just as frustrating to me when care isn't given in a timely manner, but it is a fact of life in the medical field. To expect an immediate response at all times is unreasonable unless the patient is willing to pay for a private nurse. Things don't always go smoothly when you are dealing with human beings, let alone sick human beings. I do my best to be respectful and professional with those in my care. When I say I've been busy, believe me, I've been busy. As to the issue of power, I know that when a patient is only covered in a gown, reeling from bad news just given that day, with little information, I seem like a pretty powerful person at that moment. It's a scary place to be. I've been there. I hope I never forget that. At the same time, there has got to be some give and take between the patient and the staff that are caring for them. If you can't get your shower until this afternoon because "we are busy", then understand that it isn't about power but about staffing. There has been many a time when I've been raked over the coals by an irate patient who seems plenty powerful to me when they are threatening my livelihood because I didn't get such n such done when they wanted it done.
  3. lisamc1RN

    Penn Foster Information Literacy?

    Tasha, I called my advisor at excelsior, who gave the approval to take the Penn Foster class. I called up Penn Foster (credit card in hand) and paid $90. Two days later, I received my student ID number from Penn Foster and logged into my class online. It took me two days to complete because I had to work, otherwise one day would have been enough. I got an A (yay!) and then requested that my transcript be sent to Excelsior. I'm going to notify my advisor this afternoon that the transcript is on its way and that should do it! I'm ready to graduate! Woohoo! Now on to the application for the BON and the NCLEX.
  4. lisamc1RN

    Penn Foster Information Literacy?

    Thanks everyone! I called both Excelsior and Penn Foster and I'm getting my material hopefully soon! My advisor said to get it done and even if I miss the deadline by a day or two, she would make sure I graduate in July!
  5. lisamc1RN

    Passed CPNE!!!

    You know I'm so happy for you! And I'm tickled about the stuffed possum! (Read her journal on the EPN. ) We call them speed bumps here in Ohio, too! LOL!
  6. Does anyone know if Excelsior is still taking this as a transfer credit? I have a request in to take the class, but haven't heard back from Excelsior yet. I really just want to sign up for the class and get it over with this week, but I hesitate to do that without official approval. Is it pretty safe to sign up? This is my last requirement and I will be able to graduate July 16! If I don't finish it this month, will it mess me up for graduation in July? I just want to get er done!
  7. lisamc1RN

    cpne date at grady

    Congratulations! Now study your hiney off! LOL!
  8. lisamc1RN

    Staying motivated for CPNE?

    I agree with Lunah. Take a week off. It sounds like you are doing great! Make yourself get back at it after that week, though. :)
  9. lisamc1RN

    I posted my journal on EPN

    Hop on over there if you want. Or if you don't want, I'll just attach it here. LOL. CPNE Journal.doc
  10. lisamc1RN

    I'm having a bonfire

    Wooohooohooo! That's so wonderful! Congratulations, Deb! My mom went with me, too! LOL! It was a great day for both of us! *dancing a little jig*
  11. lisamc1RN

    I passed my CPNE!!!

    Thank you all! Megan, yes, I was at York, Pa and I thought that the CA and CEs were great and I really thought the site was great as well. :)
  12. lisamc1RN

    I passed my CPNE!!!

    I'm so happy and I can't stop smiling. My cheeks are beginning to hurt. LOL. I'm going to type up a journal and post it to the EPN later if anyone is curious about my experience. :) :) :)
  13. lisamc1RN

    CPNE question-other AOC

    Oy. I have learned mnemonics for all AOCs except drainage and specimen collection. I just haven't come up with anything and have not even looked at it in about a month! Thanks for the heads up everyone!
  14. lisamc1RN

    Daytonite has passed away...

    My condolences to the family. Daytonite was inspirational and will be missed.
  15. lisamc1RN

    Is med-surg really the best place to start as a new grad?

    I think you will find that opinions go both ways. There are nurses out there who firmly believe in Med-surg as the first place to work as a new nurse, and others who feel that it is just fine to enter a specialty field. I'm in the same boat as you, hopefully graduating soon and I'm going to check the specialties I'm interested in and talk to those that I hopefully will get an interview with and see what they think. If they are willing to hire me and give me the training I'll need, I'm going to go for it!
  16. lisamc1RN

    Should I wash my hands before I pee????

    You should be washing your hands all the time. When you go into a room, when you leave a room, before and after doing a treatment. You should be gelling all of the time, too. In between patients, between med passes, before and after doing your charting. If you are doing this, then chances are, by the time you are ready to go to the bathroom, you've already washed your hands and won't need to think about it. When in doubt, wash your hands.