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lisamc1RN has 4 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LTC/Behavioral/ Hospice.

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  1. 2 interviews-2 opinions

    Hey everyone! I was formerly lisamc1 but graduated from Excelsior this summer and passed boards! YAY! So now it's lisamc1RN, woohoo! Ok, I've been on 2 job interviews and it was amazing the differences I experienced between the two! The first ...
  2. Nurses, Clients and Power

    Being busy may not seem like a good excuse to the patient who hears it, but to the patient who I just spent 30 minutes with trying to control a bleed which took precedence over your need, it has a whole different meaning. Just because I don't care t...
  3. Penn Foster Information Literacy?

    Tasha, I called my advisor at excelsior, who gave the approval to take the Penn Foster class. I called up Penn Foster (credit card in hand) and paid $90. Two days later, I received my student ID number from Penn Foster and logged into my class onlin...
  4. Penn Foster Information Literacy?

    Thanks everyone! I called both Excelsior and Penn Foster and I'm getting my material hopefully soon! My advisor said to get it done and even if I miss the deadline by a day or two, she would make sure I graduate in July!
  5. Passed CPNE!!!

    You know I'm so happy for you! And I'm tickled about the stuffed possum! (Read her journal on the EPN. ) We call them speed bumps here in Ohio, too! LOL!
  6. Does anyone know if Excelsior is still taking this as a transfer credit? I have a request in to take the class, but haven't heard back from Excelsior yet. I really just want to sign up for the class and get it over with this week, but I hesitate to ...
  7. cpne date at grady

    Congratulations! Now study your hiney off! LOL!
  8. Staying motivated for CPNE?

    I agree with Lunah. Take a week off. It sounds like you are doing great! Make yourself get back at it after that week, though. :)
  9. I posted my journal on EPN

    Hop on over there if you want. Or if you don't want, I'll just attach it here. LOL. CPNE Journal.doc
  10. I'm having a bonfire

    Wooohooohooo! That's so wonderful! Congratulations, Deb! My mom went with me, too! LOL! It was a great day for both of us! *dancing a little jig*
  11. I passed my CPNE!!!

    Thank you all! Megan, yes, I was at York, Pa and I thought that the CA and CEs were great and I really thought the site was great as well. :)
  12. I passed my CPNE!!!

    I'm so happy and I can't stop smiling. My cheeks are beginning to hurt. LOL. I'm going to type up a journal and post it to the EPN later if anyone is curious about my experience. :) :) :)
  13. CPNE question-other AOC

    Oy. I have learned mnemonics for all AOCs except drainage and specimen collection. I just haven't come up with anything and have not even looked at it in about a month! Thanks for the heads up everyone!
  14. Daytonite has passed away...

    My condolences to the family. Daytonite was inspirational and will be missed.
  15. Is med-surg really the best place to start as a new grad?

    I think you will find that opinions go both ways. There are nurses out there who firmly believe in Med-surg as the first place to work as a new nurse, and others who feel that it is just fine to enter a specialty field. I'm in the same boat as you, ...