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Nurses Recovery


YAY!!! 22 months and 2 weeks

4 months 4 days!

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16 months 6 days 21 hours 37 min 8 sec 7, 6, 5......

The paper says 7/2020. But, I'm in purgatory.

AWESOME!!! 2-3 months here....I can't count the days.... I don't get to know the day until I get my letter in the mail but i do know the month......JULY 2018!!


47 months

1,410 days

33,840 hours

I went browsing on Indeed for jobs other than nursing. Just reaffirmed that if I want to make more than $13 an hour, I'm stuck in this hell.


34 months

13 months, 26 days. 1 month and 26 days to step down I hope.

That is awesome Big Blonde. You were one of the first to respond to my very first post when I was so scared getting my referral. I truly wish you the best. I have just a little less than 8 months in my 3 year program. Cannot wait to wash my hands of all of this.

624 days if they going by my end date on my contract rather than when I first started testing due to their lack of giving information..

So happy for you! A light at the end of the tunnel!!

My two year contract means forever as I can't find a job. One interview and the nurse was in recovery herself but couldn't hire me. It was nice to meet another rn going through this though. Dayton Ohio doesnt seem to hire nurses with restrictions at all...

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