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  1. Babyj88

    Purpose of the counting of days....

    I did a countdown a few days after I started. It was like 700 days to go. Now I’m under just a year left. I don’t like to look at it too often because I’ll just get mad at how long I have left to throw my money away for something I didn’t do. Can’t wait to be able to go have an occasional drink just because I want to and I don’t even drink. It would be out of spite at this point. 360 days to go but who’s counting.
  2. Babyj88

    Positive UDS

    I agree with spanked. One thing I would say is if you going to keep drinking why keep wasting your money to these ppl who sole purpose is to catch people and extend their programs so they can make more money. If you want to stay in the program you have to stop drinking now. You see they going to throw a peth test on you and expect more of those to be thrown at you. Just ask people on this board one person had them like a week apart. I don't know if you can take a break from the program and come back. But all you doing now if you going to keep drinking is throwing your money away and making these people richer. Best believe when I'm finish with this I'm going to have a drink even though I don't drink. I'm not having a drink while I'm in this program because giving these people even a cent more than what I have to is not going to happen. I hope you the best and keep us updated.
  3. Babyj88

    Best/worse experience in monitoring. Please advise

    My problem lies in the fact that people who are actually innocent and proves that with not only another drug test but a hair test. Both of these came back clean and evaluation states I have no problem but because of false accusations I still get place in hell for 2 years. Let's not talk about all the money not only the monitoring companies make but also the bon. And I feel sorry for people who truly had a false positive these people act like these labs are 100% correct and they are not. If they truly care about people that are "in recovery" then how come a case worker don't reach out to you? I can't even tell you who my case worker is. The only time you hear from anyone is if you don't pay on time. This system is just pathetic. Maybe when it first started and people had good intentions it helped people but now... nope it's all about money. I don't even drink but since I'm forced not to you best believe I'm drinking as soon as I'm out this hell...
  4. Babyj88

    I know what different options test for!

    It's crazy how alcohol not on the list yet they tell you that you can't consume it. I'm not in tpan but I had a feeling that all these test was testing the same thing yet for different options you have to pay different prices. Like I say these people all for the money not recovery.
  5. Babyj88

    Sobriety and NCLEX?

    I wouldn't tell them anything for the simple fact you almost 12 years sober and never been in trouble for it= no paper trail. If you want to be honest go look at the numerous posts on the recovery board and see where honesty gets you....down a long road that can last for years giving the board lots of money and random drug tests all while trying to find a nursing job. Many nurses with experience have a hard time finding a job with a mark on their license. So imagine a new grad with a mark on your license just don't do that to yourself. Yea honestly is a good trait to have but I bet the person who said that not giving the board their hard earn money and doing random drug tests either. Whatever you decide to do good luck.
  6. Babyj88

    Still in PNAP contract expired?

    Congrats!!!🎉 enjoy for the rest of us stuck in this hell.
  7. So it's almost time for me to request a reduction in the number of test per my contact if I choose to. I totally plan on doing this but due to the bon not giving me the info I started monitoring a month later after my contract started. Did anyone have an issue of asking for a request at the time the contract states and got denied due to having started monitoring late?
  8. Babyj88

    Incidental Exposure

    I'm not sure if they have herbal supplements on it. I only glance at it when I first started. It's a possibility that they had it cause I think it had like mouthwash on it. If you use the app click on help desk and select guides and documents. They have a list of different topics including a medication guide. I just don't drink or do drugs and all my test do fine. I know some people be like you can't use soy sauce, vanilla extract, perfume or bug repellent spray lol I used all these and never had a problem.
  9. Babyj88

    Incidental Exposure

    With my monitoring program we use affinity. On affinity website they have a link to all the things you can take and what you can't take. I know they have different companies like recovery track and I think firstlabs but I would think they should have on their website a list to avoid things. That would be your best bet to get the answer you looking for.
  10. Babyj88

    Greetings From SpankedInPittsburgh

    Congratulations!! I was wondering why I haven't seen you around here lately welcome back!
  11. Babyj88

    At a crossroad

    Hmmm after reading everything if it was me I would give up on nursing and I'll tell you why. One you have a job already which you making more than what you would being a nurse and that job makes you happy. Two you are 45 yrs old and will be looking to retire in the next 15yrs or so. Seem like you would have to stay in nursing way longer then that to get some type of retirement. I'm not sure though so don't quote me on that. Three monitoring is expensive, I know it's different from state to state but I have to not only pay my board fees, I have to pay monitoring fees and pay for the test and an extra fee for them to observe me pee. It can add up. And you have a certain time frame to go do the test so you have to think if the hours you work right now would allow you to do it. Thankfully I had a job before all of this happened. I can imagine how tough it would be to find a job with all the restrictions you will have. If you do decide to walk away just know it would be hard to reinstate your license and you still will have to do the monitoring and would have to explain to future employers why you gave up your license. Good luck and sorry this happened to you.
  12. Babyj88

    Observed drug screen

    It's stated in my contract that all my test be observed. It was super uncomfortable at first but I get the same people so it make it a tad bit easier . Plus I make sure my bladder is full so I have no choice but to pee. It's very humiliating and I'm shocked that some programs don't watch you pee.
  13. Babyj88

    Recovery Trek is not perfect

    She sounds miserable smh. Good thing you only have 4 months left. Don't do anything that would make your time longer. Kill her with kindness and when you finally out then go torture her ass lol.
  14. Babyj88

    Have I proceeded correctly?

    So glad that they didn't make you start over. The least they coulda done was give you an apology since they won't give you your money back for they screw up. And for them to tell you to go to more group meetings.. what a joke I guess that's another way to get more money out of you if you have to pay to go each time.
  15. Babyj88

    Have I proceeded correctly?

    I agree with spanked.. if they don't throw this out then that shows even more so how corrupt these people are. I hope they throw this out and give an apology. Someone in that lab handle your specimen real sloppy.