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Persephone Paige has 15 years experience as a ADN.

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  1. Persephone Paige

    Attn Florida IPN Nurses

    Still no notices showing up in my inbox. In case anyone stops by, my advice at this time is to descend on Vocational Rehabilitation. Tell them you are with IPN and that some have already begun seeking their help and they will see more. Fill out their forms and apply for their services... The right people will not start noticing us until clean/sober nurses with perhaps other comorbid diagnosis (for myself it's Autism/ADHD/Asperger's) start hitting them up for money and services to try and survive and get out of IPN.
  2. Persephone Paige

    Attn Florida IPN Nurses

  3. Persephone Paige

    Writing the explanation letter (criminal hx) for nursing board

    State the facts (without emotion), state your part in it and what you have done to change your life. Make no excuses... It can actually be a very brief letter.
  4. Persephone Paige

    Endorsing license NJ

    Do you even have to answer 'yes' anymore, if you've done your time? Or do you have a mark on your license?
  5. Persephone Paige


    On Affinity, 'no-result' for me has just meant that they haven't posted the results yet. Sometimes they lose specimens (it's happened to my friend more than once) and refund the $$, or fail to store properly.
  6. Persephone Paige

    Attn Florida IPN Nurses

  7. Persephone Paige

    I was accused of being impaired at work

    This is going to be another unpopular comment, but we're not allowed to be impaired physically, either. We are not allowed to be impaired from chemotherapy, we are not allowed to be impaired from Bipolar or Anxiety, we are not allowed to be impaired from narcotics. Nurses not in a monitoring contract have no clue what is actually meant by "impaired." If someone with MS comes to work in a 'flare' they can be pulled from the floor for being 'impaired' and referred. We have rights, we can't (or shouldn't) be fired. But, the rights of the patient supersede our right to work if a disability is interfering or has the potential to interfere with patient care and safety. Then, get ready to have to prove you are safe after being referred. Monitoring programs include physical, mental and chemical impairment.
  8. Persephone Paige

    Narc Restrictions?

    Hmmm, that may be different then. Maybe your narc restriction will be over! I sure hope so.
  9. Persephone Paige

    What To Expect

    They will probably send the urine off for levels testing (how high and how recently you used/drank). If they are recent enough and high enough you could be given the option to self-report to your state monitoring program or be turned over to the BON. Regardless, contact an attorney experienced in BON cases in advance. Do not wait...
  10. Persephone Paige

    Attn Florida IPN Nurses

    I had to shake my head when I heard this one. We aren't in jail anyway, but they use the fear of unemployment.
  11. Persephone Paige

    Narc Restrictions?

    Nothing counts until your are actually in a monitoring program, but it looks good that you have obtained employment where there are no narcs. My guess is 'yes' to the narc restriction, since diverting was an issue.
  12. Persephone Paige

    Attn Florida IPN Nurses

    Keep the questions coming, it never hurts to ask: Recent example: If you have had lie detector tests as a part of your evaluations, after false accusations, contact me through PM. Don't let these nuts ask you to prove a negative with junk science. They need to use real science and the results will reflect the truth.
  13. Persephone Paige

    Misdemeanor on background check for Chamberlain College of Nursing

    The longer you live, the more you learn that if a cop has grounds to stop you, they don't bother to discriminate between stopped at a red light while texting and actively driving while texting. I was once in Drug Court with a woman who had epilepsy and needed her medication to remain seizure free. She was going through a divorce and lost her insurance. Her friend was prescribed the same medication for Bipolar, not seizures. She didn't take the medication and she encouraged the woman who had lost her insurance to take the prescription to the pharmacy and fill it under her name and insurance, ONCE. Only the Bipolar lady didn't clarify the ONCE... So, the seizure lady did that, was grateful and seizure free. When the medication ran out, she refilled it. The Bipolar friend has a *** fit, calls the cops and the seizure lady gets arrested and thrown into Drug Court with the drug addicts. If it fits the category of 'illegal,' they don't care. Glad you got into your program and are doing well!
  14. Persephone Paige

    Board of nursing

    Who knows, but hooray for you!
  15. Persephone Paige

    Attn Florida IPN Nurses

  16. Persephone Paige

    I was accused of being impaired at work

    What I don't think you understand is that the powers that be don't discriminate between appeared impaired and was impaired. If she appeared impaired to the person who reported her and she tests positive for a narcotic, for all intents and purposes, she's impaired. If the drug test supports the report, they have no way to retroactively do a field sobriety test, they will ere on the side of safety. Forget compassion, you are dealing with a corporate world. They look at the bottom line. The amount a patient/patient family could sue for outweighs the puny noise makings of a nurse with a history of migraines. When you start thinking like the wolf of Wall Street, then you'll understand where we factor in to this.... we don't.

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