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  1. One Glass of Wine. PETH Test. Did I mess up?

    Oof, that sucks, I'm so sorry. I actually have completed the program now, and I thankfully never had a hair test. But I I wasn't placed in the program for controlled substance use, so I don't know if that's why. I know dilute urines or positive scree...
  2. Flexeril?

    Does your program have a list of approved and disallowed meds? My program has a lengthy list as part of their orientation packet, which is available online. Robaxin is allowed in my program, but Flexeril is not.
  3. One Glass of Wine. PETH Test. Did I mess up?

    And a general FYI, these programs love to test around/after holidays, and alcohol is usually part of the panel. For 3.5 years, I never had a PETH test, but they started included Peth tests every 2 to 3 months. I've never messed up, nor had a positive...
  4. Completed VA HPMP

    Any surprises the last few months? Was it a straight forward process wrapping it all up or did you face any unexpected delays?
  5. Recovery Trek test results

    Just FYI, Recovery Trek takes forever to post results. Way later than the results are actually completed. For instance, whenever your credit card is billed for the cost of the test, then the test has actually resulted. There is a lag of sometimes wee...
  6. Drop your monthly testing average here please.

    I'm in the same program as you. Averages 3 to 4 times a month. The middle years it was 3x/month more often than 4, but the early years it was usually 4 and this last stretch it's increasing again and they are throwing curveballs, such as specialty te...
  7. Positive? urine screen

    Yes, I would definitely wager you were tested for Wellbutrin. I have been tested for it before and that is about what the test cost for me as well. For my test, the code was actually listed on the lab's testing site, since it was not a regular test o...
  8. Increased testing

    I was wondering if it was just me, to be honest. I've never been non-complaint with my contract, never had issues, my nose is squeaky clean ,etc...and suddenly I am getting hit with around 2 tests a week, with occasional breaks from that, and expensi...
  9. Nursing after attempting suicide

    When the VA BON sent you a notice of an investigation, there should have been a pamphlet enclosed in it for VA HPMP...or the Health Practitioners Monitoring Program. In VA, to avoid public discipline, you need to call that number in the pamphlet and ...
  10. What 2 Think

    I don't have any particular advice about what to do, but I do want to try to comfort you and let you know you that many nurses take long breaks from nursing altogether, particularly some who are raising kids. A best friend of mine completely left nur...
  11. I really want to do the right thing and I need help!

    I can talk from being on the receiving end of things, being falsely accused of using and then also having diverted in a different period where I was not caught. This actually really does sound like diverting behavior and there are absolutely ways pha...
  12. REINSTATED!!! And it. feels. good.

    Yes!!! I ended up as a detox nurse as well. And because of monitoring, I had to disclose. I decided to be very open and forthcoming and just let it be known. To this day, I have never felt so loved and supported by my peers as I have at this job. The...
  13. I need some help

    I was a nurse for 17 years when I was reported. I don't know your finances, but I'll tell you how I survived initially. For insurance, I couldn't afford Cobra, so I went on the government marketplace website (aka Obamacare) and got a policy there. Ha...
  14. Avoiding a dilute?

    I had a dilute. It was my second urine of the day and the only thing I had drank was two-10 oz cups of coffee with cream within 3 hours of peeing. Nothing else. It didn't even look dilute to me when I looked at it, but it apparently was. Now, if I'm ...
  15. Nursing Board information

    Yeah, I'm petrified of the fact that the BON and case managers patrol these boards...I remember last year a case manager actually made a post and outed themselves...they were looking for ways to be more helpful, or something like that, but confirmed ...