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    School nursing?

    Cats, I did school nursing for anyone year about a decade ago. I managed to get hired with only NICU experience at the time which boggles my mind, but it opened the door to get me into peds. And your comment about practically working for a daycare had me howling...because after I had to quit PACU when I was reported and wasn't allowed to work as a nurse, the only job I could find was actually in a daycare for a hair above minimum wage. Oh my god, I thought it would be decent because I had a lot of peds experience, but it was the worst job! I was more anxious in that position than any job in nursing. Caring for 10 three year olds, half who weren't potty trained, and having to "educate" them, write "lesson plans", etc. was the hardest work I've done for so little money. School health wasn't bad though...it was a big learning curve, but it was enjoyable. Best wishes to you!