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  1. OhioRN1234

    Finished in OHIO!!

    I sent you a pm. I think you have to make so many posts before you can send messages. Let me know if you didn't get it!
  2. OhioRN1234

    Finished in OHIO!!

    I am officially done with monitoring. Some of you have read my story before, I am sorry I have been a cynical and negative participant. Six years ago I got into trouble, inactived my license (per lawyer advice), and sat and waited three years for the BON. I found work using my degree which turned out to be a real blessing while I waited. I finally received my consent agreement three years ago, took a year to find a job (Ohio is not an easy place to find work.) I added a year to my agreement as time not working as nurse doesn't count, although you better believe I paid for drug tests. I worked off my two year agreement with a few hiccups. All I can say is that if you agree to this cover your butt, to the point off annoyance. Verify every fax, every test, all the paperwork. The BON doesn't want to hear excuses, they don't care, they are black and white and you better figure out the rules before you break one. This is their job. They will not make things clear for you or go out of the way to tell you anything. I had to sleuth out every single bit of information with the help of a lawyer and this forum. I took screen shots of every login for three years, called testing places before I went on vacation, hovered over lab staff, held off on having another child, and suffered through illnesses rather than get prescriptions for anything. I have learned more about patience, humility, and organization than I ever thought possible. For those wondering how completion works in Ohio, here is how mine went down. I asked to be put on the agenda for the September meeting a month early. They met four days after my consent agreement was set to finish. I was certain they would make me wait to ask for release until after the date had passed like they did with my narcotic restriction but no! I was placed on the agenda and told I could email my monitoring agent after they met that day. No way it would be that fast right?! WRONG! She emailed me back "You have been released from the terms of your probation. You will receive an official notice in the mail." OK.... so do I log in still? Do you need anything? I emailed her about three more times clarifying this. I was told I did not need to login to First source ever again. DONE. That day. It was like a miracle! I deleted everything and went and cried in the corner for a while. After the humiliation of the last five tests being observed (during a pandemic, expensive, and hard to find places willing to do them.) How could I be just done? My life is my own again. Ohio has an 'alternative to discipline program' which a nurse can go through this and have a clean license at the end. Ohio has had less than 40 people allowed into it every year for the past three years. They wonder why? People are terrified to reach out for help and rejected for this program when they do. There will always be a black mark on my license. Six years ago I wanted to walk away. Knowing what I do now and having gone through the 'monitoring process' for the state of Ohio. I would still walk away and am considering it. I could have another career by now outside of healthcare. One that doesn't take people when they are down and absolutely railroad them into worse disease, financial distress, and make a public mockery of them for the rest of their career. I believe these programs help some people when separated from the BON. However I absolutely believe this was set up for people to fail, they don't want nurses like me making it through. Had I been a single parent, not financially able to cope, or unable to find work I would have failed. The board of nursing is there for a very important reason but this punishment I was forced to endure was punitive, expensive, humiliating, overbearing, anxiety riddled, and archaic at best. I really hope to see change soon. I wish you all the very best and will check back often. Keeping humble at the very least.
  3. OhioRN1234

    Ohio - completing monitoring

    You are so right of course. Just an extra 60 days. I have asked for early release, three times. I think I made her angry, my testing has doubled. (?ore than enough to make up for the quarantine breaks - which I wasn't notified of.) I took a refresher course on my own, drug classes, an extra year of testing/monitoring because NO ONE would hire me. It was mortifying. I have complied with everything. Every step. All I want is to get out on time. Six years. Three waiting. One searching. Two working. We delayed having a family. I've been so sick and refused to go to the doctor (positive drug tests from medications prescribed--- accused of using.) Testing in the middle of trips. It's just so exhausting. Im sorry I am such a whiner. I have become so unbelievable negative. Thanks fo letting me B*&^%.
  4. OhioRN1234

    Ohio - completing monitoring

    Was your end date AFTER the meeting date? Mine is like two days before they meet. If they make me wait two more months I will just cry so hard. I have no childcare, homeschooling, have to go to an urgent care for drug tests in an urgent care that is full of covid patients. My heart is beyond broken after six years of this.
  5. OhioRN1234

    Ohio - completing monitoring

    I think my actual competition date is like four days before they meet. I really want to be on that months meeting agenda rather than wait an ADDITIONAL TWO MONTHS! Do you think I will have to wait??
  6. OhioRN1234

    Unencumbered license

    Do mean you just have the black mark against you? Public discipline? How sad that a nurse who has fought and worked so hard is denied furthering their career.
  7. OhioRN1234

    Increased testing

    Well that was humiliating.. My urgent care had one after another patient walking in for covid testing while I was waiting. One not wearing a mask. I also goto pay 35 instead of 25 for the privilege of humiliation. I hate nursing and plan on quitting my job two months from now. It looks like I will be homeschooling my two children anyway as there is no childcare and people are idiots. Seeing how not only us 'naughty' nurses but the ones on the front lines have been treated is disgusting. I worked so hard to get my degree. 18 right out of high school, went to a fantastic program, bachelors degree at 22. Was four classes away from my FNP with a 3.9. Threw it all away, I take the blame. However I do NOT deserve to be treated like a criminal (worse than that actually). Half the pay I made today went to a drug test that is so unnecessary and totally driven by the desire for revenue. During a pandemic. It's repulsive.
  8. OhioRN1234

    Increased testing

    I am certain I have made up for that and then some. Just got selected for my first observed urine. Of course on a day I work, so ill get to scramble to find someone to watch me pee after running my butt off for 10-12 hours and hope I can find a place. Our county is under mandatory mask order, the urgent care I have been going to is covid testing non stop, and the nearest lab corp is now 45 mins away. Two more months...
  9. OhioRN1234

    Increased testing

    I wonder how doubling my testing has helped my "recovery." Six years into this nightmare, three months left.. We didn't get tested for two months during the pandemic (of course no one told me this, so I logged in every day with a sick feeling in my stomach.) Now its doubled... I suppose they have to make that money back they missed out on. During a pandemic. When money is even more tight. They don't know that we have lost our child care and I am leaving two grade school aged kids home alone because my husband also has to go back into work sometimes. They don't care that all labcorps that are actually open are now 45 minutes away. They don't care that I will have got go sit in an urgent care and pay an extra 25$ after working a job that I cant wait to quit. I made a mistake six years ago and have paid so much more than they will ever know. I cannot wait for this nightmare to end. Thanks for listening guys.
  10. OhioRN1234

    Ohio - completing monitoring

    Has anyone in Ohio finished? Aside from asking for release from the BON a month before their meeting what happened? Did they grant it? When did testing stop? I just want to load the family up and go on a road trip without having a panic attack.
  11. OhioRN1234

    it all just stinks

    I have three months left of a two year contract that was extended to three as not one place would give me a chance. I have been extremely lucky with the jobs I have gotten, nothing but kindness and understanding shown towards me. I am just so over it. The rudeness, archaic, unclear system we have been subjected to. I sent a employer report and received an automated response that included information about how we didn't have to log in for screenings for six weeks during Covids height. Nothing was ever communicated to us and I never reach out to my 'monitor' unless absolutely necessary. I have had my hands slapped enough times to learn my lesson there... I spent all that time agonizing over where I would go and worrying for my/families safety for nothing. Now I have been tested twice in two weeks. (gotta get that $$!!) We have delayed having another child by six years because of this. Lost out on huge amounts of income. I have lost so much self confidence in myself. Lost out on trips with family and friends that aren't aware of my 'situation.' I could go on. I did it to myself though. For admitting I used a substance. Three classes away from finishing my NP with a 3.9 GPA. Totally did this to myself and I fully admit that. I sincerely wish I would have walked away from nursing. They tool three years to get to my case. Three years of monitoring. I was afraid of the OIG list. Afraid to walk. I still wish I had. Maybe I still will.
  12. OhioRN1234

    Restrictions on a new license again?!

    No advice just sympathy. How ridiculous is it that you have to worry about that and cant find the answer. Congratulations on not only getting through the bs of a program but continuing your education!
  13. OhioRN1234


    The treatment of nurses going through the covid situation makes me so angry. The health department sent out a survey asking where people stand on working/helping with everything going on. Our BON encouraged nurses to fill it out. Suddenly I am wanted? Not a leper? I was disgusted.
  14. OhioRN1234

    elective sx cancelled

    So what about those of us who have been laid off? Does our time stop.. We have been told to still check in a drug test. This is the least of my worries. Unreal.... I cannot be exposed to this. Small children with asthma.
  15. OhioRN1234

    COVID 19 and Monitoring Programs

    I bet they will think our request to limit testing/meetings is an excuse to get high. Or extend our contracts. We are given no respect as professionals in any way. I just started a new job at an elective surgical center. I imagine things will slow/stop greatly soon. Will my time count? Am I expected go to labs for useless urine drug screening? I have small kids at home (no school for at least two weeks, probably the rest of the year) one with asthma. I hate that with everything going on that I am even thinking about this stuff.
  16. OhioRN1234

    What shows up on license after probation?

    For Ohio the consent agreement in its entirety is visible. No privacy for us.

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