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  1. NP with prior discipline

    You would think this is the case, and I hope it would be. However, those of us who made mistakes and went through monitoring know that it is designed to make you fail. The BON is not there to help the fallen nurse, they are there to protect the publi...
  2. NP with prior discipline

    This is exactly what I am afraid of. The school is not known for helping find preceptors and I will always be the leper. I was in NP school when this started. Two classes left with clinicals with a 3.9 GPA. I am just so tired of the hurdles and...
  3. NP with prior discipline

    I have a clean background thankfully. I would have no issues with a background check. Never had a positive test. I was too honest and did I ever pay for it.. The only mark or evidence of my issue is attached to my nursing license. As a RN I am ...
  4. NP with prior discipline

    I have no convictions or felonies thankfully. I think licensing would be OK honestly, maybe they will put me back into some monitoring hell but I imagine I could be licensed. Someone taking a chance on me for preceptorships.. jobs.. those are m...
  5. NP with prior discipline

    Just that I have a history of discipline. Which is viewable to everyone and will never go away. All my documents about what I did, when, my punishment, my release, etc. I admitted to using THC, no evidence of diversion. I did email the BON and ...
  6. NP with prior discipline

    Hello everyone, I have been accepted into NP school as a nurse with prior discipline history on my RN license. I have no restrictions but do have a black mark on my license. I have always dreamed of a higher education but am very concerned abou...
  7. Probation and Pregnancy

    emailed you!
  8. Probation and Pregnancy

    I was told I would have to check in daily. If in the hospital or just delivered I had to provide a sample... No guidance on how that would be done or handled. I would have been afraid of a positive even for prescribed medications.. We have two kids a...
  9. High Risk Student Liability Insurance

    Do you have restrictions on your license? I reached out to a company to see what they would say as this is a concern to me as well. This is the reply I got. Its pretty vague and unhelpful. I am terrified of even going back to school to ha...
  10. Anyone volunteer into monitoring and then voluntarily leave

    I would read some contracts online and see for yourself what they own. You have no rights when your in monitoring. You grovel and keep your head down and pray nothing crazy happens or they decide to single you out. After waiting three years to ...
  11. Anyone volunteer into monitoring and then voluntarily leave

    The loss of rights is essentially signed yes. If I were to have withdrawn for example, I would surrender my license and be reported to the OIG. Forget getting a license in anything again. Massage therapy, dental, etc. Any licensing body will not touc...
  12. Anyone volunteer into monitoring and then voluntarily leave

    If thats the case than it sounds like she is very lucky. I have never heard of any of our information being 'protected' illegal activity notwithstanding. We have lost all of our rights to personal health information or the rights that come with healt...
  13. Anyone volunteer into monitoring and then voluntarily leave

    Everything I have read is that if you leave you can/will be reported to the OIG list. Once you sign you are stuck. Unless you fine with being reported and surrender. I hope I am wrong here. Anyone else have info?
  14. Is PMHNP license post discipline possible?

    Addiction treatment is still largely punitive in this country. Addicts are treated as less than, sub human, and undeserving. Even though all research shows continuously what they need to recover is the opposite. The easiest thing to do is make this n...
  15. Is PMHNP license post discipline possible?

    I did ask this exact question to the BON. I was directed to their APRN application. (which told me little). They would not tell me if I could test, get licensed, get a dea number, or if I would be placed on another probation for daring to further my ...