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July 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

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Submit your captions! Do you think you have what it takes to create a LOL moment? Why not give it a try? It's free. You could win $100!

To participate please follow the Caption Contest Rules below.

Caption Contest Rules

Each month, we invite readers to suggest a funny caption for our cartoon; readers can vote on their favorite; the winner will get $100.

To qualify for the $100, your caption must be posted here on allnurses.com. You may submit as many captions as you wish. We will choose eight finalists in which you will vote for your favorite.

Everyone is allowed to participate! Share and tell your friends, family, and co-workers to join the fun!


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" After 2 years of being on the waiting list, she is so excited for her first day of nursing school".

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound--it's our super nurse!!


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"Well Joe, looks like she made out with your Percocet again..."

"No, I replaced them with Colace."

"Guess she's still in work mode..."


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"Wow, she's so excited. Little does she know what she's getting herself into."

Husband: she said she had to hurry to Jacks for a nurses study group.

Wife : AND YOU LET HER GO? u are so naive hun, she's going to play doctor if u know what I mean.

EaglesWings21, ASN, RN

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I haven't seen her this excited to go to school since the first day of kindergarten. I wonder what she'll look like by the end of the semester.

tokmom, BSN, RN

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Ignorance is bliss....

realnursealso/LPN, LPN

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I don't know what she said, something about never forgetting her backpack!

Ok, so who's going tell her it's her day off?

Ah, first day of nursing school...the only time we'll be seeing her running with excitement to class. We'll be pulling her out of bed come tomorrow


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Proud Dad :inlove:: “Our baby’s off to nursing school.”

Realistic Mom :uhoh3:: “Yes she is… so much for selling the house, she’s gonna need her room back in 2 years."

Not Your Nurse

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It's amazing how fast she can go carrying 50 pounds worth of Nursing textbooks.

Not Your Nurse

Specializes in Emergency. Has 3 years experience.

Wow, who knew getting a 75 on an exam would be so exhilarating?

"Hmmm...I wonder if her enthusiasm to get to class so early has anything to do with that good looking male nursing instructor that is teaching?"

"I don't know, Joe....perhaps we should ration her coffee intake, ya think?"