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  1. Hi everyone, two questions. Would appreciate your insight. 1) Are you required by law to possess two years of Med-Surg experience prior to working in a ER? Is it okay for a New-Grad to work in a ER, for who the ER will be their first hospital job? 2) Is there a minimum amount of orientation time required for ER nurses? Thank you. - Michelle Edit: What is your policy in your ER regarding ICU pts (Critical pts/trauma victims that become ICU pts and remain in the ER until theres a bed on the ICU?) Does your ER have a policy regarding how many other ER pts you can have when you have ICU pt(s)?
  2. xxMichelleJxx

    LTC's are a joke

    Yup and I no longer do it at all lol. Glad that I left LTC. I'm much happier.
  3. xxMichelleJxx

    Tactful way to remind professor to fix grade?

    Yes I second that. Either email her again or next time you see her in class, speak to her about it. After speaking to her in person, you can email her to follow up if the grade is still not changed.
  4. xxMichelleJxx

    new grad RN

    I would take the Psych Unit. LTC can be highly challenging and I wouldn't do it again. Also from what I've seen, hospitals don't really consider LTC as experience. Atleast if you already have your foot in a hospital, you can always do a inhouse transfer to a different unit
  5. xxMichelleJxx

    Online BLS??

    I believe most if not all employers want the BCLS to be by AHA. It is my experience that online certification classes are not AHA approved
  6. xxMichelleJxx

    Fairly New LPN & need advice

    When I was a LPN and was in school I worked every weekend. I let my DON know that because of my school/clinical schedule during the week I was unable to work. I told her I was available weekends and she put me in every weekend. It worked really well for me. Also whenever I had vacations or breaks in school I would offer to work extra shifts. They were very understanding. I think if you explain your situation to them they will do what they can to help you.
  7. xxMichelleJxx

    New ER Nurse - Feel Like Quitting Job

    This was a HHC facility I was referring to. Orientation was cut short because they were short staffed and needed people to work the floor asap. We were never asked if we were ready. After I made this post, it didn't get any better. In fact it got much worse. I brought this concern up to the DON of the ER she said she wasn't aware this was happening. Although the ADN said it was indeed approved by the DON. I resigned last month.
  8. xxMichelleJxx

    Pathophysiology for peripheral vascular disease

    So pretty much PVD is when there's buildup of plaque, fatty deposits and cholesterol along the lining of blood vessels. Our vessels are like a straw with blood flowing through them. If something were to get stuck in the straw, there's now an occlusion and it's going to be hard or impossible for you to drink out of it. Similarly, in PVD the buildup of fat and plaque along the intima of the vessels will build up and eventually cause either partial or a full on occlusion. If the patient has a partial occlusion, then the tissues are not being adequately perfused. Meaning enough blood isn't getting to that area. Initially the pt may not present with any synonyms. Then in stage 2 usually they experience intermittent caludication. So pretty much they get pain when they do physical activity. The pain usually goes away in a couple of minutes when they rest. In stage 3 the pt can have pain during rest when they're not even doing anything. Their extremities (typically they feet) will be cold to touch and pale. They may even have paresthesias. That's when they feel numbness or a tingling sensation in their feet. In some cases like in stage 4 the patient may get ulcers and breaks in their skin because of the extreme lack of tissue perfusion. A total occlusion of a vessel would present as a thrombus or a emboli. So like a stroke (cerebral emboli) or a MI (heart attack) if there's a break off of the clot/plaque and if it gets stuck in the coronary vessels Hope this helps! I'll post some links that can help you as well Medscape: Medscape Access Peripheral Artery Disease: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment | Revista Espanola de Cardiologia (English Edition)
  9. xxMichelleJxx

    LTC's are a joke

    I refuse to ever work in LTC again. They treat their staff with absolutely no respect. The amount of work expected for nurses to complete in the allotted time is unrealistic and unsafe. I first started off as a nurse working as a LPN. In my first job ever, I was only given two days orientation. I had 40 residents on my floor. I had to give them all medications, and administer treatments. More than half of them had pressure ulcers. Some pts had 3 ulcers. B/l heels and sacrum. It was a nightmare. And to top things off management then had the audacity to ask why are you leaving late daily? Its not like they were paying me for it. I worked 8 hour shifts and got paid for 7 hours. It didn't matter if i stayed 1-2 hours extra. I wasn't getting paid so idk what the problem was. Its not like I wanted to stay late. Its just that it was impossible to me to complete all of that work in the given time. I never even took breaks. And out of those 40 residents, so many had GTs, JTs, eye drops, suppositories, nebs. So many needed BP and HR checked. Half the time the BP machine was MIA or not even working. I started bringing my own manual BP cuff and pulse ox. Everytime atleast 1 tube was already clogged when I went to give meds and feedings. It took forever to unclog them. Sometimes they didn't even unclog and the pt had to be sent to the ED. Ugh it was such a mess. LTC is a joke. I honestly applaud anyone that can work there for so long. I worked in LTC for about 2.5 years on a part time basis (2days/week) and completely lost my mind. No idea how people do it on a full time basis and for 10+ years. I'd shoot myself.
  10. xxMichelleJxx

    Let's Ban the Phrase "I'll Go Get Your Nurse"

    I love this post. I can't tell you how many times I feel this way. Its because of things like this that have made me develop a distaste for nursing and influenced me to go to school for a different career. I remember when I was working in the ER, I had a pt come in with chest pain. I was drawing cardiac enzymes and inserting a IV when a resident asked me to get the vital signs for a pt in the next room. Mind you, this pt was already connect to a cardiac monitor. The HR and RR were already on continuous display. The most recent BP was 40 minutes ago and I had it scheduled for every hour. The cuff was on the arm. Literally all the resident needed to do is press a button to obtain another BP. I hate the words "I'll go get your nurse". One time a pt asked for water and then the doctor came and told me the patient wants water. The nourishment area was like what 10 feet away from him? Like I'm sorry is it not in your scope to give a pt a freaking glass of water. I also HATE it when I am in the middle of a nursing task that I can't delegate to anyone and someone comes and tells me a pt needs to be changed. I hate it when an attending tells me that because they've worked in the ED for 15+ years and are fully aware that we have PCAs in the ER. But instead of telling them, you tell me when you clearly see that I a busy, and that the PCA is standing in a corner with anotheR PCA chit-chatting Ugh whatever rant over. But yes I definitely agree with you.
  11. Sometimes patients will be more comfortable/willing to let you do a procedure if you explain to them exactly what you're going to do and why you're going to do it.
  12. xxMichelleJxx

    whats best at 22

    Hi, if I were you I would go for the BSN route, not the associates. Of course you can get an associates in nursing and then pursue your bachelors but I just feel it makes more sense to go straight for the BSN. A lot of hospitals nowadays won't even look at your application if you don't have a BSN. Also to work as a case manager and in administration, you require more than an associates degree.
  13. xxMichelleJxx

    Administrative vs clinical

    Perhaps try shadowing to see what is a better fit for you. Ultimately your career choice should be something you like and want to do. Not because there a lot of job openings. The job market can change at any given time. Here in NYC its really competitive and hard for RNs especially new grads to get jobs. That just goes to show don't choose a career because you're expecting to get a job. Do something that you like. You don't want to wake up daily dreading going to work because you hate it
  14. xxMichelleJxx

    How in this world do you ever get 1 year experience?

    I'm sorry you're having a difficult time finding a job in a hospital. I also have had the same issues. You should definitely apply online to hospital but also try to go in person and fill out a application/drop of your resume. You may be told that you have to do it online but still try. Do some research regarding who the nurse managers are, who's in the nursing recruitment department and try to find their contact information. Also, having connections and someone that works at a hospital that can put a good work in for you would really help. I got my first hospital job this way. My former supervisor worked at this hospital and spoke to the director of nursing and was able to get me a job in her department (ER). So definitely try that. I wish you the best of luck in your job search!
  15. xxMichelleJxx

    Clipping nails at nurse's station

    Wow I've never seen any of my coworkers do that. If I did see it though, I would find it strange. It is kinda gross to be doing that at work IMO. I also agree with the other posters. Isnt there anything else they can/should be doing rather than grooming their nails on the clock? Has a supervisor never witnessed this? Has anyone said anything to them regarding this?
  16. You can send her a letter to her office along with flowers or something if you'd like. You can also order a edible arrangements if thats something that you would like to give. I think thats really nice of you.