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  1. danggirl16

    how bad is 11a-11p?

    I too am not a morning person so starting that few hours later was a plus. Like others have said though there isn't any slow time...no gradually winding up or gradually winding down. Where I worked how my assignment was structured depended on who was...
  2. danggirl16

    IV Tylenol

    So I was admitted this past week with sepsis. The whole time I was, of course, on several antibiotics but also on IV Tylenol q6h. It drove me nuts that the nurses kept saying "oh, your temp is normal, no fever!" OK, so I started thinking about that....
  3. danggirl16

    I am not proud of my track record.

    STARL: First, you absolutely need an attorney for both license defense before the BON and for any forthcoming additional criminal charges. The TAANA in fact lists 5 that are nurse attorneys (hold dual degrees) and 17 that are attorneys specializing...
  4. danggirl16

    I am not proud of my track record.

    I've not been on this site for quite some time and this is the first post I see! I read every single comment. I am just shocked and appalled not only regarding the OP's behaviour/attitude /comments but also about comments from a (very) few others l...
  5. danggirl16

    Happy,In denial, overwhelmed, nervous and worried

    Jfleurim: congratulations on passing your exam. I had a big response but for some reason either I or my tablet is technically challenged this morning. I bookmarked it though so I can return this afternoon. Y8
  6. I'm not glad any of you are feeling this way, but I am relieved to know others do feel the same. I never used to have any problem going to work but it seems in the last 5 years or so (out of 19 nursing) I developed this type of anxiety. I could never...
  7. danggirl16

    First job as an RN in the ER

    First, congratulations on your internship! I'm excited FOR you! OK, so I'm cheating because I've not been a new nurse with a first job in the ER however I have been a preceptor for three ER nurse interns and have also watched as another one was trapp...
  8. danggirl16

    July 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Guess she's still in work mode..."
  9. danggirl16

    A change of direction from nursing to ?

    I'm somewhat in a similar situation though I have had my nursing degree forever. Won't be able to tolerate the physical aspect of it any longer. I've looked into a lot of different areas wanting to be able to use the knowledge/degree I have and two t...
  10. danggirl16

    how much hire level math is required for nursing?

    Depends on the school, type of degree and what field of nursing you will be going into. From what I've seen most of the BSN and higher degree programs require college algebra and statistics. Many of the ADN programs (do Diploma programs still exist!...
  11. danggirl16

    what happens next

    I find it...interesting...that facilities are charged with the requirement to "self-report" HIPPA violations or any other violation for that matter which would result in potential sanctions on the facility. Two personal experiences: once I was hospit...
  12. danggirl16

    Study smarter

    Interesting article. I just had this discussion with someone. In nursing school (100 years ago), people gave me a hard time because it looked like I never took notes. I noticed that during the lectures, everyone's head was bent over, the instructor w...
  13. danggirl16

    Scheduled Food Delivery to Nurses. Thoughts?

    I like the food truck idea but also think the delivery is too complicated to be worth it. I often thought of starting a Starbuck's delivery business because the Starbuck's was right in the middle of a triangle of hospitals(6-7 plus drs offices). I w...
  14. danggirl16

    Is it OK to say no to a nurse?

    Don't let it scare you off...remember it when YOU become a nurse. I worked my way through nursing school as a PCA and frequently ran into this. I learned to handle it in one of two ways: if I knew I was going to be unavailable for any period of time,...
  15. danggirl16

    Most challenging nursing department

    The most stressful place I've ever worked was the PICU. I'm 100% adult oriented nurse. I love the ED and ICU is ok too. Worked med/surg for a long time and it was ok. The PICU...I didn't last more than 4 weeks on orientation!!