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job offer, what would you do?


what would you do in this situation?

  1. 1. what would you do in this situation?

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      accept the tele offer and regret it later if hired at the dream job
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      accept the tele offer and decline the interview at the dream job
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      other, pls specify.

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I'm a new grad. I need to make a decision regarding a job offer this Friday, I have been holding off the offer for two weeks. It's a tele floor in a small hospital where I worked for the past three years. It's a good floor to work on.

The reason I keep on holding off replying is that I was supposed to go to interview for a RN position in ICU at a large teaching hospital this Wednesday. I have always wanted to work in ICU and this looks like my dream job. However I got a call from HR that they need to reschedule the interview till December 30th

I don't think I want to decline the current offer and wait for something unsure, but I hate to burn my bridges. what would you do?

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Take the tele job.


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You'll be very lucky if they continue to hold that offered job for you as you've left them hanging for so long! Are you still sure you have the offered position?

Proceed cautiously.

MrChicagoRN, RN

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I agree with Amolucia.

Unless they have specially agreed to the delayed acceptance, they may have already moved on to some onto else.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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Take the telemetry job. The ICU job might have been offered to an internal candidate already, but HR is simply going through the motions by interviewing external candidates who have no chance of ever getting the position.

Take what has been offered to you. Sometimes our 'dream' job will come along later. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Take the tele job if it is still on the table. It is the bird in the hand, or was.

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

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Take what you know you have (if it is still even available). You might not get that "dream" job, interview or not.

Take the tele job. You will gain valuable experience that might may you more attractive for an ICU position at your dream job in the future.


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Agreed, accept the tele job. I'd be surprised if they held that for you for two weeks if it's an official offer. I've never had anyone willing to hold an offer longer than 24 hours.

Once you get your feet wet on a less the critical area and gain experience and etc then apply to the ICU. You'll be much better off


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All good advice..."A bird in the hand...." - ICU....delay the interview...red flag, red flag, red flag.

I didn't realize that the units were still hiring new grads in this market.

But a position on a good floor that will lead into better positioning for a dream job, as well as relevant experience, that sounds like a gift these days.