It's CPNE time...Plano here I come.....


well i guess it's my time to roll with this cpne thing...i will be leaving for the dreaded hour drive about 12 pm tomorrow...i know my mnemonics and don't ready feel much stress actually if you want to know the truth i am kind of mad cause i cant get my 30 min phone call from a adviser ..they say there are none available to talk to before i take this darn thing...i only need one call to clear up some loose ends... i am a very determined and take control person so i hope i can pull this off.

one thing i discovered is a wonderful mnemonic for all the lab sim but wound...i got it from the epn discussion board....

s- select med

c- calculate

i - id patient

g- glove

a- assess/ aspirate

r- record

s- sign

whoever created this god bless you...this through everything together for me and now i can quite sweatin over looking for a mneumonic to cover the areas...i have the wound down. but worry a little bit about sterile technique and contamination....


i am taking a little piece of everyone that means something to me...

mom and grandmother - a small piece of a quilt they made together (1 square)

husband- a part of a love letter he wrote me last week telling me how strong and how i never take no for a answer...

a small piece of hair from each of my 6 kids

and last

i work weekend doubles with 3 of the best nurses a gal could ask for stuffin a little piece of them and the others in my double boob

y'all are the best and i will report back to here as soon as i come up for air...good or bad y'all will be the first to know...

i will be a rn

love ,


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MWAH!!!! I am going to be thinking of you NON-STOP!!! :) :) :)

:anpom: Go Denise! :anpom: Go Denise! :anpom: Go Denise! :anpom: Go Denise!

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denise, we are all rooting for you! sending positive vibes and calming thoughts your way. i will say a big prayer for you now, and throughout the weekend. good luck and best wishes my friend! traci


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Wishing you all the best!

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We are so pumped for you!!!! Best of luck, though you probably won't need it. :)


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Oh my god, you are sooooooo ready!!!!! Good luck!, Relax, It will be over before ou know it. YOU WILL BE AN RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good luck Denise!!!!


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I haven't been on AN much for months now, busy taking care of my new baby girl. But, I just had to stop and wish you luck. You'll do great. I'm blowing some GN dust your way !!!!....

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and you as well....

good luck denise!!!!


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Good luck to you and lots of prayer coming your way. It can be done and you sound prepared. Remember to use your grid! I even wrote out mnemonics on each of my lab stations. Got some funny looks , but it was my $1900 and my sanity!

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Good Luck Denise! We all are praying for your success!

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