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  1. I love it there a beautiful place to work as a nurse.😍😍😍
  2. OCN and Chemo/Bio Card

    I just failed my exam, I needed an 80/100 got a 78 on the second post test. I felt like I out my all into that exam. Took me over two hours to complete. Can anyone lend some advice on taking the exam again?
  3. Aspen University Online RN to BSN

    I'm thinking of this school to complete my MSN degree. I love the payment plan option, the cost, and the length if the classes. Just wish I could connect with someone who's finished the MSN program.
  4. Affordable online MSN programs

    I'm currently checking out Aspen University program. I love their prices!
  5. Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    Not sure if I understand your post, are you a BSN student now? You stated you're in your 4th semester, then wanting to enroll in a BSN program, which is it? I'm currently an MSN student, but chose to do my MSN at another school. WGU is a great pr...
  6. RN-MSN program at Aspen University

    Would love some feedback on this program. I currently have a BSN, I started a MSN program but the cost of the program is the issue. How much would going from BSN-MSN cost? How long is the program???
  7. Med-Surgical Certification

    Just an update on this post, passed the exam and now able to use RN-BC as my credentials.
  8. In need of a nursing job in NYC

    Try Jamaica Hospital in Queens and Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn. Both hospitals hire new grads! Happy hunting!
  9. Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center

    I worked at Brookdale for several years, it's not a bad place to work and gain loads of experience. I think if you really need a place to work and really want to advance your career this place is a great start. The incident that happened with the n...
  10. Online MSN in education or leadership

    I haven't been able to find an online FB group. I would love to find one, at times I feel like I'm on my own.
  11. Chamberlain University: RN-BSN Online

    Best decision I ever made except for the price.
  12. Chamberlain RN-BSN online Graduates out there??

    I have two new graduates from Chamberlain who work on my floor. They both said they had no problems getting jobs once they obtained their BSN's.
  13. online rn to bsn chamberlain college

    I don't think it's worth the cost. It's far too expensive, and I don't think the support during the program is that great.
  14. online rn to bsn chamberlain college

    What kind of problems did you encounter?
  15. Dual license, NYS/Pa, online FNP clinical question

    Thanks so much for clearing this up, I'm new in my search for an online NP program. I'm a NY resident and have been looking for an online NP program. Are you already enrolled in a program? Online or B&M? Keep me posted!!!