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FocusRN's Latest Activity

  1. Thanks. I am thinking about taking the boards mid June, but I won't take it until I am 95% confident that I'll pass with 75 questions.
  2. I am :D:D:D:D:D:D , because I got my diploma in the mail yesterday!
  3. Still studying for Nclex. This week I am focusing more on completing the online Hurst Review.
  4. FocusRN

    Finally got my graduation date from Excelsior!

    CONGRATS!!!.. That is also my graduation date, so YAY US!!!...
  5. FocusRN

    Louisiana Nurses--Need Info!

    Go somewhere else. There are jobs (not many), but they want experience. You would be hard pressed to even get a CNA job right now. And nursing homes are even be really picky with RNs or saying LPN only. This is NOT the place to look for a job right now.
  6. FocusRN

    Lot's Of RN Jobs, Experience Not Required

    They are just a really big health system from what I can see, and when I did a search it only came up with 85 nursing jobs, and that included LPN and RN. https://www.healthcaresource.com/trinity/index.cfm?&template=dsp_job_list.cfm&fuseaction=search.jobList&ijobcatid=106&ijobrowstart=1&ijobpostondaysold=&ifacilityid=&cjobattr1=All
  7. FocusRN

    LPN pay for new grads

    I think so, LPNs are really undervalued at hospitals. But you may want to check Ochsner because they have gone to an RN - LPN model, and don't utilize CNAs anymore so they MAY pay LPNs more, but they may pay them less and give them more responsibilities. So I am not sure on that one.
  8. FocusRN

    LPN pay for new grads

    Wow, that is horrible. If you want a nursing home Woldenberg Village in Algiers pays $18, for new grad LPNs, and they are hiring now.
  9. FocusRN

    Officially starting WGU tomorrow!

    Congrats! Keep us updated. I wish I could start now but they require that I have my license to start, ohh well.
  10. FocusRN

    Is it okay for a CNA to call herself a nurse?

    A CNA is NOT a nurse, and a person representing themselves as such, whether professionally on the floor or on facebook are anything else is illegal!
  11. I would say yes, but of course the only way to find out is to apply.
  12. FocusRN

    What are YOU working on this week for school???

    I'm studying for NClEX. Hoping to take it before the month of May is out.
  13. FocusRN

    Excelsior slow updating

    Call and hound them. It always worked for me.
  14. FocusRN

    What is the best mds cert to have?

    This is not a certificate program, but a series of courses that are worth CEUs, I really have enjoyed it, and I am not an RN yet (New Grad!), but I am trying to get more open doors for the future. Introduction to MDS 3.0 Interviewing for MDS 3.0 MDS 3.0 and RUGS IV: What you Need to Know MDS 3.0: Sections A through Z