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  1. FocusRN

    HELPPPPP !!!!!Failed nclex twice, last chance next

    It really depends on why you failed. Think back to most of your questions where they content, prioritization/delegation, critical thinking? If nothing really sticks out, are you a bad test taker? I passed my RN Nclex the first time, 75 questions, in about 30 minutes. This is what I did: -Hurst online for content if you need it and can afford it - I called it "Nursing school in one week" (if you don't need content pass on it) -Kaplan Strategies -LaCharity -Saunders- my strategy was to take the end of chapter test, if I scored over 70% I moved on to the next, under that I read the entire chapter. -Lots of question, pay for them if you want, but free would be just as good. You need to build up the mental stamina to answer questions and still be on your game. -Relax, because having anxiety won't help. repeat the affirmation "Nclex is apart of my past, I have already passed" -Jam to your favorite music the morning of the test, and on the way to the test center, it always put my in a really good place before taking exams.
  2. Does anyone have experience in enrolling in the BSN program, and then switching to the MSN in your first term? I'm asking because the waiting period is to long to get into the RN-MSN, but the BSN is still doing monthly enrollment. When I asked enrollment, they were fuzzy. I got the feeling that it's possible, but they don't want you to do it. So, I'm just looking for anyone with first had experience.
  3. FocusRN

    Concerns about WGU

    Exactly. Most nurses wish ASN or Diploma nurses often find difficulty getting non acute positions. I also don't work in acute care, as I feel that I better serve in QI, management, and education (I've been told I'm the best in these roles, by many different clinicians and supervisors ). But I have an ASN. I know for a fact that it stopped me from getting a position a few months ago, that would have put me at a 100k salary (in the south). The director was exited, so was the team and recruiter, them she dropped the bomb that per the medical systems guidelines I had to either have a BSN, or 2 more years of experience in the specialty. If I would have gone through WGU 3 years ago like I had initially planned. that position and others, would have been mine for the choosing. And if you are going after an acute position, BSN prepared nurses are supposedly higher level thinkers, giving you an edge with those also. So yeah, it's a good thing.
  4. FocusRN

    Wgu bsn start date 11/1/15

    They just got my last transcript. How long did your transcript eval take?
  5. FocusRN

    Wgu bsn start date 11/1/15

    How many CU's are you required to complete?
  6. FocusRN

    Wgu bsn start date 11/1/15

    I'm hoping to start on November 1st. Have you gotten everything in?
  7. FocusRN

    Suspended WGU enrollments

    I spoke to the BON, and according to the person that I spoke to, it has nothing to do with the WGU-NC curriculum plans, nor any clinical components. The UNCGA requires that all distance universities pay a fee, to serve NC students, and are trying to make WGU pay the fee. So, as per usual, it's about the money. Please feel free to call the BON and confirm, they can also give you the name and number of the person to call at the GA about this issue.
  8. FocusRN

    Pay in North Carolina

    Anyone? I have no idea and this is urgent. I have an offer.
  9. FocusRN

    Hospice Case Manager Pay

    Anyone? I have no idea and this is urgent.
  10. FocusRN

    Pay in North Carolina

    How much could I expect to make as an RN Case Manager in Hospice in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area (or anywhere in NC) either hourly or salaried without any experience?
  11. FocusRN

    Hospice Case Manager Pay

    How much could I expect to make as an RN Case Manager in Hospice in the triangle either hourly or salaried without any experience?
  12. FocusRN

    Hourly wage with "normal" hours (South)

    Hilarious!!!... And agreed.
  13. FocusRN

    Home Health Pay in Raleigh, NC

    Does anyone have an idea of what I should expect, pay per visit, pay should be in the Raleigh, NC area in general? And also specifically Gentiva ppv pay?
  14. FocusRN

    Offered RN Sup Position. Please Weigh in.

    180 views and no one has any input for me?
  15. Okay I have been working at this facility for two months. My first post graduation job. I graduate a year ago. Now I have had two of the RN Sups tell me that I am doing really well, considering I got a 4 day orientation, and I get floated constantly. I always print a census and hit the cart. I am on it my entire shift but I get it done. On of the sups said that really if I can make it here, I can go anywhere, because that throw a lot at us. Anyway the other Sup, said she recommended me for the Noc RN Sup position to our DON, and the DON said that if I want it she would let me try it out. Just some FYI it would be Mon-Fri nights, and I would have to take call sometimes. And they don't use agency so if I get a call in and can't get anyone else to come it I have to get on the cart, and have the house. This does happen at times. I don't know how much more it pays at this point. So what do you all think about this opportunity, and in your area how much is the pay for LTC RN Supervisors? As always, thanks in advance. -DreamNurseRN