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Okay I have been working at this facility for two months. My first post graduation job. I graduate a year ago. Now I have had two of the RN Sups tell me that I am doing really well, considering I got a 4 day orientation, and I get floated constantly. I always print a census and hit the cart. I am on it my entire shift but I get it done.

On of the sups said that really if I can make it here, I can go anywhere, because that throw a lot at us. Anyway the other Sup, said she recommended me for the Noc RN Sup position to our DON, and the DON said that if I want it she would let me try it out.

Just some FYI it would be Mon-Fri nights, and I would have to take call sometimes. And they don't use agency so if I get a call in and can't get anyone else to come it I have to get on the cart, and have the house. This does happen at times.

I don't know how much more it pays at this point. So what do you all think about this opportunity, and in your area how much is the pay for LTC RN Supervisors?

As always, thanks in advance.


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Ask yourself: Am I able to manage several nurses and CNAs for the entire facility by myself including conflict resolution and be impartial? Am I comfortable teaching other nurses? Will I be able to make judgement calls without someone else to confer with? Am I willing to take responsibility for the entire facility and all my staff's actions?

If you can honestly affirm every question, then you should have no problem with the position.

I had the same thing happen. As far as pay goes I make $8 an hour more than I did on the floor.

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This is your first job post graduation, and you have been working for a total of approximately 2 months? I see you graduated/ have been licensed for about a year.

Do you feel you have the knowledge and skills to be an effective night house supervisor? The responsibilities and accountabilities for the total population will be resting with and on you. Do you feel you can effectivily supervise and give appropriate instruction(s) to other nurses working when an occurrance arises? Are you completely familar with all poilicies and proceedures that your facility uses?

What additional orientation for this new position would you receive? What additional duties would you be doing? Do you know what the expectations from the Director of Nursing and Adminstrator are? What are your expectations for being a manager?

For example here is what I expect myself as a nursing manager:

My expectations for nursing staff are to provide exemplary Resident care, accurate and precision in the collection of Resident assessments, and technical expertise.

To provide exemplary care, We will work with our residents and the community to ensure the right service is being provided in the right setting at the right time. This care is provided with compassion and without judgment, to assure our Residents are safe and healthy.

I don’t want you to do anything unless you understand:

What you are doing

Why you are doing it

The effect it has on the world around you

This is call safe practice, and it is how we work.

My job is to make sure everyone has what they need to do their job correctly to the best of their ability, and to ensure that the facility is safe and all provide competent quality care. Another part of my job is to actively help you to succeed.

For me to be an effective manager and to be able to promote the goals of residents safety, satisfaction and high-quality care, I must be able to rely on the staff to provide excellant care and to follow the policies and procedures.

What attributes should you have in order to do this job?








•A positive attitude

•The need to control


•An image

•The ability to learn from mistakes -Humor

As far as pay rate I would strongly suggest that you do NOT go salary....staying hourly would be in my opinion far better for you. I worked 127 hours in the past 2 weeks... for another example... if I was salary as I was strongly urged to do, my gross would have been $2500 for that time frame. Staying hourly, my gross was $4967 for the same time period.

Before accepting this position, please do a self examination /audit of your skills and abilities, and then make your decision about taking or turning down the offer.


I had to look up another post of yours because the " lowdown" post cant be accessed anymore and I wanted to download the two attachments you had on there. I spoke w an admissions person today and they said that eventhough I have an A.S. degree (not an ADN or AAS) that I would still need to do chem and statistics - if I remember correctly your post said if you had the A.S in Nursing then all the lower level classes would be considered completed. Who did you deal with at WGU - my "person" did not seem to know what I was talking about.

Sorry to post on a different thread - I am too new to private message. You can email me at [email protected] so we dont "mess" this thread up any further.

Thank You


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