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Reigen specializes in Med-Surg, Peds, Ortho, LTC and MORE.

Over my nursing carrer I have worked as Staff, Travel Nurse, all over the United States. I have missed many family gatherings, holidays, graduations, the list goes on and still continues. Somehow this exciting carrer inspired my daughter to also become a RN (she graduated in May 2010).

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  1. Dual Career - Nursing and Ministry

    Been bi vocational many many years.... RN and Ordained Minister....has been a great experience for me.... I have worked in Peds, Med/Surg, ICU, Hospice and LTC ... have given many a sermon at nursing homes, especially at Holiday Times, and officiated...
  2. New

    What are some good traveling agencies to look in to? Do they have short term jobs or are most of them 6 month terms? This is most likely more than you wanted.... Travel nursing Presently there are over 340 U.S. Travel Nurse Companies (110 are Join...
  3. I am so sorry to hear of your problems with family and management. I too, had a family member very much like the one you described, she yelled, threw items, pushed and shoved.... and I fell down, have been off work under a worker's compensation inju...
  4. Travel RN Making $7.25 per hour ?

    The hourly rate is far below what a RN wage should be, also if you need to file for unemployment or worker's compensation your benefit based on that wage amount. The IRS would be wondering why the wage was so low, and could bring an aduit. Also if yo...
  5. Do you have to count lyrica at your LTC facility?

    Ours counts Lyrica and it is placed with other narcotics, and we count coumadin and all antibotics as well....last two prevents missed doses (or so we hope).
  6. Out of Control DON

    Start by preparing yourself to confront the real issue. Keep the discussion as rational and factual as possible. Be able to state the issue in one (or two), non-emotional, factual based sentences. Tell him/her what you need from him/her in terms of d...
  7. Would you take a pay cut to work days?

    I took a $5.00 per hour cut in pay to work day shift... When I think I need some more pennies I pick up an extra shift. For $180 per week less, I get to sleep at night, and not have everyone in (it seems) the world calling or knocking on my door whil...
  8. Housing deposit?

    Unless you are finding your own housing, it is not usual for the nurse to pay a housing deposit. A PET deposit yes, but not the regular apartment/housing deposit.
  9. Student BSN seeks travel nurse info (specifically AK)

    This is pretty long, but I hope it helps you with all the information to have some idea on how travel nursing works... Godd luck in finishing school, and passing the NCLEX and your nursing carrer. Reigen The usual requirements for becoming a travel n...
  10. Trachs and vents at LTC

    My facility has Trach Residents and also has Vent Residents... Vented Residents are on one unit/hall and there are 10 however we also have a round the clock Respiratory Therapist on duty. There is one nurse for all 10 of those to do treatments medica...
  11. Med documentation

    When finding an unusal doseage, if not comfortable inadministering, one should call and speak to the person who made the order, and clarify the reason(s) for that particular doseage. Calling pharmacy is also an option, as the pharmacy may have alread...
  12. Tips on obtaining an RN license out-of-state

    If you plan on keeping Ohio as your state of residence, then you should take the exam for orginal licensure in Ohio, and then endorse to Tennessee. Your license in Tennessee will only be good for that state, unless, you move and declare residency in ...
  13. FIRST travel assignment...afraid I have been low balled!!!

    PanTravelers - Home You will need to register (that is free) but they do have a travel nurse pay calculator you can use to see what your take home pay might be.
  14. How Negotiable is your Pay Rate

    This is just some general information. I hope it can help you The amount of money a hospital pays to the agency is referred to as the Bill Rate. The agency will calculate and subtract their costs, overhead and profit margin from the bill rate and the...
  15. Travel Nursing

    PanTravelers - Traveler's Calculator3 This is the link to a calculator, while you will have to registered to use this it's free to register.... This will help you figure out if what you are being offered is a fair wage.