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Critical Care, Acute Dialysis
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KellyCCRN has 5 years experience and specializes in Critical Care, Acute Dialysis.

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  1. KellyCCRN

    Do male RN's have any business learning sonography?

    Most of the sonographers at the hospital I work at are male and ultrasounds are done equally on male and female patients given their diagnosis. The most common ultrasounds we see are abdominal, renal, carotid, dopplers to r/o dvt and echocardiograms.
  2. KellyCCRN

    direct entry NP programs out there?

    You should check out Frontier School of Midwifery and Family nursing. The website is www.midwives.org the offer FNP, WHCNP and CNM. You can enter with a non-nursing related bachelors as an RN directly into their MSN program. They have an awesome reputation and I have heard nothing but good things! I just recently found out that I have been accepted into their ASN-MSN bridge program. The school is based out of Hyden,KY and is a non-profit private school. Hope this helps! ~Kel
  3. KellyCCRN

    Biopatch use...

    Both Hospitals where I live use biopatches on all cental lines - South Georgia
  4. KellyCCRN

    Marshfield Clinic mandates flu shots for employees

    You must work for an HCA facility:wink2: .....I personally usually do not get the flu shot but will be this year, no way I'm wearing a mask for 6 months or more!
  5. Our hopsital has all private rooms as well. It's nice because most are large enough to be semi-private so if there is a caregiver staying we have plenty of room for a rollaway bed and still have room to get around!
  6. KellyCCRN

    Help with true calcium level!

    here is the formula we use.... (4-albumin)X0.8+CA++= true CA++ From my understanding it is a rough estimate
  7. KellyCCRN

    EC student applicant to georgia

    It took several days for my aplication to be posted to the website. The only thing that showed as complete was the payment up until the day I was licensed! I did call on several occasions and it really depends on who answers the call as to how helpfull they are.
  8. KellyCCRN

    EC student applicant to georgia

    My application took about 5 weeks to go through approval. I too was worried about when the board was meeting as I had been told that it would have to go before the BON for review.......that wasn't the case, It doesn't have to go through full board review it just takes a little longer to proccess.
  9. KellyCCRN

    getting your RN in a state you don't live in

    You would not actually have to go to CA to take NCLEX that is a common misconception.....I live in GA graduated from a school from NY but I was licensed in Minnesota before endorsing into Georgia. You take the NCLEX-RN through pearsonvue and regardless of the state you are presently in you can choose which state you want to be licensed in provided you meet their requirements....just apply for licensure by examination in the state which you plan on living.
  10. KellyCCRN

    Im back .....and have conquered the NCLEX Beast

    :yeah: Congrats Denise! We all knew you would do it !!!!
  11. KellyCCRN

    Blood Transfusion of PRBC during dialysis

    Yes K+ can increase with transfusion of PRBC....the is aproximately 7meq K+ per unit of blood but that varies according to the "freshness" of the PRBC. We typically adjust the dialysate bath if a pt is to receive more than 1 unit PRBC's say for instance the pt's K+ is 4.2 we would run them on a 2K+ bath instead of our standard protocol for a 3K+ bath to prevent hyperkalemia.
  12. KellyCCRN

    Changed user name :-)

    It has all happened so quick! I tested April 13th and received my Minnesota license # the next day! I'm still presently waiting endorsement into GA. The GA BON meets again May 13-15th so I should get my GA license # on one of those days. Work is great...just busy, my boss just put in a requisition for my new position as Clinical supervisor this past week so everything can be cleared with HR by the time I get my GA license.... finally I will be getting paid for what I already do on a daily basis! The kids are doing great I'm not sure who is more ready for school to be out for the summer me or them . Good luck next weekend!!!!! I know you will do awesome...no repeats!! Let me know if you need anything! Kelly
  13. KellyCCRN

    Changed user name :-)

    Didn't want you guys to get confused....formerly GaNurse31763:D
  14. KellyCCRN

    I passed in Madison this morning!!!

    :yeah: CONGRATS!!!! It's such a wonderfull feeling!
  15. KellyCCRN

    Transfering to Acute Dialysis

    Wow.... it's hard to believe it's been 8 months already even though some days it seems like I've been working here forever! I'm still loving my position even though there are days where I get completely aggrivated. I work in a small unit and like the autonomy of dialysis.
  16. KellyCCRN

    Another new RN in TX!!! Woohoo!!!