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Med surg and Psych
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Raggedy Ann has 9 years experience and specializes in Med surg and Psych.

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  1. Raggedy Ann

    I have PASSED the CPNE at Grady! =)

    congrats! i am attending an outside workshop this weekend in atlanta, and then will do her online. (=
  2. Raggedy Ann

    CPNE Date 7/27 at Northside Hospital

    Nervous1~ I am attending Sheri's workshop this coming weekend as well. I am so excited to learn what she has to offer. The recommended hotel was already full, so I am staying like 2 and 1/2 miles from the workshop location in a Hyatt. Will see you there! Traci
  3. Raggedy Ann

    anyone taken excelsiors CPNE in ALbany NY?

    Best of luck 2Wicked...Slay the beast!
  4. Raggedy Ann

    EC Students - CPNE Eligible Group :)

    Hello everyone! I had planned on taking mine way before now,but visiting with my dad could not wait and this exam is still here. So... I hope to be starting this new job April 1st, and do the training for that thru end of April. I then plan on taking CPNE in August or September. Best luck and prayers to everyone. We can do this!
  5. Raggedy Ann

    CPNE this weekend

    praying for a successful weekend for you~ i loved your story, as i have been on and off since 2007 as well. go slay that beast!
  6. Raggedy Ann

    Passed CPNE - my experience

    congrats! merry christmas to you!!!
  7. Raggedy Ann

    Preparing for CPNE AGAIN...DETERMINED 2 PASS!!!

    awesome attitude...we are all behind you. you are going to skin that beast this time. =)
  8. Raggedy Ann

    18th edition...incorrect spelling? Am I looking at this right...

    lol! yep, i noticed this the other day too. i told my hubby i have heard people pronounce it that way too, but it was incorrect. you would think that the editors would catch it. i have noticed a few others as well.
  9. Raggedy Ann

    Help!!!CPNE scheduled in Utica 2/24/12!

    last month i ordered tina logans online workshop, and she told me that all of the info. that i see is exactly what she teaches to the onsite workshop. she has amazing videos that you can save to your computer to utilize later, and everything else you can print. i am going to have someone else act as the teacher and act as if i am in that workshop for 3 days. i am also planning on using sheri taylors online workshop for a month or two before my date. i am hoping this will be enough. a lady in my hometown tracked me down, and we will start meeting to study soon. i don't have a date yet, but she tests mid feb. i was told that if you can find a study buddy that is the best thing that can happen for you. i hope that rings true. best of luck in your endeavors~ traci
  10. Raggedy Ann

    Changed my name today :-)

    congrats allison... santa delivered early this year. ho! ho! ho!
  11. Raggedy Ann

    Finally did it! CPNE date 11-18-11!

    aspiring... i will be praying for your success this coming weekend! traci
  12. Raggedy Ann

    LS3 This week :)

  13. Raggedy Ann

    Passed CPNE in Mansfield :) :)

    awe thanks! that really makes my day.
  14. Raggedy Ann

    I failed LS2!!!

    you will pass! this was just an expensive pretest, and now you know your weak areas. ~ cyber hugs!
  15. Raggedy Ann

    Passed CPNE in Mansfield :) :)

    "thank you traci!!!! i remember you pulling my head out of the figurative toilet when i was puking two weeks ago :) the advice, encouragement, and prayers were awesome :) jocelyn" you are so very welcome! maybe you will stick around and help us out of our ruts along the months to come. i know i can use any stress relief tips, anxiety and nerve control. again i'm so very proud of you!
  16. Raggedy Ann

    Passed CPNE in Mansfield :) :)

    congrats evernurse.... i kept looking for you and the other few that i knew about, so far you are the third one that received the best news ever. this news to be very thankful for this thanksgiving. yay!!!