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swifty1031 has 3 years experience.

4 children (15-24), 1 granddaughter age 2,1 supportive husband, work full-time on tele unit... charge about 1/2 the time

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  1. swifty1031

    How can I be in two places at the same time?

    Sometimes you have to let others do some things. I know it can be hard if you are a person who does everything for herself (I tend to because I know it will get done). My director has said on more than one occasion that a hospital is a 24HOUR facility... meaning pass on things you can't get to due to time. That certainly doesn't mean leaving everything for next shift, but occasionally you have to leave something if you are overwhelmed (which clearly you were)!!
  2. swifty1031

    ONLINE RN TO BSN any advise on the best ones.

    TX Pasadena Queen-Does Texas Tech have any problem accepting EC? I know you (like me) graduated from there last year:yeah: I have a a BS in another area. Thanks:p
  3. swifty1031

    Nurses/patient care/cell phones

    We were required to carry cell phones at a hospital I once worked for. It was very annoying. The secretary would put through family members that just wanted to check on pt but didn't have time to visit, doctors with tons of questions and of course you had no chart with you, and the most annoying call of all the tele secretary calling to say "there is a lead off in room 2". I know these are all important however like most nurses I am not sitting around with my feet up waiting to be called into action. Thank goodness we don't have them at the hospital I work at now:)
  4. swifty1031

    Recent Excelsior Grads, I have a question

    I waited about a month to get a date and then had exactly one month to my test date. I took a cancellation date and called daily. I finished in Feb. '09 and graduated in April '09. Good luck!
  5. swifty1031

    compensation for working short

    That sounds like a great idea... if only! We usually get the "be glad you have a job in these hard times" speech when we are asked to work short! Oh well, as long as we continue to cover for the administration, things will never change. In fact I heard last week that since we are currently taking on more pts (at first 4-5 on tele unit, then 5-6) the matrix will be changed to 7!!
  6. swifty1031

    How do you administer Mucomyst orally?

    I have found that the best is cran-grape. Most of my pt.s seem to be ok with this, it does smell horrible. One time a friend of mine opened the vial and it flew all over her! She smelled horrible. She had to go get scrubs from OR, I don't know if she ever got the odor out of her scrubs!!
  7. swifty1031

    Per Diem Holiday Scheduling

    You would think that would be the case, however on the unit where I work the per diem are being forced to work more holidays than full time. I haven't quite figured out where the fairness in that is yet, but we were told that in todays job market we are lucky to have a job and to "just deal with it". It will be interesting to see how management "deals" with it when the job market picks up again (and it will).
  8. swifty1031

    Unreasonable family members in the nursing home?

    I so agree with the poster that tis problem is not limited to LTAC. I work on an acute care floor with occasional med-surg pts. I just want to scream when we get that concerned family member who can't push the button on the bed to raise the head but can walk all the way to the nurses station to complain that the nurse did not come in to sit dear old mom/dad up so they could eat. This past weekend a lady came to the station(I was charging) to complain that no one showed up to feed her dad and she had been sitting there waiting on the nurse to feed him and his food was cold. I explained to her that if the nurse sees an able bodied family member sitting in the room with the pt she assumes that the pt has help. She said well I can't believe if this is the kind of service we are going to get then I am going to take him to another hospital. It took every ounce of professionalism I have to not respond!!! Just one more... my friend had a pt walk to the nurses station to complain that no one had come to put her on the bedpan! There are so many more, I could write a book:)
  9. swifty1031

    Plan to transfer from tele to er

    You must work at the same place I do!! I am currently wanting to transfer... it will be interesting to see the responses.
  10. i would love to say... even though you don't visit, care for, feed, etc mom/dad, you now want me to jump through hoops and bow down to your every demand (check bs every 30 minutes because we found her unconscious and her bs was 32 in ED-actually had family say this and became irate when I explained we would check her on schedule and at times when necessary since she was now stable)(this same family didn't know when mom ate, took insulin, how she got her food, etc). This isn't a hotel and despite the uniforms we are not your maids/servants! One of docs told a pt this, I almost fell out! I wanted to kiss him.
  11. swifty1031

    nurses with hearing aid

    i am precepting a nurse who has hearing aids. he has a specialized stethoscope and is very capable of doing everything a nurse with no aids can do! he is very comical and when he greets a pt who is HOH he makes a joke about both of them. The pts love him:)
  12. swifty1031

    Pages to Doctors Don't Always Hit the Mark

    I always like it when you page a doc and wait for the call that never seems to be returned until you leave the desk to take care of pt, get med, etc. Then he says something like "You know I don't have all day to wait on you." It just infuriates me!! Like all I do all day is sit around with my feet up thinking of ways to annoy the doctors, really I wish sometimes I never had to call them, especially the cardiologists!
  13. swifty1031

    Im back .....and have conquered the NCLEX Beast

    CONGRATULATIONS:yeah: I have been checking frequently to see the good news! Terri
  14. swifty1031

    Texas licensure through endorsement - question about test

    You can also go to the fingerprinting center listed for your area. That is what I did. I got the fingerprint card pretty quick in the mail, but several people I know had trouble with prints and had to have them redone. I think the name of the place is Identix, you can make an appt online. It takes about a week for them to run the check and it goes directly to the TX BON.
  15. swifty1031

    Texas licensure through endorsement - question about test

    The test you are asking about is the Jurisprudence test (I think). On the TXBON website there is a link you can use to study. The test is online. It took about 30-40 minutes to complete. You find out if you pass/fail as soon as you finish. Good luck:D
  16. Take a day or two off! Re-energize yourself. Do something fun and enjoy yourself. You are probably in overload and need to let your mind take a break!!! Good luck:)