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Baloney Amputation is a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in LTC, Acute Care.

Baloney amputation

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  1. Baloney Amputation

    Advice needed (sorry so long lol)

    I'm trying to understand...the charge nurse told you could not leave, but the other nurses covered for you while you left anyway?
  2. Baloney Amputation

    Incompetent or disabled is there a differnce

    What's that mean? I know what "rev them up" means, but what is she specifically doing?
  3. Baloney Amputation

    I'm trying to hear the Doctor!

    Unfortunately I don't have that option to let the doc hear the dictation. I work for a large national company with my accounts being a few states away from me. :)
  4. Baloney Amputation

    I'm trying to hear the Doctor!

    At least y'all can holler at the doc or your coworkers. Since my pay is dependent on how fast I can understand what a doc is saying, I am less than thrilled the many, many, many times I can only hear the staff in the background talking about their kids or new diet program or over-the-top guffaws that drown out the doctor's dictating. At least if the staff is going to be loud and laughing, include the doctor whose dictating in your joking around. It breaks up the workday for me when the doctor is goofy while dictating. Otherwise, to any of you staff members in the background, have some respect for the dictation and transcription process. You mess up turnaround time on transcrptions along with being loud and annoying. My rant is over!
  5. Baloney Amputation

    ER billings from Urgent Care clinic draws complaints

    Nebs are one thing. At least for me, when an asthma attack comes on that I realize will require nebs but also require some prednisone to overcome, it may very well not occur during business hours. They can be tricky suckers. If I need prednisone, I'm asthma-savvy enough to know when I need prednisone, which does occur before I'm in the tripod position gasping for air, but I'll be damned if any doctor will prescribe pred over the phone. In that case, an urgent care is perfect rather than an ER.
  6. Baloney Amputation

    Question about perfume/cologne

    This is my opinion, so it may not be worth much to anyone but me, but anything that is scented is potentially a problem, including hair gel, deoderant, shampoo, etc. I usually can't predict what scents will set me off. (Others can.) With this in mind, there is only so much that I can hope another person does. Stuff that is scented and aerosolized (like hair spray and perfume) is usually worse than something that is scented but directly applied (like stick deoderant), but not always. I always hope that a nurse or anyone else providing direct care wears the deoderant of his or her choice but avoid spraying scented crud. Remember that ANY scents can be an issue for the ol' allergies. I personally know the risk I take by living and breathing is that I may encounter some odd scent that throws me for a loop. I don't expect people to use completely scent-free products (I don't), but I do expect a caregiver not to wear a gallon of perfume. For anyone who doesn't have allergies, if someone tells you are wearing a scent giving them a reaction but you think there is no way because you aren't wearing perfume, BELIEVE THEM.
  7. Baloney Amputation

    Question about perfume/cologne

    Unfortunately, when you realize your assigned caregiver has slathered on scented stuff, damage has already been done. (You in the previous sentence is general you...not you, the poster I quoted, in particular.) For some of us, it only takes a short whiff. I think it's incredibly thoughtless to wear all the perfume and scented stuff, too. I think I'd rather have people smoke in my room than bombard me with spray-on stink, even though smoke gives me asthma attacks, too. Smoke doesn't hit me as hard as a whiff of certain scents, where my lungs just seem to clamp tight and my skin breaks out immediately upon the presence of those scents. My reaction at times needs to be medicated with some unpleasant medications, you scent-wearing people. Even if you leave the room, your stench lingers and still does damage. Please keep your scents, as best as you can, out of any caregiving situation in which you go. It's not cool to make me sick because you think you bathed inadequately.
  8. Baloney Amputation

    Question about perfume/cologne

    that wasn't wrong. the meaning was clear, so the use of the comma there was optional.
  9. Baloney Amputation

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    I'm sorry. My gut reaction is to defend these things because it is personal, and I missed the attempt at levity here because of it. My stomach turns when psych disorders are written off as being something far less than what they are, and I mistook your post as doing that.
  10. Baloney Amputation

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    Consider yourself lucky to have personal experience surrounding yourself with these people with "annoying personalities" but not with those who actually have a true personality disorder. I can only assume that is the case, since you'd be singing a different tune about it instead of dismissing their personalities as simply annoying.
  11. Baloney Amputation

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    Whoa...the DSM-IV includes the criterion of wearing a white dress/cap for a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder? When did that happen?
  12. Baloney Amputation

    DVT and Homan's sign

    Just a little friendly FYI, because this term is misspelled often...the term is actually Homans' sign, not Homan's sign. It is named for John Homans. http://www.whonamedit.com/synd.cfm/2371.html
  13. Baloney Amputation

    What do you absolutely LOVE and absolutely HATE about your job as a nurse

    I loved the residents. I hated the management and their games they played on the staff.
  14. Baloney Amputation

    Dating someone from within ???

    Yup, when hubby and I were LPNs together. That's how we became friends, though I knew the first time I saw him that he was IT. We've been married 7 years this month. Incidentally, even though he did get his RN, neither one of us is employed in nursing any longer. In our case anyway, nursing was unfortunately a little bit stressful (nothing we couldn't handle, though) to an otherwise very good relationship. Anyway, he was the only coworker I ever really dated. Apparently our coworkers and residents had already figured out we were going to be together before we actually were; we just really got along that well. I learned a lot about who he was by seeing firsthand how he treated people of no relation to him.
  15. Baloney Amputation

    New Grad - no taxes taken from pay

    http://www.irs.gov/faqs/faq/0,,id=199807,00.html will help you estimate your withholdings. However, if you are paying taxes appropriately for an independent contractor and you are subsequently found not to be an independent contractor on an IRS review of your job (because you met employee rather than IC criteria), I can't imagine you'd be in trouble, because you were paying taxes like you should have been all along. In that case your employer will be hurting something fierce, though. They will have to pay back taxes. I recommend averaging your quarterly withholding amount so you can take out money out of each paycheck right away like you had never seen the money. Keep all your receipts for anything you buy for your job. I think you can claim mileage on your taxes (not on this positive, though), so keep tabs on that too.
  16. Baloney Amputation

    Logic and Old Nurses

    https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/ethical-issue-discussion-351269-page312.html I got your back, Flipper911. Trolls are apparently herbivores.