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It all comes back tenfold...


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NaKcl, BSN, RN

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Some time in you life, you must did something good.

I believe this radom act on kindness on you was originated from somewhere in your life.

Thank you for sharing your story, and wish you will be blessed with a better finance stituation. :nurse:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, you put a smile in my heart :). Just finished taking my last final, so I needed a lift :D. Be blessed!!!

Poidog, Thanks for sharing this. In a world where dysfunctional behavior grabs

the media spotlight on a daily basis, it is wonderful news to hear about an

Angel that lives among us. What a thoughtful, kind and caring thing for

him to do. Keeping you in my prayers that things for you improve soon,

and you will be spreading the kindness:redbeathe .....


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I'll never forget being in the middle of nowhere. I stopped at a gas station as I was down to 1 notch of gas. They didn't take debit cards of checks only cash. I was devastated, there wasn't another gas station for miles and miles. The attendant had me write her a check and she paid for my gas with a check! I felt soooo blessed, the girl didn't KNOW me at all!


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This story made me smile! Very nice.