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I was an aspiring nursing student who got shifted to graduate school hopefully to do cancer research in the end.

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  1. eagle78

    Esme Needs Your Prayers

    GrnTea and TN Butterfly thank you so much for keeping us updated. I am so glad to hear ESME is progressing. Keep on ESME, can't keep a good one down...
  2. eagle78

    Girl brain dead part deux

    Typos or not it was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing that. I also wish this family would release this child and let her be at peace, although I believe her spirit has already gone. I am praying this family wakes up and smells the coffee. She is gone...
  3. eagle78

    Educate me about LinkedIn - please!

    Thanks Hopes1 and Probitas, this helps a lot.
  4. eagle78

    Educate me about LinkedIn - please!

    I wasn't asking for any pertinent information, I just wanted a general understanding about what an appropriate group is.
  5. eagle78

    Educate me about LinkedIn - please!

    HouTx, I am interested in getting contacted by recruiters, is the key to that joining LinkedIn groups?? That is not something I have done as yet. When you say "appropriate", I am curious as to what constitutes "appropriate". I am really trying to understand how to make the best use of my profile. Thanks for any feedback you can provide.
  6. eagle78

    Educate me about LinkedIn - please!

    I also have a profile, and I am just as confused as you are about what to do with it.
  7. eagle78

    Girl brain dead part deux

    I think that is what was meant by an attorney being a "reality force field". Some usually go with whatever reality wins them the case... The problem with my ex was our realities did not synch, so I understand the comment about attorneys...
  8. eagle78

    Girl brain dead part deux

    I love this part of your post, especially having been formerly married to an attorney. Sorry, did not mean to divert the thread.
  9. eagle78

    Help....I Can't Take it Anymore!!! - Nurses Coping with Stress

    I am not a nurse, although at one time I had aspired to be one. I truly admire the ability of the nurse to keep on keeping on despite the stressors. I know that sometimes when we do not feel well, like babies we get irritable. Handling patients and all their fears has to be a trying job. Thanks to all nurses, hoping that you always find ways to pamper yourselves.
  10. Yes, my prayers are also.
  11. eagle78

    END-OF-LIFE Ethical Dilemmas

    I am not a nurse but I would like to comment on her point as it pertains to family members. My father was dying from complications from CVA. Infection had weakened his body, he was unconcious and his tempature stayed in the 100+ range. The nurses at the nursing home did not know what to do, he was DNR and so they did not think they could give him anything. I sat at his beside packing ice around his neck and in his armpits to try to cool him off. His breathing was with great effort and it was a pain to watch that. Because he was unconcious he could not communicate his pain level, but I could tell he was very uncomfortable. My mom got hospice involved, it was amazing the difference that made. He had languished for three days in the condition I described and we felt so helpless, wanting to see him comforted. Well, when hospice came in he lasted all of about 12 hours. But, that 12 hours appeared to be the most comfortable that he had over the course of the prior three days. I say this to emphasize, if there is anything you can do to help the patient, comfort the patient, it makes a big difference to the family to see their loved ones comfortable as they make their transition.
  12. eagle78

    Humor: The Most Essential Quality

    Sometimes laughter is not appropriate, but oh when it is I just love to roll in it...
  13. eagle78

    Things you'd like to say to....

    This is so great, I just love to laugh...
  14. eagle78

    Left Speechless

    Reading this I thought, "so this is what it is like when two angels talk". Thanks for sharing, you made it such a beautiful story inspite of the sad content. I really needed to see this, made me realize that my problems are not as big as I thought.
  15. eagle78

    Ginny McAlister

    Thanks for sharing. So sad.
  16. eagle78

    Transitions: On Becoming a Nursing Student

    This was a beautiful essay/letter or whatever is the proper term. First let me say "Congratulations"!! I wish you the best in all your endavors. Peace... :)