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NaKcl is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. Thank you for the article. I needed it. I am in process of changes in my nursing career, finally! I have been put up with numerous unhappy situations to avoid facing/dealing with new work conditions for many years. I finally push myself up to leave the comfort zone and face the challenge.
  2. NaKcl

    A Guide to Nursing Specialties

    Thank you. :)
  3. NaKcl

    My buddy Joe

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. story like yours makes me want to work with geriatric population.
  4. NaKcl

    Want to Succeed? Thought for the Day

    thank you for sharing this!
  5. NaKcl

    Not a waitress or barista

    "Okay well can you heat this up(and hands me a soup container) and while your at it My daughter needs her morphine." Me: I will heat this up for you...NO MORE MORPHINE." LOL:lol2: I understand your furstration, but I couldn't stop laughing! The father won the battle!
  6. NaKcl

    Torn to pieces - Pls help?

    "You are being"watched" and targeted for lateral violence. Get out now." I agree with this. Here is my thought. If they do not appreciate your job, then they do not deserve your effort to work there. I would look for a different job. You already have two years of nursing experience, you are much more marketable than brand new nurses. There will be lots of other employers would like to hire you. I understand you want to stay in same employment for a long time, and it is kind of scary to move your job to a new facility. but it is not worth to take antianxiety/antidepressant or any medications to work with that type of enviornment. Nursing itself is a stressful job already and when working environment is like that, and all the negative vibes make even harder to work there. Whatever they are doing is their loss. Here is one thing you might want to do. If your manager is actually accusing you of something that you didn't do, tell the manager that you want to have a meeting to discuss whatever they are accusing you about, but you want your manager's bosses to attend the meeting as well. And, also mention this to your manager that you can sue them for their false accusation. and save all the coversation(e-mails), between your manager and you, for your record. Start looking for a different job. Good luck!!!
  7. Thank you for the information. I will definately use these techniques for my interview.
  8. humm,,,, $6.75/hr wages... interesting perspective. I never thought about that way. So,,, I usually start with 6 patients in the beginning of the shift. And I usually have so many discharges and admissions, it often ends up taking care of 9 to 10 patients a day. that makes my wage $3.00/hr to $5.00/hr... not to mention all the paper works and rules you need to complete. It is depressing!!! In this perspective, waiting a table would be much more profitable to my time.. Have any of you guys worked as a waiter/ waitress in a restaurant?
  9. NaKcl

    very low morale

    That sounds very similar to my workplace. employees are encouraged to "detect" and "report" other co-workers' mistakes. Lazy, no work ethic employees are making worng acusations to diligent, hard working employees who are trying to things right. The morale is very low. Nursing itself is hard and stressful as you all know. This type of bull craps certainly discourage work spirits. I am planning to move out.
  10. NaKcl

    Med-Surg Unit needs to spend money

    more computers!
  11. NaKcl

    Can you work more days?

    yes, you can! as long as you are willing to and your body can handle it. you might change mind after a few or first shift.
  12. NaKcl

    Do you really have to use an agency to get a travel contract?

    Thanks for the information. I didn't know they provide/pay for the housing as well. I researched a little, and many places shows $45+ hourly. Is it abourt normal rate?
  13. NaKcl

    Favoritism in Nursing?

    "The key is to have a written record of your meetings with your NM." This is so true! When the manager say she doesn't have opening, there is not much you can do. Just tell her that you will look for an open position in different facility. If the manager wants you to work there, she will make a position for you. If not, moving to different place would benefit you. Remember, that is not the only place hires nurse.
  14. NaKcl

    pay for RN at st.johns hospital in tulsa, ok

    you can work as a per diem status. you can make $30+ hr but no benefits.
  15. NaKcl

    written up

    I am guessing you are a new nurse? It is frustrating to learn the new job and adjust to the new surroundings. I would take that as a grain of salt to improve your reports. I, too, had problem giving reports at the beginning of my nursing career. So, I made a list of things that is pertinent to the patient. 1. admission date and diagnosis 2. attending doctor 3. current problem/complaints/ abnormal labe results/ scheduled lab draw or test *from this point, head to toe 4. is patient alert and oriented? 5. Oxygen: O2 or RA 6. Heart: Tele? then what is the rate? 7. IV site and type of fluids 8. Diet and elimination route: continent or incontinent? foley, rectal tube 9. any skin issue? 10. TED hose/ SCD? then, ask the other nurse; Is there something I missed? , if there is remember to include that aspect in next report. Don't get discouraged. It takes times to develop a good reporting skills. *they won't terminate you after the first written up.
  16. NaKcl

    any RNs have their Perkins Loan cancelled?

    Thanks for the information. I am not familiar with getting student loan, because I never had one. however, I am thinking about getting my BSN. I am a PD RN, so I do not get any benefits, including educational assistance, from my employer. It will be a good deal, if I can get this loan. I would appreciate anyone who can answer a few questions. Is this loan, easy to get? Do they consider the total income of the household? how do you apply?, Thank you everyone for your response.