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Chin up has 26 years experience and specializes in Med surg, LTC, Administration.

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  1. Feeling like giving up..

    You have lost your confidence. You do not feel you measure up as an LPN and project these feelings onto your coworkers. You have a few options, first, believe you are qualified for this job. That your LPN and experience have given you the knowledge t...
  2. Do Not Enter - No Boys Allowed; Setting Boundaries

    LadyJane, This is the book, that changed my perspective on boundaries...excellent! Peace!
  3. This was a killer thread. When I first saw this on TV, I thought the nurses or majority would point fingers at the nurse. I worked in administration and saw with my own eyes how things were spun. I saw innocent, good and loyal nurses overworked, blam...
  4. problem with sleeping at night

    Nope, still stay up till this day. Sorry:(
  5. I was just thinking how hard I worked as a nurse for over 25 years, but was not considered a nurse, because I was an LPN. I got paid to go to LPN school, had two years of clinical and one year of class. Worked at all the major Boston Hospitals, did A...
  6. Kinda glad I'm in my fifties....imagine starting out now...but even more glad I'm out of nursing. Sad to say, it is only going to get worse...
  7. Totally agree, nursing 101. But I still can't wrap my mind around(if it is true) glucerna or any GT feed put anywhere but in a GT. But that's another story...
  8. Thanks doll! So happy, and still have a lot to learn. But will and when I do, Nurses are my top priority! Thank you for being an RN! Peace!
  9. Sorry, I was angry when I wrote this and had NOT read the entire thread. Please forgive. Peace!
  10. I gave a kudo and am quoting for the compassion in this post! Brava!
  11. And this my dear is the sickness of nursing, some can't think things through to there logical conclusion. They would rather use rhetoric, they don't understand, cliches, that mean nothing and there titles as wisdom. Most nurses who strike, are lookin...
  12. I could argue that quid pro quo is not legal in nursing... But, let's stay on your reasoning. In essence you are saying, better to be negligent, than upset the status quo, No?
  13. I love your response...I also know it is hard to have no job and sacrifice...I did it with kids, a mortgage, private schools, etc.. I received something from it that money cannot buy...I got big ups, props, respect from my children! My children also...
  14. Welcome back, boy have I missed you!!!
  15. Up till this point. The best post I read! Brava!