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  1. Absolutely! And why, we count all narcs when ekit is opened for any reason. I don't know your system, but with ours, if a vial of versed were needed, two nurses would take that time to count and log everything with quantities in our kit. Many, many times, we have found a narcotic or two missing. Immediately we notify administration and they take it from there. As you stated, pharmacist divert meds too, but they also make plain ole mistakes. Which again points to, being certain drugs have been diverted, before you accuse a co worker. I am not saying this to you, but other post which seem to want to report hearsay. We need to be sure, not just hear it or think it, we must then tell management and not our coworkers, and we must let the process take place unhindered, before we tar and lynch someone. Peoples lives are never the same, once a serious allegation of diversion is reported. Especially the innocent, never seem to be able to get over it or are never looked at the same. Thanks for sharing. Peace!
  2. I think we are capable using good judgment. The post I was responding to, used, if you hear from a second or third party. The problem with this, you don't know the truth and could destroy a life, because of it. Also, when you have a suspicion, you should go immediately to your superior, not to another coworker or friend. This is how the rumor mill starts. If everyone followed policy, then you would not be hearing it from a twice removed source. Management would have taken care of it, and hopeful the person doing this, will be helped. I am in management and hear all kinds of things all the time. I take every accusation seriously, but make sure a full investigation confirms or denies such allegation. No one ever knows what we are doing and why. Only those who need to know. This way, if an allegation is false, which most are, no one got hurt in the process. Of course those guilty need to be stopped immediately. But your right to due process is greater than a "maybe this is true." Peace!
  3. Chin up

    failed lift test, may have lost job offer..

    But darling, you forgot the ADA. Unless undue hardship, accomodation is required. Disabilities are protected. Bump morality, speaking purely law. I could argue gender, but need more info. The ADA is indisputable however, unless there is accommodation, this is discrimination. I would bet the farm, this is gender and age discrimination also. We could also go into test used and reliability regarding job performance. No one but the absolute fittest among us, can pass that test. Next question, as these people age, then what...once hurt on the job...once sick..pregnant woman cannot be discriminated against. Gotta go to school, but will bring all thisnup, if time permits. Peace!
  4. Never act on hearsay. Never. You can cause a lot of undue hardship, and you yourself will lose credibility. Hearsay is never the truth, just bits and pieces of truth stuffed in a lie. Would you want anyone to act on hearsay about you. Peace!
  5. Chin up

    failed lift test, may have lost job offer..

    Most def ageism.
  6. Chin up

    I don't Know what to do?????

    Don't end your life for a DX. Keep going on with your plans and dreams. Do not give in, you don't know where you will be in 5 years. Better to have your degree, than wishing you did. You are not your disease and have much more control, than you think. peace!
  7. Chin up

    Permanent replacement workers during strike

    They are just what they are called, permanent and why you can collect unemployment. Your job has been taken, for the duration of the replacements contract. Some take the job for a number of weeks, months or years. These scabs, end up with more bennies than you and the "at will" no longer applies. Of course you can be called back at a later date, but will not have the same job, you had before and there is little you can do about it,unless you have a union with teeth, not weak. Good luck. Keep us informed. When you know more, call other unions to back you and give support. Peace!
  8. Brava! I love the way you put compassion on the addict. It is a disease, one protected by the ADA, by the way. Being so, we as nurses should want to do whatever we can, to help the person succeed. We as healthcare workers want to eradicate drug addiction, and part of that is putting on our compassion, learning all we can about it and using what we learn to help those in need. These drug addicts are our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. They did not dream of one day, becoming an addict. One small change in your circumstances, and it could be you. OP, Thank you for this article! Peace!
  9. Chin up

    Drug seekers

    Outstanding post! Thank you!
  10. Chin up

    Nurse burnout/Moral distress/Compassion fatigue

    I understand everything you are experiencing and written. I have been through all of this. Everything I said to you is from my personal experience. It may not be the norm, I am not a shrink, this is not my speciality. All I bring, I bring with empathy and care for you, based on my own sickness with this very affliction. It is a sickness and has to be treated as such and why I suggest, going to a professional as well as leaving your employment. You are crying out for help and deserve to receive it. You do not deserve your sad state, which has broken you down and keeping you from abundant life. All ADL have been impacted greatly and thus,you need to act, right away. You have my prayers and support and I sincerely hope, you will give what I wrote some thought. Please email anytime if you need to talk. Life is vulnerable, yet precious and worth fighting for. Peace!
  11. Again, please tell, what you will be doing..
  12. What will you be doing?
  13. Chin up

    What's your favorite nursing/nurses' prayer?

    There is so much wisdom in this. It would behoove us all, to heed! Peace!
  14. Chin up

    Fired from my med/surg job after almost 3 years

    Ruthfarmer: this is excellent advice and encouragement! I hope the OP listens to your wise words. Thanks for writing this!
  15. Chin up

    Fired from my med/surg job after almost 3 years

    It is sad, nursing is dangerous when on vacation. I have worked in places, that fire nurses, when they return from vacation. At one place, I was told soon after orientation by the staff, never take a vacation, you will find you do not have a job, when you come back. They went on, they start talking about you and since you are not in the building, you are unable to defend yourself, and soon look guilty...unfair, but it happens. Anyway, I am sorry. You have experienced an injustice and it hurts, a lot. This pain, will last a long time, but you must go through it. Nothing but a correction, will make it go away. Only time. That time is different for everyone, but I can honestly say, it takes a long time. And even then, you will never forget it. All the gimmicks in the world, will not take it away. To be blindsided like that, causes much grief. Surround yourself with loved ones to get you through this. I really feel for you right now. There is much wisdom in the above post, but it is probably too much to handle right now. So please sit down with an attorney, to do the work for you. I will say, do not resign. They are Not doing you a favor. Just think, they fire you unjustly, but want to do something nice? There is no nice, in business, period. They only do, what is expedient for them. If you already signed a letter of resignation, explain to unemployment, it was under duress. This will nullify it immediately. It was clearly a firing, a force resignation or whatever you want to call it. You are due, unemployment wages and should go forward. Do not worry about future references right now. You are in survival mode and need to take on today, only. Good luck, we are with you, you can get through this and will. Peace!