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Chin up has 26 years experience and specializes in Med surg, LTC, Administration.

Law school grad 2011

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  1. Chin up

    Smoking is bad, i need some help!

    See your doctor. Two cigarettes are not likely cause, please see a health care provider, ASAP. Peace!
  2. Chin up

    Terminated illegally I believe

    What he actually did, was accept your two week notice. When you refused to sign, you were saying you quit. I have seen this happen before and unfortunately if HR okay's this, there is not much you can do. It is seriously unfair, but listen carefully, he did not have a change of tune, because he spoke with his lawyer and found he was wrong in firing you. You and your coworkers believe this, because it sounds plausible, but it is not. When HR is in the room, laws are being followed. Employers ARE allowed to accept a resignation, even if it is not a written notice, said in jest, or simply implied. You may be able to collect unemployment, but unless you sign the paper and stay ( which I personally would not) or leave with a two week notice, there really is nothing else you can do. Sorry. Peace!
  3. Chin up

    What Would Happen if You Blew the Whistle on Your Employer?

    Actually, this is one I would not have felt compelled to report. Individuals, I will look the other way for I pick my battles carefully. Individuals, unless behaving in a way that is grievious, is off limits to me There are two reasons for this, most are harmless and have been manipulated in some way and two, I usually dont have all the facts and would hate to cause unnecessary harm. I have seen many nurses in precarious positions over the years and if I reported all, I would not be nursing, but monitoring which is the BON job. Peace!
  4. Chin up

    EXCELLENT ACLS instructor!

    Your new boyfriend I take it:)
  5. Chin up

    What Would Happen if You Blew the Whistle on Your Employer?

    Your post was fair and one I may have wrote. But yes, you misunderstood and I accept your apology. I work tirelessly for labor and have always been an advocate for women, the disenfranchised and the aged. I have in my past, worked hard for bargaining rights in nursing and with my last breath, will continue to do so. Won't you help, we need you, if you already are, i salute you! Peace! NB- I am adding, when I say us, we, nursing, etc., I mean me too. Peace!
  6. Chin up

    Sorry, helping is just not an option.

    I concur! Whether it was professional or not is neither here nor there. It was human care and compassion at it's best! It was advocating for your patient. It was going above and beyond. Your superior should never have put you in this place, she abdicated her role, in my eyes, you were more professional than all. In this day and age of laziness, that is not my job, I don't get paid for that...you are a breath of fresh air. You put the patient first and worked tirelessly for her. Not only that, you continue to do so, I salute you! Peace!
  7. Chin up

    Too many absences for transfer

    I think the point is being missed....they are doing this, because they can. It is not about fairness, red tape, who asked, who didn't....it is only about the lack of power by you, the RN. This crap will keep happening and I fear will get worse, until the profession pulls together and says, enough is enough....no justice, no peace!
  8. Chin up

    Patient rights v. Clinical instructor?

    Let the director of your school in on this. There is a way to inform her, which will both save face for the instructor and leave no harm to any student. This absolutely must be done. Lawsuits and the board are sure to follow if this is not rectified and soon. Peace!
  9. Chin up

    What Would Happen if You Blew the Whistle on Your Employer?

    I agree absolutely with everything you wrote...... until we get over the fear and come together we will always be disrespected, spit upon, used and abused. Our leaders became fat with the crumbs given, long ago. The minions too are to easily pacified. As a result, our self esteem and self worth are non existent. Making it worse, we believe this is okay. We better be grateful for the band-aids, at least we have a job, we have a profession...... It is devastating to me, how women have taken five steps back from just 35 years ago. Even the remnant willing to fight, have grown weary doing it all alone. The farce of the womens movement, it was for some not all. The farce of the ANA, they brought us only so far, divided us, then abdicated their role. JMHO
  10. Chin up

    Risk of exposure doing CPR

    Get tested right away, for piece of mind. I think you are fine, but I am not you and I know how our minds can take over, when we feel we are or may be in danger. My last CPR class, we were told, if you did not have the tools to protect yourself, don't do it. Our instructor was a fireman. He went on to tell us, that many fireman contracted Hep C., over the years. They will not, perform CPR without the proper equipment. I am surprised, you were lead to do so. But, you did a good thing and I hope you dwell on that, rather than the minuscule chance, you contracted something. A finger in the mouth is very very small, even if they are positive. ((( (hugs))) to you!
  11. Chin up

    What is the worst thing you see on your floor?

    Agreed. The only time I could not control my emotions.
  12. Chin up

    What is the worst thing you see on your floor?

    I got sick reading this...
  13. Chin up

    What Would Happen if You Blew the Whistle on Your Employer?

    There is something about this that bothers the crap out of me... I have my own story, but still to raw to tell it...a big reason why I am in law school. All this stuff, is sooo much bigger than us...
  14. Chin up

    is it OK to submit your 2 week notice via email?

    And here in lies the key...your truth! It does not matter what they would nor would not do. We should do the right thing for that reason alone. Especially when it is something so simple as this. It is also called growing up. Yes, some things seem easir at the time, but can come back to bite you, when you least expect it. Peace!
  15. Chin up

    is it OK to submit your 2 week notice via email?

    You can do anything you want...but, very unprofessional and does not bode well for your character. I would not give a good reference for you if ever needed. I also would probably not rehire you. Remember, nursing is a small community and eventually we meet up with folks we worked with or know of. Don't start off on the wrong foot. You should be establishing a strong reputation right now. So Please do the right thing. Meet in person, thank them for the opportunity and leave the door open wide, you never know when you may need them.Peace!
  16. Chin up

    Is it ok to take a break??

    I can validate this...from personal experience. Do yourself a favor and not only give yourself permission to take a break, but take it. Now is not the time, clarity will come once recuperated and you will know, when to begin to search again. In the meantime, be good to yourself. Peace!