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BreeLPN2RN has 30 years experience and specializes in LTC, Med-Surg, GP Office.

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  1. BreeLPN2RN

    Being a Good Nurse Saved Time and Possibly... a life!

    I love happy stories!! You did great!!! :redbeathe
  2. BreeLPN2RN

    how did they pass theyre boards??

    Never mind.... :)
  3. BreeLPN2RN

    What are the worst call in excuses you've heard?

    "I took a laxative last night and now I have diarhhea, so I can't come in".... "I had a death in the family"...for the third time this year. "My horse got out"....
  4. BreeLPN2RN

    What color scrubs do you wear?

    We can wear any scrubs/uniforms we want. As long as it's clean, not faded, or wrinkled. Every Friday we can wear jeans. It's probably different in a hospital setting. Our residents love the colorful printed scrubs.
  5. BreeLPN2RN

    How well do you get along with your coworkers?

    I get along very well with all my coworkers, CNA's included. Everyone helps each other & work as a team. All of our residents are everyones responsibility, not just the ones on our assigned hall. If any one of us gets in a bind, or has an emergency, another nurse will jump in and help. Our DON, who's been there 12 years, really listens to us when we have problems with anything & is very fair. She will weed out any nurse or CNA that are trouble (lazy, excessive call in's, trouble makers, etc.). I love where I work. :)
  6. BreeLPN2RN

    Two Jobs and or passions.

    Besides nursing, I have an online website (12 years), selling horse related stuff.
  7. BreeLPN2RN

    Nurse Vs Daughter! Help Me!!!

    Please try to get in touch with him. If it doesn't work out, at least you tried again. Don't give up. I hadn't seen my Dad in over 10 years after he and my Mom divorced. I had to find out from a cousin that Dad had commited suicide, no letter, nothing indicating the reason. Now my sisters & I are dealing with that guilt & all the unanswered questions.
  8. BreeLPN2RN

    Calling for help!

    Call the doctor or 911.
  9. BreeLPN2RN

    Tidbits, facts, save-your-butts...for new nurses in LTC

    Listen to and follow up with your CNA's when they report a problem. A few weeks ago, as I was transferring a resident to the hosp. with severe abd. pain, one of our CNA's was getting the resident ready for transport, reported a mass on the residents abdomen that was not there before. I reported this to the ER nurse & noted it on the transfer form. The mass ended up being an incarcerated hernia, a medical emergency, and immediate surgery saved the residents life. I was so proud of my CNA and told her so.
  10. BreeLPN2RN

    Question about holding Lantus

    Here's a thread with the hold Lantus discussion: https://allnurses.com/diabetes-endocrine-nursing/lantus-insulin-question-170231.html
  11. BreeLPN2RN

    bariatric surgery -a question

    Even though your intentions are good, as you care about your Aunts health, I'm sure she already knows exercise is good for her. However, loose hanging fat can't be toned up, especially as we get older. I don't think it would benefit your Aunt for you to suggest she exercise, just try to support her decisions. Her bariatric physician will go over the risks of the surgery.
  12. BreeLPN2RN

    other job...

    I've had a website for 12 years selling horse related items. It practically runs itself. I work 3-11, so I do all my emailing customers, packing, printing postage, restocking in the morning, then drop off my packages on my way to work.
  13. BreeLPN2RN

    staffing schedules

    I did Baylor years ago and loved it! Two 12's every weekend and full benefits. The facility was bought out and changed that, though...
  14. BreeLPN2RN

    Pt fainted on me while standing up

    You did GREAT!!
  15. BreeLPN2RN

    Hostile staff

    Excellent answers. I totally agree.
  16. Our nursing dept. heads, who rotate being "on call", cover the shift if someone calls in, unless we can get someone else to stay over or come in. We don't have many call ins, thank goodness. We have nurses who ask to work if someone calls in, they like the OT. Plus, we have several PRN nurses who are really dependable when needed. We get a $25 bonus every 6 months for perfect attendance. Our DON wouldn't and hasn't made anyone stay over to work.