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  1. BreeLPN2RN

    Being a Good Nurse Saved Time and Possibly... a life!

    I love happy stories!! You did great!!! :redbeathe
  2. BreeLPN2RN

    how did they pass theyre boards??

    Never mind.... :)
  3. BreeLPN2RN

    It all comes back tenfold...

    It's amazing how one small kindness can uplift a persons morale or brighten their day. Even a smile can make a big difference to someone who's having a bad day. Thank you for the post....it brightened MY day.
  4. BreeLPN2RN

    LPNs Fight Efforts To Phase Them Out

    thank you!!!
  5. BreeLPN2RN

    What do you think constitutes insubordination?

    Keep us posted on the outcome!
  6. BreeLPN2RN

    so.... what would YOU say?

    I think people try to analyze too much.
  7. BreeLPN2RN

    Never thought I'd have this problem: which job to choose?

    If it were me, it would be job A. But, you need to decide for yourself. Please let us know which one you choose!! Good luck to you.
  8. I didn't work in nursing for 9 years. I called the TN BON and all I had to do was 45 hours CEU's. I did it all online and mailed copies to the BON. Got reinstated in one week. I guess different states may have different requirements.
  9. BreeLPN2RN

    Reprimanded for giving glucagon?!!!

    You absolutely did the right thing! What is your DON's problem??? Did she say why you should not have given it?
  10. BreeLPN2RN

    LTC Orientation for New Grad RN

    2-3 weeks isn't enough orientation for a new grad who's not worked on the floor before. Our facility gives at least 4 weeks and more if needed.
  11. BreeLPN2RN

    The real pay in nursing....

    You are a beautiful writer. I could actually visualize the scenario you were describing. Such a sweet posting, thank you.
  12. BreeLPN2RN

    A break from nursing??

    I took 9 years off of nursing. I started my own online horse supply business, which I still run (almost 12 years). Last year I went back to LTC three days a week (3-11) & love it. I plan on continuing both jobs. I've been a nurse 24 years.
  13. BreeLPN2RN

    self employed lpn

    This is something I would be very interested in also. I'm self motivated & have had a non-nursing online business for 12 years.
  14. BreeLPN2RN

    The Money is my motivation

    If I didn't need the money, I probably wouldn't work. I do enjoy my job, my patients and my coworkers, though.
  15. BreeLPN2RN

    skilled days

    At our facility, if a skilled resident is gone longer than 24 hrs and come back, they are considered a new admit.