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It Can Be Done!


hey everyone!

just thought I'd give whoever reads this a heads up if planning on taking 3 science classes together with labs. it can be done .. but it was one of my stressful semesters yet. I took A&P I lecture and lab, microbiology lecture and lab & human nutrition. I pulled all As in them except Nutrition which I got a B!! just so you know :)


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Great job! I think you are a really dedicated student because I took microbiology & nutrition together which was hard enough for me. Enjoy your well earned break!!!

Wow, that is awesome!!! :up:

There is no way... I could pull that one off! :shy:

Great job!!!! That's hard work indeed.

Thank you for this - I'm a 2nd Bachelor's degree student about to start the program in January, and the only prereqs I have yet to fulfill are all sciences, ALL at the same time. I'm super nervous, but you just gave me a little glimmer of hope - thank you :)

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Awesome job!!

I remember taking A&P 2 and microbiology (lab & lecture for both) together the semester my dad had a heart attack. That was a rought semester. Micro wasn't so bad, but A&P was hard, I got B+'s in both classes. Science was never my strong subject. I've seen lots of people get caught up in nutrition thinking it's gonna be a breeze only to find out they find out they actually have to do some work.


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Yayy great job! :up:

Yes, I actually took A&P, Micro, Nutrition, and Intermediate Algebra. I got all A's in the first 3 and a B+ in algebra. It was hard, but it is all about time management, getting tutoring if you need extra help, and the professors teaching the courses ;)


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Good work! :D :D I'm going to be taking Micro and Chem 1 together this semester with a GE class (communication req.).

Absolutely doable. Just takes time management and studying. I took micro, physiology with labs and my first level nursing courses this semester. Call me crazy but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was I got A's in all th classes but my nursing (I got a 92.4 in lecture and clinicals, nursing school requires a 94 for an A) but overall not too bad. I'm taking human genetics, English and my level two nursing classes next semester.