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  1. smatrang001

    Help w/pediatric care plan

    Physical findings: sweating, increased HR, BP, pallor, etc.
  2. smatrang001

    Number of Hours per Week in RN School

    Here's my schedule next semester: tues- lecture 8-10, Wednesday- lecture 8-11, Thursday- clinicals 6am-6pm, Friday- clinicals 6am-6pm. Paperwork for clinicals are due Tuesday. So I spend the weekend doing paperwork and studying. It's not impossible NOT to work. I'd just suggest part time. However, if you're also taking other classes along with nursing classes, I'd suggest not working. I want to work part time too but risking failing nursing school because I wanted a few extra bucks isn't worth it for me.
  3. smatrang001

    nclex question

    I'm in the same boat as you. Husband PCSing, different state, etc. I've researched a lot too and from what I gathered, you should apply for a license with the board of nursing in FL, send your transcripts, etc, etc. they will decide if your degree is acceptable to FL standards, then you can take the nclex in MD or FL, following an acceptance, and send your results to FL board of nursing. If they don't accept your degree, get a MD license and transfer. Look up the military family licensing act on whether your state has a law that can accelerate your transfer of licenses. Some states, such as IL will allow a military spouse to get a temp license quickly and work until it transfers completely.
  4. smatrang001

    HELP! Last semester of RN school...

    Exercising helps. Yoga especially before a test helps with the anxiety.
  5. smatrang001


    The whole "pushing for BSN and hospitals no longer hiring ASN" thing has been going on for a long long time. My instructor said she was told that when she was in nursing school 28 years ago. I went for my ASN because we make almost the same as BSN RNs (they get .12 more) Also, because doing an ASN program then RN-BSN program at my school can be done in three years vs the 5 years for a traditional BSN. After I get my RN, the school automatically waives half of the classes I have to take in order to get my BSN and I'll just be taking senior level courses. Makes more sense if you ask me.
  6. smatrang001

    Army Advantage?

    At my school we have many military students and they aren't given preference. The only people given a leg up are those who already have another degree. Everything else is based off GPA and teas results. Good luck!
  7. smatrang001

    Military Vet to Nurse

    First off, thank you for your service. And secondly, I think it's great. My husband is currently active duty army. Well he got terribly injured in 2010. I noticed that he was way more comfortable with male docs and nurses than he was with female ones. Sitting around one day with him and some of his injured buddies, I found out they much rather prefer men to women, mainly because they're much more comfortable, hence, working with nothing but other men (no censoring needed when working with other grunts). They felt super uncomfortable getting examined and cared for, much less express their problems, to a female other than their wife. So I'd say you would be doing a great service for many men.
  8. I agree with the previous post. I had a classmate who is also my good friend, struggling in class too. I decided to help her study and realized that she knew the information, memorizing it. She could spit it out better than I could. But then I realized she didn't understand WHY the disease happens or why it effected other parts of the body and why symptoms occur. So drawing a concept map and then writing why each occurs will help you greatly in applying the knowledge you have to a situation in a question. Good luck.
  9. smatrang001

    Help with Patient Goals and Interventions

    https://evolve.elsevier.com/ sign up and add the resource for a nursing care plan book. I used ackley. I'd say based off the info you gave, pain would be the big diagnosis, goal should be measurable and realistic. Something like pt will verbalize a pain below 5/10 within an hour. Interventions are given on that website I gave you, just tweak it to meet your patients needs, include both non pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical interventions. Teaching is also on that website, but off the top of my head, teaching about side effects of meds, techniques such as repositioning, etc. to assist patient with how to relieve pain. Good luck
  10. smatrang001

    Teas exam help please!!

    The TEAS is like a standardized test. I scored an 80 on mine which is pretty high. I used mcgraw hills teas 5 book to study and the ATI teas study guide plus I purchased a sample test. The sample test REALLY helped, however, study before you take that test. I'd say I studied a week and a half before my actual test and then spent the last three days taking sample tests from the McGraw hill book and sample ATI test. Good luck!
  11. smatrang001

    Career Change from Finance to Nursing

    Sounds like me. Finance major went Nursing. It sucks because the core requirement for Finance are all unhelpful when trying to go into nursing. I literally had to start all over again from the bottom with those same classes you mentioned. However, don't be discouraged. I'm in my first year of nursing and I'm happy I just went for it. It definitely is different from the world of Business, SO much harder and it forces you to think and study differently because it isn't as black and white as finance. Good luck! Follow your dreams!
  12. smatrang001

    Studying Advice

    It helped me greatly. I scored an 80% without taking any biology class or physiology. I used the ATI book along with McGraw hill for the teas v exam. I took the practice test a few days before the actual exam. It helps you look for any mistakes you may make on the real exam, and explains why each choice is wrong or right. Good luck!
  13. smatrang001

    TEAS V help please!

    Hey, i just took the teas V on april 30th. I scored an 80. I recommend you study the science portion in your ATI book. Study DNA and chemistry. The hardest for me was chemistry. Understand scientific reasoning. I studied the stuff in the ati book and then took the sample tests. Then i used Mcgraw Hills teas V tests that had five tests that are exactly like the teas V test. I took a test every two days. then a week before the test, i took the sample test that I purchased with my ATI book on atitesting.com it was really worth it. After taking the sample tests, it gives you items you should study more on. Also, the sample test explained in detail why each answer was incorrect and correct. That helped me a lot. Just remember, it's a very tricky test, so read closely. I think 50% of the answers I answered incorrectly on the sample tests were because I wasn't paying close attention to. The only things you can really study for is the science portion. However, the reading and english portion i realized that repetition on the tests helped me greatly. Good luck on the teas V.