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  1. RoseFromConcrete

    NANDA rationales?

    Hi everyone! Quick question. The required NANDA book for my Adult & Elder I class is Mosby's Guide to Nursing Diagnosis (2014). However, I can't find the rationales for interventions in this book. Where can I find them? Thanks so much :)
  2. RoseFromConcrete

    Having one of those days (second hospital clinical day)...

    I can't thank you all enough for your support...and good news, somehow I managed to pass my first manual blood pressure validation!!!! We'll see how everything else goes when I have my third hospital day on Monday. I'll let you all know!
  3. RoseFromConcrete

    Nursing Student with Fear of Fainting.

    I promise you're not alone with this!!! I'm going through the same thing.
  4. RoseFromConcrete

    Having one of those days (second hospital clinical day)...

    I want to desensitize myself - hopefully it'll happen and I won't psych myself out thinking "ok, is this gonna make me sick?" for every little thing. You all are helping me feel like this is more common than I thought, so thank you :)
  5. RoseFromConcrete

    Having one of those days (second hospital clinical day)...

    I feel you completely on the fried brain part!!! We'll get through this!!!
  6. RoseFromConcrete

    Having one of those days (second hospital clinical day)...

    Karmatism - Thank you SO much for those stories - you make me feel like there's still hope for me :)
  7. RoseFromConcrete

    Having one of those days (second hospital clinical day)...

    Thank you all, you have no idea just how much you're helping me right now. xoxoxo
  8. RoseFromConcrete

    For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thread!!!!! Don't have anything to add to it yet except for the fact that it's my 3rd week and I'm still ahead in my reading assignments, but hopefully soon! This should stay bumped up, I think it could help a lot of people :)
  9. RoseFromConcrete

    I feel so inadequate =(

    Please know you're not alone! I'm in my 3rd week of nursing classes (I'm a second degree student), and although I know I want to do this, it's SUPER overwhelming wanting to do things that you realize you have no idea how to do! I had one of those meltdown type days today just now...wondering how I'm possibly going to know everything I need to know, and why I seem to not be "getting it" as much as some of my classmates. I wish I had advice for you right now, but just know it's NOT just you.
  10. Last week, one of my professors said it was normal to have one of those days when you come home from school in tears, and I didn't think it would happen to me...but here I am today, in that exact situation. I sucked it up throughout the day, but I just got home and can't hold it in anymore. It's just so overwhelming being in only my third week of nursing classes (did the pre-reqs last semester though and did really well) and going into clinicals and feeling like you have NO idea what you're doing. I thought it would be easy to find a radial pulse, and according to my professor, it's supposed to be easy since everyone else seems to be getting it...but I'm having problems finding it, and then when I find it, I'm having problems feeling it enough to properly count it manually. And same thing with manual blood pressure. I put the stethoscope where it's supposed to be, squeeze the thing like I'm supposed to, and still I can't hear the heartbeat enough to make a good enough judgment on the numbers. And it's not like I'm going to guess and put someone in jeopardy that way...I told the teacher's assistant that I was having trouble doing it, and she was patient with me, but I was still mad at myself. I feel like I'll never get it right. And then, at the very end of the day, I was watching a blood transfusion and I was totally fine until the patient said he didn't like to look at needles. Something in me identified with him (I used to have major problems with needles - kind of tricked myself out of it, or so I thought), and all of a sudden I started not feeling well. Before he said that, I was actually thinking how cool the blood looked in a bag like that, but after he looked away, I started thinking about it from another point of view. I knew my body well enough to know that I needed to sit down before passing out, so I asked to step out and got some water. I was fine after that, but my professor had followed me out of the room to check on me, and I was just so embarrassed that this had just happened. I'd been fine with everything else all day - I had seen tubes and catheters and all of that and had no problems. All that was happening here was blood flowing from a bag into a tube. It was just beyond frustrating to have my professor and my classmates see it, and deep down, I was afraid (still kind of am) that this would become a regular thing for me. I want to do this work so badly (obviously without passing out - and no, I am not interested in finding positions that don't involve "squeamish" things, I want to get over it), and I believe I have it in me to do it. It's just hard right now to start out with experiences like the ones I had today...if anyone else is in those beginning stages of school and any of this sounds familiar, please know you're not at all alone. I hope I'm not!
  11. RoseFromConcrete

    A Tale of Innovative Nursing: Making It All a Little Less Scary

    Thank you for reminding me why I'm going into this :)
  12. RoseFromConcrete

    I finally graduated!!!

    *standing ovation* Congratulations!!!! You inspire me to believe that it CAN be done!!
  13. RoseFromConcrete

    Let's talk about Depression

    To ALL of you who have posted on this topic - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I don't have much else to say except that it hits home...
  14. RoseFromConcrete

    It Can Be Done!

    Thank you for this - I'm a 2nd Bachelor's degree student about to start the program in January, and the only prereqs I have yet to fulfill are all sciences, ALL at the same time. I'm super nervous, but you just gave me a little glimmer of hope - thank you :)