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  1. princesax11

    Hostpitals no longer hiring for ADN?

    That's not necessarily true and depends entirely on what area of the country you will be practicing. I am an ASN nurse and got a job in a hospital the month after passing the NCLEX. Since I am in my mid-20s I decided to do the BSN right away, but more so because I want to go to graduate school in the future. I would not recommend that much debt for the BSN.
  2. How many NP programs did you apply to and what made you decide that was the right number? I'm debating whether I should apply to my two top choices or apply to four just in case. My cumulative gpa isn't spectacular at 3.4. I'm finishing up my RN to BSN classes in the next 2 to 3 months with my upper division classes being 4.0. I'm planning to take the GRE in the next few months so hopefully I will get a good score to be more competitive. Just trying to get a feel for what other nurses decided.
  3. princesax11

    The Lamentations of a Distressed RN (New Grad)

    Have you only confined yourself to looking in one section of Florida that is saturated? I am in SWFL if that helps. Almost all of my classmates also have easily obtained jobs months after graduation. I am a new ASN grad in May 2016 and passed the NCLEX June 2016 then in August 2016 got a full-time new grad position. I am not sure if you qualify for new grad programs since it has been over a year since you graduated. 1. Relocation assistance: Nope 2. Whether or not the hospital provides room and board (this would be a plus): Nope 3. Assistance with acquiring of state license: Nope 4. Whether it provides room for educational growth: Once you are a full-time employee over a year you can get some assistance in future education
  4. princesax11

    University of Miami FNP Fall 2017

    Hey. Good luck everyone!!! I am in an RN to BSN program, but I finish after the summer semester so next year I am going to apply for Fall 2018 at UM. So I will definitely be watching this thread closely to see what you all go through. Do you mind saying what your gpa is, how much nursing experience you have, and what program you applied for? I'm kind of nervous my gpa won't cut it because my cumulative gpa is only 3.4 and I want to do the fnp I can't wait to hear about when you all get your interviews!
  5. princesax11

    So lost, confused, angry.. future in nursing troubles

    For most nursing schools the minimum gpa usually doesn't get you in. For example, I know of a few programs with the minimum gpa of 2.5, but the only students that get in have a gpa of 3.3 or above. I have never heard of only being able apply to the one nursing program and not to others. That is odd and I would look into other schools.
  6. princesax11

    So lost, confused, angry.. future in nursing troubles

    Do you know the average gpa of accepted applicants for the nursing schools you want to apply to? The nursing school I am going to apply to has a point system, but I still need to be maintain aleast a 3.5 gpa to stay competitive. Find out if they accept students with your gpa and if not you will have to retake the classes that bring it down. I don't think you should become an LPN if you don't plan on working as one. Your working situation isn't your boyfriend's parents business because you don't live with him. If you lived with him I could understand their concern. For most schools, you have to apply to the school and be accepted. Then you can apply to the nursing program. This is because nursing programs are very competitive and have a limited space.
  7. princesax11

    What courses do you plan to take for Fall 2013?

    For Fall 2013 I am going to take a&p 1 and statistics. Then apply for my ADN program starting in the summer. Spring 2014 I will finish my coreqs a&p 2 and micro right before I start the program, as long as I get in when I plan.