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  1. Thank you so much for the real story! I will remember this...
  2. violetgirl

    March 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Sam, you and I work every shift together... But, calling me "Hot-Lips" is pushing it buddy!
  3. violetgirl

    Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest

    OMG, Mommy... I know your a nurse, but I don't want the flu shot!
  4. violetgirl

    Pre Nursing with cosmetic medical condition?

    I don't think the quote from Scrubmouse RN words were harsh... Too me it looked like he or she was just making lite of it... that it does not matter what you look like as a nurse, and that patients prefer good quality care. I would. This may have been taken out of context? Yet, I can't defend for this person... Just my thoughts. Blessings for a wonderful evening~
  5. violetgirl

    Will withdrawing from a course hurt my application?

    No. Not at all! (but, you will lose some points if it is in the sciences or any other classes that is needed for the nursing program you are applying to. Check the main nursing program website for deduction points on W, F, N/C grades/repeats... I am having to repeat with a class with a "W" grade in one science class and I will get a (-.5) loss in points... I have to make up those loss points in other areas. My college you can have a max of 2 repeats, but that would be tough to get in... with that many. Yet, I have heard students on this site get into nursing programs with more! So, stay positive, keep working hard, and don't take on too much!
  6. violetgirl

    Any Other Mid-Life Students?

    Count me in at 46! Trying to wrap up the remaining sciences for the nursing program... You are in good company!
  7. violetgirl

    Cheating in College

    Way 2 cute!
  8. violetgirl

    What to do?

    Good for you!!!
  9. violetgirl

    Anyone go from teaching to nursing?

    Sounds like teaching to me!
  10. violetgirl

    GOOD POP UP !! WITH 76q's

  11. violetgirl

    OK big question really big decisions to make

    Go for it!!! Age is just a number, life is worth living on your terms!!!! You go girlfriend! We have your back!
  12. violetgirl

    Working 60 hrs a week while in Nursing school????

    What do you mean, "you are going to die?" Maybe this would be a great time to save up your money till you are accepted into a nursing program, then you can quit working for awhile till you can see what you can handle as a nursing student.
  13. violetgirl

    Running off Grief

    Thank you. I have ran out of tissue's... Racoon eye's for the evening. I am not a nurse yet, but enjoy reading all the stories from this site, as it will help better prepare me as a nurse someday.
  14. violetgirl

    It finally happened to me..

    Thank you for sharing your story. So glad that you are O.k. What an awesome nurse/angel you had to comfort you! ~May we all be in tune to those that are suffering~ Take Care & God Bless!