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  1. Hum, you sound overwhelmed and confused, which is so common when torned between majors... Yes, it's common the way that you feel and looking around a classroom of very focused students can question your smartness! What you are looking at is students chasing that carrot at the end of the stick... I say this as a "positive" and looking from the outside it can be overwhelming and nerve wacking. It is a different learning enviornment indeed... Very driven to succeed, because you have too! I have sat in your seat many times, and the next time around (If you decide) you will not have the time to think other wise... The most focused students tend to be the retakers and will ace the course next time! This is what an instructor that had once told me... Some students don't get it the first time around and then it clicks! Most "F" grades can be repeated at least once in the sciences and I have heard up to two in some colleges. If you decide to retake this class, do it because you want to become a nurse someday. Everyone, has their season! Don't be too hard on yourself and stay away from the "dream-stealers!" Blessings to you! PS: I knew a teacher that was once a nurse and today is a nurse again after 18 years... Most of us, have more than one dream in our hearts... Just try to follow your heart in the now! :) Merry Christmas!
  2. violetgirl

    Excessive Excitement

    Good 4 U!!! Keep smiling... I am smiling, just reading your post tonight. If I was in nursing school right now, I would be walking on air too! Your hard work has paid off, and your positive outlook will keep you mentally healthy! You are setting a wonderful example! Really. I have that natural "happy" gene too! Many blessings 2 U. God Bless.
  3. violetgirl

    Will I be in over my head? Advice please!

    WOW, I admire you!!!!! You are very smart and will make an awesome nurse! Thank you for sharing your story... GO FOR IT!!!! Your story, reminds me of a book I just read called, "breaking night" about a homeless gal that went onto Harvard! She had no education background, and smart as a whip like you!!!! ~Blessings to You~
  4. Yes, I agree with dsb_fam, because the college I attend will not accept any online sciences for the nursing program. It really depends on the college. Great question! Blessings~
  5. violetgirl

    Low GPA?

    Awesome!!!! This gives us hope! CONGRADS!!!!
  6. Awesome!!! CONGRADS!!!!!!
  7. violetgirl

    Chemistry and Math?

    It really depends on the nursing program that is offered at the college. The Jr. College where I attend requires intermediate algebra for the very bare min to get into the nursing program, and the intro to algebra is a must for General Chem. If you are planning to transfer? That's another story, and here in California you will need to add either college algebra, Cal, or stats for the BSN, and that will also depend on which College. I like you, had to start with basic math and chose to take a factoring class with the intro to algebra to get those factors to stick to my head! Either way, it may take a little longer to finish, but you will pull out some top grades in the end! Keep focus, and stay positive! Sounds like you have an awesome plan! Blessings~
  8. violetgirl

    I got in

  9. violetgirl

    A&P or Chemistry.....

  10. Dumb? Please, don't go there... Or, we all might fall into that trap! You want this, right? Well, you can do this... I agree with all these posts... Find a way in college to get the extra learning support such as, tutoring, extra time on your test taking, a note taker, bring in a tape recorder, sit next to the top student and join a study group. Make it your life... Your friends will stay your friends, but put them on hold for a while to focus on your studying. Repeat all those grades, and maybe take one class at a time to make that grade count. I myself have a learning disorder, and took many classes together in the past, till I reached the science end of it, and knew my limits... These classes are tough! Know your limits... So what if it takes you longer than the rest of the students. I know how you feel about past students that are now nurses... I run into them all the time, in fact I would turn a corner in the hospital to avoid them , because I was too ashamed to say, I am still a pre-nurse, retaking classes again... Well, those days are gone and my head is held high and still working towards my dream. What do you got to lose? Time? Don't worry about the time, it will go by anyway with you taking classes or not. Best to take a class, and put no time limit on when you become a nurse. Please don't give up! I knew a student who begged the dean of her college to remove many "F" grades and it worked! She passed those classes with A's and B's My hero! We are in different seasons in our life, and it will pull together in a season for you too! God Bless You! Stay Positive!
  11. Sounds like you have a good plan in mind, and that you have researched some options, which is great! I look forward to reading your updates! Blessings~
  12. violetgirl

    Just accepted! Fall 2012

    Awesome!!!! CONGRADS! Well-Done!
  13. violetgirl

    A&P with Chemistry

    This is a very negative comment... Everyone, has a different learning curb and I work in spec. ed, and glad you are not working in this classroom, as these wonderful students would give up quickly with a comment like that. Yes, I am sure nursing school is tough, challenging, and with tears! But, each and everyone of us want to become a nurse no matter what! Another, "dream-stealer" in the world... I remember, your type... These comments is one of the reasons why I stopped trying to reach my goal of becoming a nurse. So, please throw this comment out with the bath water, close your ears, keep focus, stay positive, and know you are not alone in your dreams! Hang in there! We got your back... I sure hope this student was just having a bad day, and I hope he/she comes back to tell you they are sorry? That would be the right thing to do!
  14. violetgirl

    A&P with Chemistry

    Hum, if you are living at home, not working, and or no kids... This could work out, yet it really depends on your study skills, time, and outside demands in your life. Everyone is so different... There are students that pull this off, and do very well... Me, I am a bit slow! This is a good question to be asking yourself before the start of class. If you decide to take only one class, Chem would be great to get it out of the way... Then, move onto A&P? Either way, keep us posted and let's know what you are going to do. It will work out! Blessings~
  15. violetgirl

    Uplifting video about a pre-nursing student.

    Hope you guys like this one!
  16. http://dreamchasers.msn.com/videos/archive/4?WT.mc_id=msn