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  1. InfirmiereJolie

    Why I Chose Nursing and Continue to Choose Nursing

    Amazing! Everyone should have good and affordable care!!!!!!!!!!!! N. O. W! ( I wish!!!!!!)
  2. InfirmiereJolie

    The Nightmare known as Psychiatric Care Part One

    This past sounds unbelievably barbaric to me and HAPPILY a part of the PAST of medicine. Lobotomy, asylums, wet sheet treatment - it sounds akin to the backwards use of leeches centuries ago and the use of no anesthetics. These treatments were not scientific - being wet and cold is unhealthy (lowering the body temperature), destroying someone's brain can turn them into vegetables and tamper with their ability to care for themselves (as seen with brain tumors) - and people could be put into asylums who did NOT belong there, as well as be disturbing to live with people who had issues, maybe even making their problems, IF true, worse. And even more harmful to the person than without them. What a nightmare. I would protest it indefinitely. I'm glad this non-scientific nonsense/ torture is a part of history- where it belongs.