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  1. InfirmiereJolie

    What class to take with Chemistry?

    I think longer classes like for the full semester is better if you're taking more than one class and working (esp. 40 hours a week!). It's less intense and better when assignments might overlap the other way. If it's 8 weeks it's almost like a summer class which almost has a unit test every week. Then you might have a chemistry test and psychology tests nearly all of the time (sometimes overlapping too, maybe even on the same day!) and could be tiring in my opinion! I took a 2.8-3.0 (not rave) teacher on ratemyprof and it was fine, definitely an easier class than Chem!
  2. InfirmiereJolie

    Fall 2012 A&P2 students where are you??!!

    I'm taking Physiology (at my college they call it that and not A&P2) and so far it's been good except the last lab test. I get my score next week and I hope it's OK and maybe I can get middle to high A's on my next lecture tests and bring it up. My scores for lectures have been much higher than my scores for my labs. Luckily there are 4 lecture exams and only 3 lab exams, so that should help! It helps that I have a Supplemental Instructor (like a tutor assigned to the class section) who is great at essay questions for the exams. It's really fun and interesting to me, but challenging!
  3. InfirmiereJolie

    Teas 5

    The McGraw Hill book is good and very accurate to the actual test's difficulty. I used it and the ATI book (slightly) for an 83.3% after one day of studying..
  4. InfirmiereJolie

    What class to take with Chemistry?

    Hi, I would take the Intro to Psychology first and the Sociology second. If the professor is an "easy A" this helps. The reasons for the "easy A" is might be that he/she is an interesting professor and is easy to understand, engaging everyone in his/her class, and so the "easy A" just comes with it (making them give better grades because they are a better professor). Psychology is useful in other classes as well, especially in English classes and even Human Anatomy during the brain section. I found Human Growth and Development to be slightly useful in Anatomy in the nervous system unit. Basic Nutrition was useful in the digestive unit. I never took Sociology myself, but took Anthropology in exchange. It's best to take a useful, "easy" class with Chemistry because Chemistry is where you will focus most of your time!! Good luck and hope you do well !

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