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  1. ksecatero21

    Anatomy & Microbiology same semester?

    it's possible to take both together, the immunology in microbiology will either be more in depth or complement the topic in the one in A&P 2. I took A&P 1 and Micro along with both of the labs at the same time & got all As in them. you can do it!
  2. Anyone else waiting for a letter from their institutions they applied too? Meanwhile I'm taking Pharmacology & Pathophysiology 2 this summer. What are y'all taking this summer?
  3. ksecatero21

    Do all A and P classes need a Bio pre requisite?

    the lab will help you learn the material covered in lecture, i think of lab as like a study session for material in lecture...on the side you're learning all the anatomy. good luck! :)
  4. ksecatero21

    Fall 2012 Microbiology Students -- STAND UP!

    I read the chapters once thoroughly, highlighting the important concepts covered in lecture. I use two highlighters one for important concepts and the other for examples of that important concept or information that compliments it. then I briefly review and skim through the chapter again. I use flash cards .. not a whole lot but I use them. PowerPoint outlines really help me.
  5. ksecatero21

    Fall A and P I

    just took my lab practical yesterday morning (7am) ughhh! i'm thinking an A .. got our lecture exams back today & i pulled out a 96 :)
  6. ksecatero21

    Fall 2012 Microbiology Students -- STAND UP!

    carakristin you did awesome on that exam. theres always a next one to take to score higher :)
  7. ksecatero21

    Fall 2012 Microbiology Students -- STAND UP!

    I got a 94% on my first exam. good luck to everyone else :)
  8. ksecatero21

    88 on first A&P exam

    thanks! trying to prepare myself with time management for nursing school. so far the tests were okay, i studied my butt off all weekend & it paid off :)
  9. ksecatero21

    88 on first A&P exam

    my first A&P exam is not until next week along with the lab portion. i took my micro & nutrition exams back to back yesterday & today. *fingers crossed*
  10. ksecatero21

    Chemistry unit conversions help?

    I felt the same way when I took chemistry this past summer, the way I succeeded in studying the conversion factors were going over them over and over, eventually you'll see a pattern if you're using railroad tiles. but once you get the process it's downhill from there :) good luck!
  11. ksecatero21

    A&P I fall 2012 round up

    Beginning A&P I next week :) i'm excited!
  12. ksecatero21

    Pre req courses

    Oh yes i forgot about Growth & Development and Human Nutrition ... thanks for pointing that out guys :)
  13. ksecatero21

    Pre req courses

    gen. biology & chemistry with labs. statistics. microbiology with lab. anatomy & physiology 1 & 2 with labs. pharmacology. pathophysiology 1 & 2. Many schools are different but this is most of it :)
  14. ksecatero21

    Fall semester starts next week!

    Microbiology w/ lab. Anatomy & Physiology w/ lab. Human Nutrition. I'm excited . Good luck guys :)
  15. ksecatero21

    Has anyone else taken College Chemistry wothout HS chem?

    FYI I never ask questions because I'm nervous but ill answer the questions the professor has. But I still manage to pull A's in the class ... I just routinely study study study :) you're not alone ..
  16. ksecatero21

    My Possible Prerequisites...

    That's what I was going to ask too .. you're still in HS ? Lol